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  1. Hello everyone, I am looking for a very good Mischief Maker with: #1- decent hero HP #2- decent hero DMG #3- decent ability 2 fairly high RANGED damage. I am willing to pay in cubes, diamonds and if necessary I got 1 or 2 events I could trade for it. Please post in here the Item after it was IC'ed and how much you are looking for it.
  2. Alright finished I will complete the trade asap with zangdart72, should you not be avaliable to complete the trade within 1 week I will then enter in contact with kiwiblender14
  3. I prefer "raw" currency over events, so I would rather not accept events
  4. Actually acen did the IC for me on steam, it seems he haven't checked the thread yet. @acen 
  5. I accept Coal(Max 87 [8:1cv]), Cubes, diamonds 5/10/15 I will let this roll for 1 month +/- or until it hits my hidden desired value. C/o: Zang: 80 Kiwi:75
  6. pk4life

    Item Check Thread

    IC; http://i.imgur.com/1DNVSKM.jpg?2 Original sent to Acen
  7. Hey everyone, I am looking for a tower ulti set preferably with cap on tdmg, please if you have a set for sale post here the IC link and your price :D
  8. pk4life

    Item Check Thread

    IC please: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/268340571042167654/662458028480D67356EFDF9D161B8CBC8B378C39/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/268340571042167435/F970D2085C57E66AC0373DC51CEA081995106511/
  9. I have some you might want, I added you already so you can check them.
  10. pk4life

    Item Check Thread

    http://imgur.com/a/MPDz8 hacked or legit ?
  11. http://imgur.com/EqHoOQg With the upgrades for whoever wants to know My offer: 5 cubes
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