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  1. @lolololololo quote:

    yes so disappointing today... just limits your playstyle even more and doesnt do ***...

    and on top of that there are a lot other good shards for tht bootslot...

    so not really worth the mastery struggle ;)



    There are 3 slots for boots, other then 500 move speed and health replenish which is currently not available in game there are no good boot shards. This shard is effectively competing with quake which is awful.

    Also how does a new shard that has little to no competition for slots, that offers something new and non repeatable limit game play?!

    I get criticizing something and I have many problems with mastery... but I cannot agree with you critic of this shard at all. If the shard did NOTHING, it still would not limit game play or take up any valuable boot slots.

  2. @playertt quote:

    i see some of you say you really enjoy doing Mastery but do you Replay it or just glad to get it completed because i see nobody   playing in public Mastery 

    I have enjoyed it to complete once. A fun challenge, but yeah wont be replaying any of it ever.

    If they added a weekly 3-4 map mastery challenge with a nice reward I would probably be up for replaying those maps then, but yeah such a challenge needs a reward.

  3. its aids on many levels.

    • No consistent stratergy is possible
    • builds are just a total mess of random towers
    • completely unfriendly to new players who do not have as many heroes aka towers to choose from
    • a pain in the arse to build (char swapping like mad)
    • a huge time sink required to gain shards + relics (yes a few of us have relics coming out our ears and plenty of shards, but no one has this with under 500 hours played I am sure)
    • Not very challenging for those of us with the heroes, relics and shards.

    Suggested alternative:

    • no more then 2-3 of each tower type. This essentially is the same challenge, but with less demanding requirements for hero quantity, shards and relics.  

    Yes its even easier for us with 3k+ hours... but its better for the newer players imho. And maps might actually look like they have a coherant build in play, rather then a mess of obnoxious looking towers. Maybe its me being a little obssessive here, but i cant stand looking at a map with just random towers everywhere! I WANT TO SEE A STRATERGY AND UNIFORM BUILDS THAT MAKE SENSE! RARRRRR!

    Really enjoying my few hours per week currently, overall Mastery is a lot of fun and I cant wait for end game release. 

    I am a little worried how newer people will complete "harder" masteries solo once the vast majority of the community has completed them. Maybe a nerf to mastery will be required after this 7 week mastery progression is over? 

    The reason I say this is because no matter how much I enjoy solo, and find it balanced it always feels like a hell of a lot of people find it incredibly hard. The loot system is a great example of this, I never had a problem getting loot or understanding it... yet half the community cant gear up, finds the gear grind to slow or doesn't understand how to obtain better gear.

  4. @Fozzie quote:

    I agree that on this particular map an extra wall would have helped. 

    However the crux of this as with my first set of possible improvements to mastery is to stop people losing due to a minute chip on the crystal.

    Sure lose if your build is poor and you are overrun but we got Trendy to make C7 cores take more than one hit so why not mastery.

    I know the name is not even a scratch but we don’t want to adversely affect player numbers and this along with other fail states don’t help.

    Sure add some strategy but IMO Mastery in its current iteration is rage quit inducing.

    So I agree and disagree with the point you are making.

    I agree that a fail should not be down to a single mini skeleton coughing on your core once... in 5 waves of 200-500 monsters per wave... It just seems sooooo lame!!

    However, when maps are so easy that you simply never fail with a half decent build, how do you validate a good build verses a sub par build when both can easily complete a map?

    Well all you can do is, do the above and base it on a single sneeze by a tiny enemy out of hordes of over a thousand monsters. 

    That being; a good build means not even a sneeze hits your core, and a sub par build does, therefore players are forced to make better builds. Now is this a good solution immune from RNG? nope, and its also not user friendly, but its better then everyone winning and us all getting gold stars for attendance.

    So thats kind of my position on it currently.

  5. @Acenf quote:

    love your game finding it hardto find groups for mastery and it really upsets me that after most are done we'll prob never get another chance can u make a system where each week it get slightly easier so that even if i cant find a group i'll be able to solo them eventually

    If i were you I would focus on getting to Chaos 7 farm gear levels first. Then start mastery, I have solo'ed all maps pretty easily, however I do have all the heroes so annoying achievements like no more then 1 of each towers is easier as are many other achievements.
    What you can do is cherry pick the maps you try, to obtain enough points for the hypershards, and then move onto more challenging maps after. Also focus your Medal spending on new heroes, being able to use more then just the base 4 is really important. The female apprentice has arguably the best AA for mastery for example, cheaper and better at dealing with kobolds then the SGT counter part.

  6. @Random Asian quote:

    @Zimmermann quote:

    With that said, forest biom was an easy one shot, and Forgotten ruins... well I don't even remember doing it... but apparently I did.

    You got lucky with Forest Biome in my opinion lol. If a Malthius spawns, it gets annoying because he spawns orc skeletons in a far-off lane and they take precious seconds off the timer. I got a Malthius on the 5th wave of my game in the last minute. Happened straight for 2 matches and I lost to Timer. Won the 3rd match when he didn't spawn.

    I cant remember what bosses spawned other then an orge and a siege roller. But I always check for malthius, as I can basically one shot him, its just a case of making a point each build phase to check and then jump on him once he comes out. But I do agree he can cause massive problems if left unchallenged, or if you are forced to leave him unchallenged if you get 2x malthius or another problem in another lane.

    3 bosses I always check for: 

    1. Malthius (pretty obvious). 
    2. Quibly (throwing guy) simply a nightmare if you cant lose defenses... he can stay at a spawn point throwing crap at your PDT's till one breaks... and you don't even notice. 
    3. Slekeleon, he only matters if he spawns before wave 4, as you don't wanna let him gain to much headway in a lane. 

    All other bosses in my experience are irrelevant, and just need to die before they start breaking blockades.

  7. i didnt find them hard to solo, just super annoying. I had to lvl up a load of random relics, equip random shards on a load of random heroes I dont use.

    This is a really unfriendly achievement for new players who simply don't have all the heroes, and mega irritating for those of us that don't wish to play all the heroes.

    Its completely void of any tactics, and just involves spamming a bunch of random towers all over the place till you have used up your DU, then frantically running about killing stuff as obviously your defenses are trash due to no coherent strategy.

    With that said, forest biom was an easy one shot, and Forgotten ruins... well I don't even remember doing it... but apparently I did.

    For the record this the least enjoyable achievement, though the concept of 30s build times is worse.. but thus far less frustrating. The other ones I all really enjoy.

  8. @Fozzie quote:

    Please can this be tweaked to:

    "If core loses 25% of health"

    I was just trying to solo Bastille and Malth the m*********r spawns a skeleton right next to a core before I can get across the map.

    Summoned skeletons don't seem to follow the same pathing as normal spawned mobs they just home in on any core even if the wisp says they don't go that way.

    I don't want to be "that guy". but I am pretty sure malthius spawned a skeleton that walked the wrong way to the south core and you had no safety blockade there.

    PS. any monster pretty much can walk to that core given the right RNG alignments, but 99% of the time its mini skeletons from malthius and dark mage summons.

  9. @Onesiphorus935 quote:


    So i'm struggling a little soloing this challenge,

    People already know, projectile towers are a good choice for beating C2 maps in general as the Cyborks take out auras, nodes and traps.

    So with the no tower challenge, what exactly am i supposed to use to defend my lanes that's not a barricade?

    I am soloing this - so maybe that's my issue, but have heard its all solo-able?

    Am i missing something?

    Thanks :)

    you get the range hyper shard before you need to do these challenges, so its very easy to do with just flame auras + squire blockades.

    2x range shards in your flame auras + mass destruction. 

    place auras far to the outside of the lanes as you can while still covering the center line of each lane and you will easily win all these no tower challenges. 

    Any EMP Orc's that get through just kill with hero damage.

  10. @Fozzie quote:

    Geode, change to absorb like the spawner shields

    Mastery restrictions should be locked, so if it says no auras you cannot place auras, no repairs, no upgrades the button is disabled, also on 180 second maps if monsters don't leave spawn then the map is not failed. This will allow people to play public games without undue hassle, which allows people to play mastery again.

    Massively agree with these two points.

    The other points might be valid, they just do not really apply to me and how I play the game.

    I would add an additional point, that being:

    • Let us chose which map we want to play at end game, allow us to pick from all maps in the game.

  11. I do agree replayability is a problem with incursions/mastery. However..... we have 7 weeks of "new challenges" not sure how old they will get come week 4+, but we cant deny for the next 2 months we have new content.

    Once mastery is finished, we will have the new end game mode, which hopefully will be fully replayable.

    So this whole thing could be "much ado, about nothing"^^.

  12. @MaJean quote:

    The only thing I dislike , is the "do once, and never again". Right now, many of us are back to the waiting game again....

    do what I did, play 1-3 maps per day. I am really enjoying it, but just rationing how much I play so its not all gone straight away.

    though saying that, i have probably been playing more then I should the last couple of days. But lucky for me there are Halloween skins on overwatch to get^^

  13. so though I disagree with [[52650,users]] regarding enjoying mastery, I have to agree with the blocking some towers/actions to enforce the achievement limitations.

    I have trolled myself a few times by accidentally building the wrong tower or selling/upgrading/repairing when I shouldn't. Now I understand these are teething pains regarding doing something new, and since I only do 1-3 maps a day its already getting better. But... it would be a nice quality of life change for new players to not have to rebuild a map via the exit map, enter tavern, enter map, rebuild just because the pressed 6 instead of 5  once heh. It would also be a good in public games, as mistakes happen more often due to more players and thats ignoring trolls entirely.

    Like the challenges, LOVE the gear/ascension scaling, not a fan of the rank 1 towers only + no repair challenge combo... not enjoyable when you have to rebuild the entire map after wave 3 because all your auras will expire mid wave if you don't. But thats not a major issue as long as its maybe once or twice per chaos :)

  14. Hey guys, rather then wasting time retrying achievements that are broken, lets add them all to this list.

    I will start with:

    Dragonfall Bazaar - Master Strategist ~ Simply not receiving this achievement regardless of never losing/selling defenses. I have tried it twice, both times my core took damage, maybe someone could confirm if that had anything to do with it? though I cant imagine it did.

  15. @MaJean quote:

    Why scrap the only challenge that is actually fun? It has flaws, but they can be fixed. People who don´t like the leaderboards, can just refrain from visiting the leaderboards page....  

    Exactly what he said. 

    This is a form of end game, a weak form but one non the less. Scrapping this will mean those who like it play as much DD2 as me currently... which is very little to none.  I am pretty sure leaderboards are one of the only things keeping players playing who have all the gear they need + high ascension 1k-2k. So if this was scrapped they would have nothing to play for and join me in being inactive.

    Do we want less players playing this game? No, we want more content for end game and this a small placeholder while that gets created.

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