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  1. I know this has probably been mentioned countless times, but being server based I think a 2 month rotation in/out of leaderboards would be awesome ie: defense kills, wins,kills, gold, onslaught rounds, etc etc until more time or win based modes are entered in the future! I think it would def spice up the community for those who it appeals to!
  2. Can we please have leaderboards back?! Some it don't appeal to, but being on server, seems like a 2 month leader board rotation would be awesome !!!
  3. Don't think we're going to get a answer on this, good question tho, maybe someone can shine some light on the nm4 damage from a kobold, and how much phy resis on armor actually resists. Because sometimes your solo and dying to kobold splash is GG
  4. Youtuber uses them on his Betsy run, seems pretty decent... https://youtu.be/WS-Wlks3L2M
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