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  1. What would be the point of early access, then ? Early Access should not be a substitute for QA in my opinion. Like beta testing, there is a level of bugs that the community will shake out. That said, a good development team does their homework first. The bugs found should be elusive and far more selective. Things that require specific hardware and software are good examples of the type of bugs that Early Access and Beta testing find. We are seeing basic errors that can be reproduced easily across all systems. The community shouldn't be doing the job instead in my opinion. Also, for
  2. What would be the point of early access, then ?
  3. They can't even subsitute them with other good shards, because deadly strike is in chaos 3, defense rate is in chaos 4, and vampiric empowerment is in chaos 5... I don't like the dificulty curve, at the moment. The game is harder in chaos 1, and really easy in chaos 5 once you have the correct gear. I feel like it should be the exact opposite.
  4. Wait, you can see people's ascension level ?!
  5. I did win Bastille, I just hate it with a H. I don't like how you have to ignore most of what's going on, and the challenge mostly comes from bugs like wall aggro and skeletons. I don't even think you can win it with c4 gear...
  6. They talked about it in the devstream. I think they said they wanted to improve it but it wasn't in their priority.
  7. Shatter a random wyvern or kobold is no big deal, but assassins are meant to be the main threat of c5. If you can just insta-kill them with 30DU, there is really no point to the new enemy. New threats = new mechanics = assassins fly but can't be shattered.
  8. Skeletons also ignore their original path. This is particularly frustrating in Bastille, in the lane east to the double lane. Mobs should aim for the core at the center, but skeletons raised here just go and keep walking east to attack the other core, down the stairs. You have to shut down 2 paths for one lane, and DU is already extremely limited because you have to build like 3walls per lane. I hate Bastille.
  9. Don´t know if others experienced it, but on two separate occasions I´ve had air mobs completely flying unscathed over the PDT´s stream of darts, even though they were flying towards the PDT (There were no other mobs taking the attention, the PDT was just assigned for air), in direct line of fire, so I don´t trust PDT for air one bit. I´d rather wrestle some DU around and make room for an extra SGT. Before trials update I often had PDT completly ignoring flyers sometime. I noticed it happened a lot when line of sight could be obstructed with something, like a wall in front of PDT.
  10. I just posted a screenshot of it in bug report site.
  11. I had the same bug, items came from Crumbled bulwark.
  12. I'm totally fine talking about this with you. And you're one of the main reason why I know so well how this works, thanks to your max gear value by difficulty topic. Can't thank you enough for that, btw ! I read some guy did some tests and had only his NT4 weapon preventing him from looting better pieces. I can't confirm this myself, but it sounds like only some of them cause trouble, anyway. For now I just advice people having trouble farming new gear they should probably try to remove NT4 gear as soon as possible, along with other usual stuff. I don't think that most of the NT4 is concerne
  13. 28 consecutive wins without any timeout/infinite loading ?! That's some serious luck.
  14. SGT with totem and defense speed, defense power, vampiric empowerment, defense rate, deadly strike or destruction. SGT with mark, defense health and speed, crit damage shard, power transfer, defense rate, deadly strike.
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