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  1. Just curios and I cant watch the whole thing, so any news would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  2. how to turn 4 boost aura shards into a single shard thats just as effective. New boost aura shard idea: boost aura slows enemies by 1%, enemies that die within the zone have a 1% chance to do 1% of your DP as damage, boost aura's power is increased by 1% and increases the health of blockades by 1%. Boost auras size is reduced to 1% of its current size.
  3. whenever there is a break between content this is what happens. Throught my time playing World of Warcraft the game was always "dying" at the end of each xpac.. but then was "the best xpac ever" when the new one was launched. This is just the same thing be it on a much smaller scale with a small indie development team. But yes there needs to be some kind of infinite system if its to ever retain C7 geared players, I myself am just waiting endless mode.
  4. A time before 3 min singles were compulsory :)
  5. meow! this kitty has claws! *does slow camp scratching motion with one hand*
  6. Couldn't agree more that the rotation system is no good. I would like to see some maps have fun bonuses each week, so you have a reason to rotate if you want. Nothing extreme, just a small bonus but not enough to make players feel forced to play the "bonus maps". I also think for those who are trying to get scores on the leaderboards, it must be very frustrating not to be able to work on a single map.. but rather being thrown off your game and having to do a different map each time. But since I don't do this, im not sure if this is a valid issue.
  7. I added this to the bug report site when it was first introduced, it has now been removed because all bug reports were closed, maybe someone else can report it again. One day it might be respected as a boss in its own right^^
  8. LOL that explains why sometimes with malthius' i still got low scores, I just thought it was buggy... but never considered the rollers. Screw that 13 tower types btw... utter cancer setups, i never used more then 3 towers, sometimes 4 if i built a SGT.
  9. all my #1's in the first 2-3 days were done with Malthius spawns + letting sub cores die. Granted I was not using the 7+ tower bonuses and was doing it all with rank 1 towers (when rank 2 towers apparently gives a bigger bonus LOL) So with that said, I think you need malthius to get any reasonable score these days (300k+) ideally more then 1.
  10. yep RNG is an issue, and im not a fan of the "use a million different towers" awards. I gave up after 2-3 days when i realised how reliant I was on dark mages and malthius'. Good post though [[43706,users]]
  11. There was absolutely no hostility what so ever. Nor is there any fight here. In fact it was kind of an appreciation from my part. tbh i skim read the thread, I understand there was no malice now. Shows how much the state of the forums has effected my initial reaction when skim reading... A man can only take so many "trendy hates me and wants to ruin my life" threads :D
  12. wow... maybe it was a good decision to stop after 2-3 days if its going to start forum fights. Let the guy enjoy going for #1's, every game needs hardcore players in its community otherwise the game starts to die. If you cant compete because of real life commitments, or lack of interest thats cool too, but don't shoot down the guy who has the time, patience and commitment to succeed. I know you guys maybe didn't mean to be hostile but as a 3rd party reading this thread it feels a little so.
  13. Drench is simply a prerequisite debuff required for storm damage to electrocute enemies. Storm damage does nothing on its ownDrench does nothing on its ownput them together and its party time
  14. Wow! It's even better than upgrade no defences! lol ya I didn't understand that one :) still in the early stages though! haha i just seen that now... how silly... i guess its a ***up rather then intended though. I could have done with that info when I was going for ranks.
  15. This is the basics: build the map in under 60s, big maps in under 90s.complete all combat phases in under 600s.use 69% DU on low DU maps and 49% DU on high DU maps. (there might be some cheese overpowered towers that allow you to build all maps under 50% DU but not sure and not tried anything cheesy)make sure everything you build stays at rank 1 and nothing gets destroyed. never die.make sure you core never goes below 80% healthFail all sub objectives to open more lanes (more monsters = higher score)To compete for rank #1 do the following:spawn lots of malthius' and let them summon many skeletons.Do not insta kill Dark mages, let them spawn many skeletons.aim to use many tower types for additional score multipliers, the caps are: 7, 10, 13 All info is here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1T_1y7MHl6HtcbPXYXh_2WfG2ndtekD4hvosJgqhCEGg/edit#gid=195926571 There could be additional tricks, but I have not tried improving my scores since the first couple of days, I am not someone who enjoys rerolling maps for multiple malthius spawns or someone who enjoys building with multiple builders.
  16. yeah I have to agree, half of the advantage at the start was knowing what bonuses to aim for. However I will say now that everyone is doing with sub 70 or 50% DU its a case of getting more tower types in assuming you don't jeopardize your build speed. But this is where the fun ends for players like myself (I think I am in a minority here) as I just have no interest in gearing up a load of other heroes or even building with other heroes full stop. I find the spice of life bonuses are where I just stop competing. I am not interested in having 7-13 tower types, which is needed to put you ahead, as its quite easy to build with either sub 50% or sub 70% DU and still get 100% of all the other bonuses.
  17. iamisom's friend confirmed on twitter they're planning on a First person turn based moba with a card deck system at its core, which can only be strengthened through purchasing card packs from gems.
  18. unfortunately for me the only way to compete on the leaderboards now is to use 7+ tower types, which is not my thing, but it was fun while it lasted. I do think however with lucky malthius spawns 306k (290+ on a couple of maps due to less monsters) is possible with just sub 7 tower types (no spice of life+ achevement) but it requires at least 1+ malthius and perfect scores in all catagories and -50% or -70% du used. But fishing for 2+ malthius spawns is not fun. I am not sure the RNG that malthius brings is that healthy, but we will see in time.
  19. yes they still take damage while the shield is up. No idea if the shield only protects a portion of the hit or if its a bug. Its been like this for a long time.
  20. ranged monk (mobility, awesome one shots with pet and great AOE/single target) flamethrower squire - for the tankiness and flames (sadly this is less fun due to life leech no longer working with flamethrower therefore its down to number 2 in my top 3.)apprentice shotgun (awesome aoe close up as well as single target. i just love 10x projectiles)
  21. massively! I have a few 22.9xx sitting idle in favour of 22.8xx with 9.3k+ secondaries as some of the 22.9s have sub 9k secondaries. but I would drop down to 22.5k or lower if i could find a relic with def speed/crit damage as high as 9.7k :D
  22. got #1 on all but 2 maps, but noe someones ruining the party and has beaten my graystone plaza score. I guess Malthus did it, or manged to lose the secondary objectives faster then i did.
  23. no you don't get a score for being afk, its that everyone on the scoreboards was afk farming hence all the top scores are from "afkers". I was simply pointing out that getting on the scoreboard is easy enough, but trying to break 300k takes fast building, low DU, losing subs, spawn killing, letting some monsters survive others die, not losing towers, not dying and getting +1 malthius at least. So chuckle or not, you will fail maps when trying to do that. Anyway doing all that with about 5+ fails I got #1 on little horn valley, which should be easily beatable due to no malthius and losing 1 tower.
  24. its because im aiming for 293-300k+, under that I got ranks for afking the entire map. getting 285~ one can do just by building normal speed and afking on nearly all C7 maps. FYI, i am doing this with just monk and squire, as I cant stand using multiple defenses and switching my deck around.
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