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  1. What Boolet said. You can't say content is easy based on clearing it with Squire/Countess only. If it can be easily cleared with majority of classes, then fine, content is easy. Same with UMF previously, Countess is getting things easy once again. Back then, they nerfed Joust for UMF, and I wonder if this time they are going to be nerfing something else to make it fairer for all classes, and not have AMP be just clearable by the same old cookie cutter Countess formula.
  2. "Furthermore, wed like everyone to remember that Nightmare mode is currently in pre-release. That means the goalposts and balancing of it will change, perhaps dramatically. Theres still 3 upcoming QftLES, all of which will incorporate an entirely new enemy into that campaign before its finished, and more that will affect it on their way. We understand how frustrating it feels to turn on the game and feel like everything you just worked toward undid itself. But its important to keep in mind that Nightmare Mode is not the current end-game; its a piece of the future end-game." This part of the
  3. try it with another game, I think it affects all games not only DD. If so, this is probably a Steam client issue, n hopefully they settle this soon :(
  4. Anyone else experience this? It just gets stuck at the "Loading Dungeon Defenders" screen, and doesn't progress from there. No splash screen, just that black box.
  5. If you actually had 10 billion (or more as your post implies) you'd be capable of getting these uber armors yourself. It's quite clear you're getting the mana from either hacking it or buying it with real money. .. or he's just lazy to farm :)
  6. i ran NM spook plenty of times trying to farm the best sicarius possible, n the highest i've got personally was a 195. Nosferatu at highest i've seen was on forums at 197. So I'm pretty sure 200+ isn't possible, until someone comes along n posts it. Well that's of course assuming it isn't hacked, which is totally unprovable at this point. =/
  7. why do u take 15k per hit? I take 4-8k max per hit from an ogre, even at 20+ wave on alc labs survival nm mm hc.
  8. Can Mythic weapons go past +5 Projectile Bonus now, or is that just one of those random super-stats upon spawn that's been happening lately? Monk weps at best is +4 projectiles. Anything more is hacked. Except for Nosferatu which has +6 projectiles. Anyone who has been playing since Halloween would know this :)
  9. its fine. i farmed a hell ton of a mana for it. considering its the only weapon in the game for +6 projectiles, the mana cost is relevant. Well, isn't it great to have another weapon to spend all the mana u get from that afk shop? I don't see how it needs to be "fixed". If anything, I want to see how bonecutter and madjack can be buffed so people will actually use them.
  10. sorry, both 180s sold, one for 1.2b one for 1.5b. only have the 175 left!
  11. My 194ugs one just sold for 1.5b earlier... so these are some of my other ones i'm putting up for mana offers once again :) 175^ http://steamcommunity.com/id/evangoh1987/screenshot/595832151348831591?tab=public 180^ http://steamcommunity.com/id/evangoh1987/screenshot/595832151348829676/?tab=public 180^ http://steamcommunity.com/id/evangoh1987/screenshot/595832151348827765/?tab=public These have higher base damage, the 194ugs one had 250 or so. So offer away!
  12. antigravity13, add me : evangoh1987 if no one else offers higher before you add me, its yours :)
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