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  1. The funny thing is, i've played 150 hours and not noticed a single hacker, and i never play alone
  2. Just saw the new abilities in-game and they're all better than the current heros. Uninstalling now. Enjoy your Pay2Win ****fest Agree, hate games like that.
  3. nith


    Rases..... Well, I think everyone who hasn't ignored you should now. Oh i'm so sorry, one spelling error. u mad bro?
  4. nith


    First of all you don't *HAVE* to buy anything. Secondly the thanksgiving event is free. So you think it's fun to play a game with half of the races?
  5. nith


    You must be blind Nith, if the patch had to be "bought", why did it update your game with it without purchase then? dont jump to conclusions. I tested yesterday and when i got ingame i couldnt launch any of the new event maps, it just said "get". So i thought you had to buy everything.
  6. nith


    Oh thats some good new :D
  7. nith


    I were so excited about the new ->patch<- until i saw that it should cost money. They sneaked in the price the same day / the day after. Like what the hell? A patch should not cost money. This is just retarded. I'm quitting :] EDIT: NO I'M NOT! EDIT: or maybe...
  8. It would be really awesome if they just removed survival completely. Then you could do a glittering run, halloween run, and get nice gear. AND have fun!
  9. You can turn camera shaking off ;) Edit: and yea, i can join!
  10. Interested in doing halloween insane?
  11. Are you still able to get VW with 40+ upgrades? The patch notes said "super duper mega whatever items only drops in insane"
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