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  1. even with 33% dmg buff a 45^animus will be much better... dmg wise and statswise.. chicken does AoE dmg yeah but after all we are mostly only fighting vs DEWs
  2. I got this problem when PPL pick up items my connection goes overboard ^^.. i mean i have huge freezes .. the whole connection is messed up for this moment, my brother playing CS.. someone picks up item -> pingjump from 50ms to 800ms for 2-3 seconds.. is this supposed to be like this? i mean i got crappy connection yeah but.. others picking up items causing that much LAG? what the.. anybody else got this problem?
  3. How long does it take for them Trendy-Guys to respond to an email? ^^, my friend has this Steamproblem when he plays with others he gets at random times a DC that means he can only play Solo, sucks man.. we want to play together :/
  4. I was wondering i bought a 4er pack for ma mates and if i buy lets say the warping core challenge DLC - do all 4 ppl need the DLC to play it or can just 1 buy it and host the map and others can play? and if i get an Weapon/Armor/Pet out of the DLC challenges can i sell it to ppl that dont have the DLC?
  5. Dude, THE PATCH IS FREE! the ****.. bye
  6. Can someone confirm this, i just finished one glitter insane run and I could only buy low stuff, 7.10 i could buy armors and weapons for 400k (with good stats ofc) and now i can only buy max 100k stuff its nice to see Trendy doing nightshifts :) have a good night all~
  7. Greetings everyone, I have a friend who always gets a random disconnect after 5-15 minutes when I play with him, it says "Lost connection to network" ... -> his internet connection runs fine when he plays alone on Trendy Net he never gets a Disconnect! Only when playin with others Any suggestion what this might be? Thanks in Advance Maurice~
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