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  1. I think they should keep the buffs super low like they are now, just reduce the mana cost by half and give them range gambit.

    That way they stay pretty optional because they do not term good damage into insane damage, but rather good damage into slightly better damage.

    I have been using boost auras (not anymore since the LSA buff), but only in solo and only because I wanted more damage damage on my stack of 4 flame flame auras (square formation) while not switching heroes for speed farming. I had 2 choices, build a 5th auras or 1 boost aura, and i just found a better burst option was having 4 in a tight square formation for burning down everything so i just though why not add a BA give some crit damage (lets be honest DP is not even worth it) and a bit of a slow.

    Do I recommend people this build? no its terrible it was purely a choice made for speed and practicality given my restricted choices.

  2. The match making system where you are split up from your group is terrible, that I agree with. However the fact you pressed G was just a player error that happens from time to time. 

    The real blame lies in two places: One, the guy you joined should not have pressed G.. it was pretty much a troll thing to do. Second, you guys to a lesser extent should have read the info, however I have made that same mistake multiple times in solo after coming back from being AFK and thinking I had not pressed G once already.

    Sadly trolls exist and they will always exist.

    I joined a game, some guy built the map, super slowly with weak towers, 2 of his AA towers went down (he was using sand vipers vs kobolds, that just proc'ed them rather then killed them), I replaced his destroyed towers with a SGT and a FA (I have helped out many a time when I was not the builder replacing auras, blockades, SGT's etc as mine are normally way stronger) and his response?

    "this is why I hate public" 


    No one said anything to him, I would have been more then willing to sell the towers I made if he wanted me to, despite him not replacing them to begin and just AFKing the build round. But no he chose to not dialog and rather rage quit causing all the defenses in the game to lose all stats. It could have been an easy victory, but he chose petty narrow mindedness instead.

  3. [[168145,users]] I think you will like [[90564,users]]'s ideas. He made some great suggestions on unique themed heals and it would be in line with what trendy want to do (I don't think they want to bring healing to shards like what I want).

    I have to say this is a very valid discussion as the original 4 hero heals are really boring. I think I like sidewalkheros ideas the best on reflection, better then my own ideas.. though what I suggested would give more build diversity and allow for unique and awesome builds to come to the fore.

  4. @Fozzie quote:

    Yes I could do Harb over and over, but the campaign should flow into the C1 tier.

    So should prepare you for it, without having to 'grind' campaign.

    I would say however, the first half of the campaign should drop hardly any so its not overwhelming for new players. But if they do drop that rarely (not redone campaign) they should defo boost the drop rate.

  5. @Derek564 quote:

    - Pets need to matter again.

    hey man my pet is the only thing doing any hero damage in my games now, 1 shot 1 kill..ed roller.

    But yeah I know what you mean pets should not just be a pet ability, and they are not even a stat stick any more due to having such low stats.

    • Pets should have ZERO stats so there is no conflict of interest when min maxing them (Hero stats vs defense stats)
    • If pets become stat sticks again, legendary pets should matter.
    • Pets could have a simple generic talent tree that effects their projectiles or pet abilities. These talent trees should take into account the type of pet and the element of the pet, this way most pets are a little bit different.  (huge job i know)
    • pet damage should matter, as should the element of their damage (combo'ing with your heroes damage or defense damage)
    • Pets should have some kind of awesome ability they use themselves, ideally focused on survival or CC. example: a heal for injured heroes, a protection zone, a slowing zone etc.

  6. I read about half way through your ideas and have to say, your healing ideas do not account for some builds  (HD monks cant self heal, so your idea would give them zero healing just a damage reduction) and having 12-20 second cooldowns for 20% healing would be the most infuriating experience with enemies like assassins in the game. while other concepts like the squire heal would make flamethrower squires immortal.

    I don't want to trash your ideas I just think they are vastly inconsistent and far to complex for a simple heal ability. 

    I would like to see healing taking the root of shards rather then a single boring button that  is a channel no less. Maybe the answer would be to make the #4 heal simply be a perk instant AOE heal with a CD, while the majority of the healing could be active healing through shards.

    Self healing should be a choice between damage and survivability not just some boring button, so as far as thats concerned we are in agreement.

  7. Not being able to fully build a map on wave one is a legitimate issue and should be fixed. The same problem exists on dead road (C7).

    It makes absolutely no sense to have a handful of maps giving less mana then the DU limit offers in wave 1. There is no discernible difficulty increase, no obvious challenge this problem provides, it does not seem like an intentional design idea and ultimately is very inconsistent.

    I personally can only speak of the old Bastille incursion back in NM4 days being challenging with this issue when I built with only Lightning Auras, SGT's, frosties and blockades. It was "challenging" because I had to build blockades after wave 1 and it was a timed event. back then only goblins spawned in wave 1, therefore in actuality I had zero chance of failing the wave.

    So with that said, I can only say its a "challenge" for those who can barely scrape through 2 waves out of 5. For anyone who can beat 3+ waves, wave 1 becomes a non issue, hence a reduced mana pool is just an inconvenience rather then any form of meaningful challenge.

    Why getting less mana then the DU is annoying:

    DU limit capping is needed on progress because you need every ounce of power on boss/assasin waves (2-5). Having to build twice (initially and after wave 1) is just time consuming and annoying because of deck shuffling (for those with lower ascension levels). 

    It would be a nice quality of life improvement to simply have DU limits and round one mana being equal, its not about it being more or less challenging its about it being less annoying.

    lawlta for your "meeting" word document :)

  8. my advice to you guys is, take a break till the new incursion is added along with the female apprentice, play for a week or two then take another break till Onslaught is relaunched and then test the water once more.

    If you think you will enjoy onslaught check what the weekend bonuses are and maybe have a few games on each weekend to take some advantage of whatever bonus they might have.

  9. @LineDrill quote:

    @Zimmermann quote:

    @LineDrill quote:

    @Zimmermann quote:All LMB and RMB attacks scale from HD (i dont think their are any exceptions here).

    Abyss lord's fan of knight shard makes his RMB fires two additional knight that deal %500 Ability power in damage

    Abyss Lord unique weapons RMB attacks(demon scythe and molten brimstone) scale with ability power.

    was talking specifically about non shard modified RMB/LMB attacks, as flamethrower is exactly that RMB turns into AP attack. There are a handful of RMB/LMB modified attacks via shards that scale from AP.

    I don't know if it's still true but in dd2 wiki ( https://wiki.dungeondefenders2.com/wiki/Weapons ) there is something like down below.(It can be outdated.)


    Books are equipped by the Abyss Lord. They have a Hero Damage that is 135% of their Hero Power.

    • Primary Attack: A Close Range Magical Drain Attack as Hero Damage.
    • Secondary Attack: A Range Charged Magical Projectile Attack that Pierces through multiple enemies at full charge. Deals between 100% - 500% of regular Hero Ability Power.

    i honestly cant remember now, but i could have sworn RMB was HD, but maybe that was changed or maybe i just never paid any attention to it (more likely). Anyway its kind of irrelevant really, most RMB/LMB attacks are HD while buttons 1-3 are AP and shards can alter RMB/LMB attacks to AP in some cases as can EV2 siege mode or point and click abilities from the gunwitch.

    The real point is a shard that gives some kind of AP scaling attack should proc from AP attacks first and foremost, then maybe in addition to non AP attacks. So they need to code these random differences into it. For example if a shard says it works from attacks, it should work from all attacks not just HD or LMB attacks, it should also work for Chi blast or flamethrower etc. An attack is an attack after all. 

    In the past it was all over the place what was attacks where AP or HD however.

  10. @LineDrill quote:

    @Zimmermann quote:All LMB and RMB attacks scale from HD (i dont think their are any exceptions here).

    Abyss lord's fan of knight shard makes his RMB fires two additional knight that deal %500 Ability power in damage

    Abyss Lord unique weapons RMB attacks(demon scythe and molten brimstone) scale with ability power.

    was talking specifically about non shard modified RMB/LMB attacks, as flamethrower is exactly that RMB turns into AP attack. There are a handful of RMB/LMB modified attacks via shards that scale from AP.

  11. @lekkin007 quote:

    I think I understand what you are saying (although you didn't clarify about the flamethrower.  It's not an ability that I recognize, so I'm guessing it is a weapon?  But you said it scales off AP?). 

    flamethrower is a shard (AP scaling) turns shieldblock (RMB) into a flamethrower. In that respect it is like ev2 cannon, just wihtout the need to go into siege mode via #key, though ofc ev2 cannon is LMB. Both of these abilities scaling from AP and both have almost no shards that work with them. I thought the following explained it:

    @Zimmermann quote:

    most if not all your abilities (1-4) scale from AP, so when you press them you do AP scaling attacks, in addition to this there are some other attacks like flamethrower or EV2 beam (which is number X+ LMB) scale from AP too.

    @lekkin007 quote:

    Even with someone like the monk though, I would always go for a staff with 5 ranged shots when I used it, and the shard that stuns with his secondary shot, so AP also made sense there for me.

    Ranged monk attacks (RMB) do not scale from AP, they are purely HD scaling, so AP is only useful for Pole Smash, Chi Blast or healing people with Heroic wave. Buffing people with Heroic wave only scales from shards and ascension points nothing more. 

    Having a 5 shot weapon however is good for mana regen for AP builds and is the strongest HD attack for HD builds.

  12. @lekkin007 quote:

    I'm unfamiliar with the Squire flamethrower builds.  In fact, I was totally unaware that there were ability power attacks (or rather, what exactly you mean by that).  I mean, I know of shards that proc on attacks (left and right click) that scale off AP, and abilities scale of AP, and shards that otherwise do cool stuff that scales off AP, but do I understand you correctly saying that the flamethrower, as a weapon, scales of AP and not HD?  Are there any others?  I might be totally misunderstanding, in which case please explain what you mean!

    most if not all your abilities (1-4) scale from AP, so when you press them you do AP scaling attacks, in addition to this there are some other attacks like flamethrower or EV2 beam (which is number X+ LMB) scale from AP too.

    All LMB and RMB attacks scale from HD (i dont think their are any exceptions here).

    A shard that like pumpkinator does XXX% of your AP but is applied by a HD attack. In other words you will never use your HD attacks unless like Hom-Sha-Bom said you are regening blue mana (AP attacks consume blue mana).

    However most classes do not require more then a few seconds of regen time if any and thus the whole concept kind of falls to peaces.

    @Hom-Sha-Bom quote:

    I never thought of it that way. I always saw the AP damage shards that apply from attacks as a way for AP heroes to still be able to dish out some damage without spending the mana or putting abilities into cooldown.

    Like if you're an AP apprentice, you're still going to be using left click attacks to mark targets. Those shards allow you to apply damage based on AP with your left click instead of requiring HD to do damage with your left click.

    Yeah sadly with the way mana regen works no one really spends any meaningful time regening, I personally never regen and if I needed to I would probably character switch instead.

    But having AP scaling shards proc/function from ALL attacks both HD and AP based would be far more enjoyable.

  13. Sadly with the latest update(s) there are almost no weapon shards for some AP builds, one being the squire flamethrower build. 

    I have tested a few shards, that i own and the results were not good:

    • The AP scaling shard Pumpkinator does not proc from flamethrower or empowered beam. It does however proc from HD weapon attacks... This makes no sense.
    • Life Leech now only works for HD attacks... One really fun part of flamethrower squires was their nice AOE (terrible boss damage) but the combination of shieldblock and life leach. It was a lot of fun being a tank and bugs aside it had its disadvantages too (boss damage). Why does life leech not work with AP attacks in general?
    • Inspiring strikes doesnt work...
    • Ravenhost (AP scaling attack) doesn't work... it works with HD attacks though which makes no sense
    • Overwhelm (stun) doenst work....
    • Haunting (AP scaling attack) doesn't work... it works with HD attacks though which makes no sense

    So what am I left with on my AP squire?

    My weapon shard slots are as follows:

    • 40% anti  air shard.. yes RANDOMLY this works with flamethrower... i can shoot those kobolds and emp kobolds with slightly higher AOE
    • Empowered Beam.. my long range attack pretty and a nice shard.
    • empty... nothing useful can be used here as there is no 3rd AP shard option.


    @Trendy you need to have one simple rule when making these AP/HD specific shards shards, that being: Any shard that gives a % Ability Power proc/effect should be applied from ability power attacks. Any shard that has a % Hero Damage Proc/effect should be applied from Hero Damage attacks.  

    To be perfectly honest (re hom-sha-bom's comment), These kinds of shards should proc from any and all attacks, as AP shards will still only be used by AP heroes and likewise with HD shards will only be used by HD heroes.

    It makes absolutely no sense to have shards that give an AP effect that will never be used by AP heroes because they can only be applied by HD attacks which that hero does not use. Balance is not an issue either, as firstly they are not very powerful and secondly its an easy fix with tuning the numbers.

    In addition to this utility shards like drench/life leech should just work period and not be tied to specific attack types.

  14. run round the map dropping flame auras. 1 sgt in the middle done. it takes all of 20 seconds.

    back in the C5 days when ascension scaled to 999 i used to power level in C3 and all i put up was 2-3 flame auras randomly on each lane. then afk'ed till rollers. you can do the same thing with flame throwers and afk during rollers. Assuming you have C5+ gear.

  15. @PandynatorDD quote:

    @Zimmermann quote:

    @PandynatorDD quote:

    What nerf?

    as far as i am aware (tested once and not carefully), life leech no longer works with flamethrower. please someone test it again and say im wrong  *clasps hands together*

    Yea god forbid, you dare use that shard on a ability focused build! You shall be punished! 
    Don't get this, why are all these shard procs so LIMITED...?

    because flamethrower tanking was fun and not that effective! it shall be nerfed!

  16. @Lawlta quote:

    Has it happened repeatedly?  Are you able to reproduce this?  If so, could you provide a screenshot or short clip demonstrating it happening?

    This is a problem on both bastille master and buried bastille, however not a bug.

    its not a glitch its hex throwers spawning from the middle double lane and shooting the one of the core(s) depending on the mode. Hex throwers do not spawn in that lane in rounds 1 or  2 it seems, and I don't think I ever seen them spawning in round 3 though im sure its possible.

    Solution: build blockades right at the spawn (top of the stairs on the right side (this is all that is required on bastille master), directly on the corner on the left side (this is needed on buried bastille)) this causes the hex throwers to start shooting as they spawn which is the wrong angle to cause any problems on the cores. 

    This will not help verses multi EMP kobold spawning which could dive the core or dealing with a zapper spawn there. To deal with zapper/emp kobolds simply do more damage, which is easy with the DU/mana allowed on that map.

  17. @Lawlta quote:

    We've seen your feedback regarding assassins, and are looking at a handful of possibilities to make it challenging/engaging but more enjoyable than it currently is.  They won't be nerfed into the ground, but some changes are being looked at!

    tbf they are only an issue for some players on C5 because C5 has less enemies to choose from therefore assassins make up a bigger portion of the enemies. I will agree they are not very enraging and a little annoying (probably my least favorite enemy) but they are not remotely hard in C6/7 and only a problem in C5 for new players because of their quantity and players lack of knowing how to handle them.

  18. @geo981010 quote:

    @Nefhith quote:

    @geo981010 quote:

    increase in DPS here per second usually

    your per second DPS goes down

    Do you know what DPS stands for, buddy?

    OK - let me rephrase :)

    Your single target DPS goes down, but area attacks hit more critters most of the time so the total DPS goes up. Single target doesn't get that so DPS goes down, but is safer and can fire more often (if positioned right)

    First line - total DPS goes up usually (since it hits more critters)

    Second line - total DPS goes down since it is single target

    thats still a bit confusing, DPS period goes down, however effective dps goes up :)

    All towers gain range and therefore can sustain there "lower" dps for longer (they can shoot at enemies earlier, and in some cases keep shooting for longer SGT's/ground defenses etc), hence their effective dps (how much damage they can actually do) goes up.

    But I understand what you mean :)

  19. @Nefhith quote:

    @FreelyTomorrow7 quote:

    I wil be inexplicably impressed if anyone can achieve a solo victory with Chaos 5 gear.

    It would be very difficult even with Chaos 6 gear.

    I just did. It's really easy with the dryad.

    well thats kind of the point, its easy because your trees do not despawn. I raised this issue back in NM4 days and suggested that the whole map should just have the dryad build buff as default so the trees could be on the same 30s timer as everything else. Also bee's are like flame auras in so far as they cannot be destroyed by rollers (on power surge rollers or any damage for that matter 1 shots conventional towers) however bees have one advantage over flame auras.. they cant be stunned by EMP Orc's... so in C5 gear this makes for a much easier time.

    I don't think any map should rely on a purchasable hero to be completed either.

    I completed the map with just flame auras and no blockades at all, but in C7 gear... so in C5 gear we are talking many EMP's and maybe that strategy doesn't work. Now I used to do the map with just Ballista's which will have the damage to clear everything... but once you get 2 rollers spawning together with a bad timing you could lose half your ballistas to expiration or lose them as you place more due to bombardment. 

  20. @Fozzie quote:

    No-one has a right to kick anyone, you may want to for numerous reasons but right no I don't think so.

    I don't kick full stop if I don't like it I leave, as long as I am not the builder as that is just petulant.

    An online game means you will meet people with different values and codes of conduct.

    I was just in a game where the builder left because I built an SGT to replace his dead AA... all he wrote was "thats why i hate public games" and left. No time for us to descuss it, no request for me to sell it.. no checking its stats and my ascension... nothing.. just "screw you guys im going home" *takes ball and leaves park*.  

    I have built to replace fallen defenses so many times as I enjoy other people building and naturally not everyones is as awesome/NL as me (jk) and towers go down.. I just build to replace and everyones happy and we win.

    This guy... FML 

    As you put it; "petulant" hits the nail smack bang wallop on the head.

  21. they are substantial increases, but yes nothing compared to a C7 relic etc. 

    The most impactful aspects are the 20% crit chance and the range gambit, these really effect your building in a deep way and are a must on all your towers.

    What makes super high ascension so nice is the fact you can have multiple towers builds and a dps build all on one hero with no loss to strength to any aspect other then your pet but thats another issue.

    Building is so fast for me with high ascension because all my builders are also my dps'ers without any loss to stats, and all my builders and dpser fit in my core deck. I never have to change my deck during the build phase or at the start of combat.

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