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  1. I may be mistaken, but it seems to me that this used to happen to me. I found that this happened when I selected the server, and started from that point (left it highlighted) . To fix, all I had to do was highlight 'play' and go from there after selecting the server I wanted. Hopefully this is your problem, as it's easy to work around. Good luck
  2. I didn't have to re-download the game for it to work for me. I think the bug fix came in with the gunwitch patch, maybe even earlier. So, just check first, to be sure
  3. That's great guys! Hopefully, as this game grows, someone takes the torch from you and runs with it.
  4. Etownoilerfan is my psn id. I think it was only the stuff that I had equipped that didn't get rerolled. With regards to my archer, I have started to replace the old pieces with new ones that are 10%, but my eights are still in the inventory, hoping that one day, this can be resolved .
  5. I think you will find your answer in the patch notes. Iamison describes what they did in there.
  6. That's not the reason why people are upset lol. You clearly don't understand. People are not mad that they aren't releasing the update early, Theyre upset because Trendy hyped it all up & had it plastered everywhere that it would be July 5th. So come july 5th, everyone is super amped up & counting down the minutes until the update drops. Then Trendy, swings a bat at our nuts & tells us. nope, 2 days from now. They could have just tested the update on the live servers beforehand & have a couple hours of downtime for everyone just like they are doing now. They atleast should have a stable update before announcing it so early & making it seemed finished with everything when it wasn't. They just need to work on their ETA's & making sure they have everything ready to go before the day of You'd think Trendy would have everything prepared within a day or 2 of the update y'know I know this is long but I just wanted to clarify some peoples reasoning for being upset In just about all their hype, from day one, they said that barring any catastrophes, the release would be July 5th. (And have delivered all their patches on time until today, to my knowledge) That's what they were shooting for, that's what we hoped for. It didn't work out. New plan. Thursday. Which, by the way, is another best guess. Let's cross our fingers that they have it figured out by then. People, I think, can feel disappointed that it didn't get sent out today. But angry, slighted, betrayed, no, I don't agree that anyone can feel justified feeling that way.
  7. In my experience, trendy has been. I have little doubt that the patch notes will be up shortly
  8. No, not normally. I generally use the other servers, depending on who is on at the time in my friends list
  9. I doubt blind invites go over well on any server. Before sending an invite, send a message. I am far more likely o join if I know what I am getting into.
  10. I think the buff to the wall is by design. Bringing it in line with the Orc walls. Big changes happened to just about everything with everyone's update
  11. I'm thinking vampire as well. Both are cool from my pov
  12. Thank you sir, yeah, I am thinking 11pm MST, or 10PST makes sense
  13. When is it supposed to go down? I understand that this game is played around the world, so I would like to know when reset happens for me. It seems to be happening at around 10pm MST (I think that is -7:00 UTC) I had zero, then 3 dailies ready to go at about that time last night Thanks in advance
  14. It's your statement that said you missed doing specific things and feeling that excitement you once did. That was what initiated my reply. It's a sentiment I see regularly on the forums. I responded, and credited you with your point. Full disclosure, I probably should have a coffee before dealing with anything in the morning. The revamp is on its way. Until then, I am going to enjoy my meta build, because it's the only way I have a chance on nm4. I mean, I have never switched between dps so I can have 2 Dragolich doses in less than 12 seconds, but generally speaking, I avoid challenges and try to go the easiest route. Couple that with my inability to get good drops, and I only recently beat nm4 (ipwr1000) on my own. After months of playing regularly. Nerfing isn't an issue for me, when we get booted back to the dark ages, then so be it. Dragolich at 10% might just be about right. I hope it's more than that though, and as a person might guess, I like it where it is. I think they offered it a second time because they want everyone to have a chance to get it. If they don't nerf it, they will likely give it away again. I might suggest that their (Trendy) goal is to appeal to both people like myself, average at best, and the best of the best. Maybe they want to give us tools to achieve the same goals, but through different paths. I am inferring a lot, I know. But hitting the same wall over and over isn't fun (for me) either. ( I don't play games like demon souls) For me, new maps, new characters keep me engaged. I can't wait until next week! Content overload! But I want to do it on nm4, not 1,2 or 3. I too want the best gear. That would be fine in the first month of me playing the game, not after month 3 or 4. I can understand that there is likely no way they are going to be able to please everyone. I might be the one on the outside looking in, when all is said and done. I have spent probably 60 bucks for a few hundred hours of entertainment. Not too bad in my books. For your information, I have done most builds and even have a solo account with hybrid poison dart towers/trap builder huntress (Traps do low damage but all my pieces have hp boost for PDT and tripwire, so frost bite towers buff more damage to them with frosty power). I beat my first nm4 map in 24 hours after starting my account (8 hours campain, 2 hours jackpot gear farming, 2 hours gold grinding, leveled 4 characters to 50), this was back when there was resistance in lanes and AL or EV was not yet out. That was fun, and ofc without dragolich. Nobody told you to reply to my post, you could have ignored it if it triggered you. I find it fun to learn and understand the game mechanics to gain an advantage and to have a easier time in hard aspects of games, if you want to limit urself for the sake of making fun cus I mean why should trendy not nerf things in their game? They are scared of people feeling hit by not having the power they used to have? Then in what universe do trendy entertainment offer us their "professional expertise" ? That's just soft and will lead them nowhere, nerf dragolich to 10% damage increase, that is more than needed, let the walls tank the minions and bosses once more. I don't want anyone to feel punished for not obtaining a monthly pet with cheat function.
  15. At no point are you forced to use archers or Dragolich. Feel free to explore other builds. In the meantime, my builds with archer and Dragolich are enough to just get by. Most of the time. Still lose from time to time. People complain the meta is too easy, so don't use the meta, have fun, explore. Let us poor sobs who don't have gear have some peace and quiet.
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