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  1. So, I've decided to write this suggestion thread to give some "advice", I suppose to the Devs. First of all, I love this game with a passion and it is incredibly fun, but this game definitely needs to be made more fun. There needs to be incentive not only to get good gear, but to play the game even after you have the perfect set. I personally think that there should be a PvP system. And there should be incentive to get the best gear in the game to do well, but also there should be a way to do PvP and have a good chance at winning without having to get the best of the best gear. There should also be some way to earn rewards for PvP and honestly, having a rank can be good enough in itself, adding that competition will make it extremely fun, and I know of a great way to do it that I personally would love. Obviously any PvP system is going to require constant patching to make it seem fair, but that's where it pays to listen to the community as Dungeon Defenders II seems to do a decent job of. Now the system I'm thinking of goes like this, a team of four players pick their characters before the game starts, (Each character should also have abilities that are balanced when compared to others, and this becomes difficult especially when a game has such varying character designs but I believe Trendy can do it) and they go in to match on a double sided arena and both teams have a set amount of time in their build phase (AND NOBODY CAN SPEED IT UP BY READYING UP) and then they have to set up defenses to defend against the enemies AND the enemy's army of old one troops. (Goblins, Orcs, Witherbeasts, etc.) and by default goblins are sent at a certain rate, but all other enemy's have to be spawned by the opposing teams by paying a certain amount of mana, and the same mana is used for defenses so that people have to be careful with their mana. Everybody gets a set amount of mana at the beginning but everybody's ability mana regenerates. At each end of the two sided map is a crystal for each team. And when the crystal gets destroyed the match is over, and the team that still has their crystal wins. Now for my second suggestion I would like to recommend a small fix that would be greatly appreciated. Defenses need to be able to focus on a certain type of enemy. So say I want my archers to prioritize aerial enemies when they come within range, they will hit them until they die or go out of range, and then go back to other enemies if there are no more aerial enemies within range. And for my last suggestion, this is something that has come up multiple times, but I want there to be a better achievement system. Titles, etc. NEED to be updated. Give the titles perhaps a little boost to your stats that way there's a reason to farm for them, make more achievements, anything to keep us playing. I want to be able to get achievements and feel accomplished that way, and be rewarded a little for it. By the way, please leave your suggestions in the comments. And I realize that the devs are currently trying to get the game to be balanced and fun, these are just future suggestions that I hope will be heard, so devs please don't bother explaining that for a comment, just tell me what you think of my ideas, and if you plan on implementing them etc.
  2. Perhaps you weren't old enough to play games then but lots of us actually paid hard cash (something your mummy and daddy take care of for you) back at the beginning, for this game. And it has been in development for two years and it will never come out of Alpha. It suits the DEVS and their stockholders to keep it in Alpha because they don't have to fix anything, whilst still pushing in game purchases. They might call this game 'free to play' but it's definitely not 'free to win'. thanks for supporting my point? ill pay for a quality assured game like wow but this is to unstable to put my money and time into in its current form. I've put money into dota because i know it wont bug out or commit suicide. Just as a um side note. You do realize they have declared they are coming out of Alpha this year in the devstream, yes?
  3. Okay so. I got 500 DM yesterday bro, and I don't even have the gear for Insane mode. AND I'M IN COLLEGE. That should show you that my time is precious too yes? Guess what. I didn't even do Onslaught. I did an End Game Hard match on the first level solo, and got 100+ DM for that one mission. Dude. It's not that much of a grind. You also get more for the harder the missions you do. The harder the mission the more DM you get. I'll tell you, I have played a game where the grind is ***ing real, and the things you have to do to get good in that game are absurd, this is nothing compared to how terrible games can get on grinding. Would you like to run a mission 1000 times to get a title that increases your stats (by a pretty good amount mind you). Seriously though 1000 of a mission you can only run 12 times per day tops. That's a long ***ing time. And the pay to win was actual pay to win. Abyss Lord isn't pay to win because you don't NEED Abyss Lord to be good at the game, and Abyss Lord does not give other players any real advantage over you, since there's not really any PvP in this game(as far as I know). So I don't understand why you think it's pay to win.
  4. They are removing resistances with the next update anyway, so what use would Dragolich have anyways? I still want to have Dragolich though.
  5. EDIT: I just realized that I contradicted myself. Lol. They don't HAVE to waste them but I think it's kind of dumb for anybody to use like 5000 influence points on something so trivial.
  6. It's just stupid to me how people have to waste their influence points on something that's hardly going to affect the game. They will be put in no matter what, this is just choosing the order of which they will come in, so it just makes no sense to me to be a matter of how much you play the game. Everybody should just learn to be patient and let the devs choose what characters are coming and in what order. I kind of dislike what this initiative is doing, but I do see your point as well, one can argue about the other side too, so I suppose let's just simply put this to the side. I know personally that I'm not going to waste more than one point on this character initiative, I just don't believe in it, and I guess we can leave it at that.
  7. Did you miss the whole point of this thread? All I'm saying is it should be a popularity vote, I realize all of them will eventually make it into the game, the influence system makes more sense for concepts that heavily affect gameplay, not characters that are as you said, going to be coming anyway.
  8. Hey Valkyrie, I wouldn't mind helping you at all. The only thing is I'm in college so I may not have a lot of free time, but if we keep in contact somehow I would be happy to let you know when I can play. I have a level 49 Huntress and level 25, Monk, Squire, and Apprentice. I would love to help you get better gear and level your characters and such, so please send me a message on Skype, or reply to this thread. My Skype Name is live:kazukana001 or something like that if you can't find that, then find kazukana001[[18692,users]].com my Skype should come up. My name is Ronald Spadafora on Skype, thanks! Hope to see you in game!
  9. I just think that they need to make it purely popularity. And not influence. It just makes no sense that they would do this because now the top 25 people of DDII can spend all their points in one character and win it for the entire game. Which since this is mainly popularity choice, that's really unfair. So I think Trendy needs to make it so that instead of being able to put unlimited amounts of influence, limit it to 1 influence per account. Just for this initiative. So that it isn't unfair.
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