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  1. Try uninstalling VMWare networking if possible or VMware completely or try just disabling the VMWare adapters. When I look at the log it's still the same thing, the game hasn't been able to establish a working network connection. Disabling the VMWare adapters worked! Thank you! :D Good luck with your problem, tazze :)
  2. Didn't work, I'll send the new log tomorrow when I have time.
  3. Nope, nothing. If Trendy reply to your email let me know, I'll do the same for the one I sent. I'm not particularly hopeful though, I sent mine 6 days ago.
  4. Ok, I've had a look and there a bunch of things that fail to load. I'll send it to Trendy right away.
  5. I haven't played DD2 in a while, but I thought I'd hop back on for the new update. I clicked play on Steam, then clicked play on the launcher. The logo appeared, as it usually would, but then doesn't do anything from there. If I change window, when I tab back the application is no longer responding and there is a blank black window in the place of the logo. I've left it for 10 minutes without touching anything but it still doesn't open, so it's definitely nothing to do with slow startup time. Even if I tab out as soon as the logo appears, when I tab back it's unresponsive. I've tried verifying the cache, reinstalling, running without the launcher, and removing the UDK files. As far I can tell, the only things that could have caused the problem are the update or upgrading to Windows 10 (so my OS is now Windows 10 Pro). Help :/ Specs (pretty sure it has nothing to do with them, but I'll put them here just in case): CPU: i5-6600k overclocked to 4.5GHz GPU: NVIDIA GTX 970 RAM: 16GB 2400MHz DDR4 I edited the title realising that people may think this is the same issue as someone else has posted about recently because the titles were similar, therefore not reading this.
  6. Is anyone aware of whether the rest of the revamp is coming all at once in a large update, or bit by bit in smaller ones? Either way, does anyone know a rough time frame for release? I'm holding off on spending my wyvern tokens because if hero towers with spheres are changed or replaced, there may be new spheres. In this case, will they even be purchasable with wyvern tokens?
  7. Anyone know when the update with hero tower changes is coming out?
  8. At least you'll still be able to spend them after the update, so your time won't have been entirely wasted :P
  9. I have been saving up wyvern tokens to try to get the Lightning Strikes uber sphere because I heard that it was really good. However, recently I read that it got nerfed a while back. Is it still worth getting?
  10. So as I understand it, wyvern tokens are being replaced by the new "defender medals". Will they be converted to the equivalent amount of medals, or should we be spending them before the update comes out?
  11. I heard about the new currency and was wondering if it will completely replace wyvern tokens, and if so, if I should spend my current tokens or if they will be converted to the new currency. Anyone know?
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