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  1. @Derek564 quote:

    I think there needs to be more of an incentive to these bigger maps, as they just aren't worth the time invested. I do enjoy this map, but it always takes forever to build it. 

    How are you liking the LSA auras now that the cost is reduced? Look pretty useful. 

    yeah they are decent, they are nice for taking out bosses after the trash dies, and it allows basically more dps to be stacked in a set area where it would not be possible with flame auras due to them having limited overlapping potential.

    I like to run 2 LSA's both covering the blockade and 4 FA's per lane. LSA's are just to speed up boss killing, though would be a dps loss if I was able to stack more Flame auras on the same location. In other words, flame auras are hands down better, but have a hard cap to how many can exist in the same location, LSA allows you to effectively break that cap with more monk towers.

  2. It took ages, but i am not sure its technically possible to lose this map outside of ignoring rollers and waiting 15mins as they trundle up to your core.

    I like the map, but its DU limit is to high and its just to big a map to build in a reasonable time. This is a classic example of a map thats just too big.

  3. @MaJean quote:

    Is this just Gato fireworks? difficult to see but that´s what I´ve been using.

    yeah it is, and its extremely strong in public games too verses Rollers.

    The key is to have Sundering Blows shard, that brings the damage up really nicely. I made a pet nuke build a while ago on the forums with everything you need to make it very strong... but I cant find the thread. The other nuke pets just don't rival 3x 915%. Snowball is technically harder hitting, but the projectile is extremely slow and hence can cause some problems with aiming.

  4. @Fozzie quote:

    I managed to play two maps last night

    Dead Road then Bastille.

    not got Bastille yet, I got mostly original 4 C7 maps and dead road.  Looking forward to that one too actually. 

    @Zeros Deathwolf quote:

    That map sucks. Was this a joke or am I missing something lol. I hate that map so much personally

     I love it, I love both throne room maps tbh, though the assault is more challenging I prefer the normal version for aesthetic reasons.

  5. @iamisom quote:

    Great feedback! What would you suggest we change about the Blaze Balloon to help give it its own role from something like Flame Auras?

    my suggestions:

    Drop its DU to 30 give the burning dot an additional slowing effect too. maybe make the dot last longer and maybe reduce the towers up front damage.

    if the towers damage was nerfed a bit, it could be dropped to 20 and be a kind of utility tower with these effects too.

  6. @1731vrdw quote:

    If anyone could suggest a nice strategy that I could start building I would be forever grateful.

    I have ev2 the dryad and the lavamancer (and all the base characters with the exception of the apprentice) and I just got to chaos V trials and I have 163 ascension.

    Strats that work on C7, these strats are countered by EMP Orcs (chaos 2 and 5), however with clever placement they are successful even C2 and C5.

    Monk flame aura and LSA build that I am currently using:

    • 1-2 blockades per lane. Squire Blockades with: fortitude, explosive guard and stun shards. if Assassins are easy for you, replace stun shard with vengence).
    • Standard medallion shards for these towers are: Rate, Range, Transfer.
    • Standard Mark shards for these tower are: Rate, Range, Defense Crit Damage
    • 4x flame auras in a square formation. (if you are on a low DU high lane map creat a triangle formation with the base of the triangle facing the gate (2 flame auras) and the tip of the triangle facing your blockade (1 aura).
    • 1-2 Lightning strike auras placed left and right of the lane, making sure both cover your blockade.
    • 2~ Sky Guard Towers per map (some maps need more others need less).

    Monk flame aura and oil geyser build:

    • 1-2 blockades per lane. Squire Blockades with: fortitude, explosive guard and stun shards. if Assassins are easy for you, replace stun shard with vengence).
    • Standard medallion shards for these towers are: Rate, Range, Transfer.
    • Standard Mark shards for these tower are: Rate, Range, Defense Crit Damage
    • 4 flame auras in a square formation per lane. (if you are on a low DU high lane map creat a triangle formation with the base of the triangle facing the gate (2 flame auras) and the tip of the triangle facing your blockade (1 aura).
    • 1-2 Oil Guysers per lane, placed either between the two flame auras at the base of the "triangle" and one on your wall, however if Berserker orcs are attacking your blockades and you lack DU always have 1 on your blockades).
    • 2~ Sky Guard Towers per map (some maps need more others need less).

    If you breaking into C7 drop an aura or your LSA's/Oil Geysers and get 1-2 Frosty Tower per lane with a Totem relic (shards: Fortitude, Range, Freezing or shielding guard). 

    Yes they will get hit by EMP fliers from time to time, but you need that damn slow! Place them far enough apparent that when one is deactivated by an EMP flyer the other is not. Some lanes you can place them so they are not targeted by EMP flyers so those lanes only need 1.

  7. @lipebeck quote:

    How am I supposed to play now?  I'm a new player, I have no idea what to do without the wave paths... I'm lost.

    you know how you get out of your bed on the side that isnt against the wall? well use that same strategy when placing your defenses.

    jokes and sarcasm aside, you should not worry about these lines they are borderline meaningless.

    Basically monsters dont follow the line that exactly, while bosses take a slightly different route and siege rollers another... Summoned/resurrected are completely different too. 

    If you are not hard walling (something you should get used to doing for Berserker orcs by the way) you can still wall closer to inside corners etc and get away with a single blockade where 2 should be used.

  8. looks like a really fun game, but not planning on spending 39 euroes on it.... maybe one day when its half that price.

    meanwhile dungeon defenders to is F-F-F-Fresh... I mean free. Sorry about that 90's MC moment.

    I am reminding myself of R-R-R-Ray Von!

  9. @Little Magic Hat quote:

    Zimmermann Siege Rollers attacking a blockade that are below them, e.g. place a blockade on the bottom step in Dead Road where skeleton/Malthius spawns, and it will one shot the blockade.

    Can you video this, also i have some questions.

    • Is the blockade at the bottom of the stars facing backwards or forwards?
    • is the blockade technically 1 shot like how rollers used to 1 shot ground defenses? this mechanic should no longer exist as it was removed. (could be a bug)
    • Is the roller killing the blockade super fast, seemingly a 1 shot? should be easy to work out with frame analysis from the video.

    I have placed many a blockade (facing forwards ofc) at the bottom of stairs, and have had rollers mount and even drive over them without any one shots, however this was back in the day when they DID 1 shot ground defenses. Maybe some crazy bug has happened since.

    I will say however, I highly doubt that the top of a blockade is somehow different to the front/back/sides. I think if anything its a case of multiple collisions with the roller causing it to take more then intended hits. Just a hunch, right now so could totally be wrong.

  10. @ƘʘʘƪϒΛƤ quote:

    Be carefull from doing this trick as sometimes rollers can 1hit ur blockade since it will register hitting the shield from the sides rather than front.

    A siege roller 1hit any building in the game except face to face blockades.

    Even if u put the blockade at the end of a staires and the roller hit the top side, it will 1hit it.

    Rollers do Not one shot blockades from behind or from any angle for that matter. The only way to test is to notice something strange, then try and reproduce what you think you experienced.

    Here is a roller attacking a blockade from behind, it dies just as slow/fast as when its facing it. Enjoy this rather boring test^^

    [[14552,users]] you might wanna check this before you exclude using angled blockades.

  11. @TheCrystalDefender quote:

    I keep having issues with round 5 on this incursion...

    At first I thought it was bad tower placement but it seems that the Crystal is spontaneously combusting... 

    As soon as we start round 5 we just instantly get defeated before we even see anything show up on the map...

    Trendy I can provide footage if needed but it seems to be something to do with round 5 as everything else is flawless...

    I play with a well rounded group which we all have high end C7 gear... 22k relics and 7k armour for example! Also with a decent ascension levels being in the range of 200 - 300 so its not to our fault...

    Please could you look into this as its disturbing progress on completion...

    I know what this is but have to mind meld with myself to find out what the cause was. And If I am right its not a bug. Did this happen on round 4 sometimes too?

    I remember!

    this is caused by building at the bottom of the steps on the middle lane (the double lane on the defense version of the map) when hex throwers spawn. The issue is, hex throwers spawn and throw over the wall, however its very rare that you get hex throwers until round 5 (sometimes on round 4), and if they spawn in that lane your core is 100% dead.

    The work around for this is simple. Spawn kill that lane, and build your walls at the top of the stairs, this simply forces any hex thrower to target the wall from the spawn location causing the angle of the spears to be completely harmless.

    You could also attempt to make a "decoy" blockade on the elevated region directly opposite to this spawn location, however you would need to make 100% sure it would be the closest blockade to the spawn, if not it would not work as a decoy.. and would simply be a waste of time.

  12. @NVusFrost quote:

    @Lawlta quote:

    What mark was it?

    it was this exact mark except for the shards it had. deadly strikes maxed out, defense rate maxed out, and critical damage maxed out.


    @PandynatorDD quote:

    You are using range gambit, and if you lose more DP from that than you have total your towers will do 0 damage, and will not be able to hit targets.

    I don't think it was range gambit because it was working fine one game and then next game it stopped working and I hadn't touched my ascension. Also, the mark that i put on it to replace the one above was weaker than it yet it started working.. range gambit is close to being maxed out but I have also put all but 20 points into the damage of flame aura. I see no reason why it would work fine for 3 games and then stop the next.

    yep no DP on that relic + range gambit = negative DP. even with 20 points in Flame Aura damage you will still be on negative DP. you switched to a "worse" mark, but that "worse" mark had DP rather then one of the two above secondary stats hence it brought you out of negative DP and worked.

    As simple as that, and exactly what Pandy also said :)

    Its annoying and clunky, but it hopefully will be fixed soon.

  13. @Serenity Naomi quote:

    Thats the reason i dont come for player help...

    Well its all about attitude, you come with a bad attitude and people will either be hostile or make jokes. I personally prefer to make jokes.

    So firstly its the weekend, its not a good time ever to try and get help or even write a public post as it will be buried by Monday. Trendy is a small team, so its unlikely you get assistance today.

    Secondly, leaving a customer supp ticket for 2 weeks is just not advisable, either something your or their end went wrong, I would go so far as to say they may not even have it in their database. Follow up tickets within 3-4 days maximum with an additional ticket. Talking from personal experience here on both ends of this issue.

    As far as actually getting your problem solved asap (monday): pm [[166314,users]] or [[4370,users]] on the forums. Both those guys will see this message monday, and I will probably get another warning for being a troll, which I apologize for isom!

  14. @scarss quote:

    Hmm well i was just thinking theres another way cos i saw someone with 22000 stats on there gear and was wondering how the **** did they get that high when the game has only been out a few weeks. any idea how they got that high so fast?

    don't worry buddy they are improving the loot progression in the next patch or so, also all those guys ahead of you have played for months or years. 

    For the time being, all those useless but high stat items funnel into 1 hero, have that hero permanently in your deck (during combat phases) and your progression should improve.

  15. @UncleDaddy quote:

    nothing wrong with geods. the problem is in the mechanics and current tower conditions.

    Here are two examples of statements that appear different, but are in fact saying the same thing:

    Example A:

    1. Goedes are not the problem, towers mechanics are, they need a buff.
    2. Towers mechanics are not the problem, Goede mechanics are, they need a nerf.

    Example B:

    1. PDT doesn't need a nerf, other towers need a buff
    2. All towers are far weaker then PDT's, PDT's need a nerf.

    Two simple questions with the above examples in mind:

    1. What is easier to do, buff/change all tower mechanics or nerf Goedes?
    2. Buff all towers to the level of PDT's or nerf PDT's?

    It doesn't matter how you phrase it, and the fix is almost in all cases irrelevant in the long run, its just when people hear "nerf" strange things happen to their brains (and I include myself in that) :)

  16. My suggestion would be drop blaze baloons and pick up something like extra flame auras or oil geysers.

    The cookie cutter option would be PDT's, but who wants to do that :P

    Also stop using frostbite towers, and again just get more flame auras.

    Ideally you want to hit each EMP kobold with a double aura + maybe a oil geyser or PDT. Killing EMP kobolds is all about ignore ignore NUKE!! dead. so everything needs to attack them at once, its no good whittling their hp down to 50% with 1 aura... then they dive and a trillion dps isnt going to stop them exploding.

    I personally play with 4x flame aura positioned in a square with a boost aura buffing all 4, 1 blockade and some SGT's for air lanes, all SGT's are positioned so they do not attack EMP kobolds before they hit my double stack auras. The setup is not the most powerful, but I did it to stop hero switching my deck and keep my core DPS'ers in my deck too. A more sensible option would be to replace the Boost Aura with a PDT or 2x oil geysers per lane.

  17. C7 flame auras - win.

    How the hell someone does that map with C5 gear is beyond me. Yet again this map has proven to be utter trash design wise. I love almost everything trendy does, but this map is just awful and to combo fast building with Air/Ground/goede/EMP orc/assassins... come on man...

    its probably doable with Ballista's like it always was, but no mistakes and no RNG when stunning goedes.

    But what do I know, i have not played C5 with C5 gear in months so maybe im making a mountain out of a mole hill.

  18. @NVusFrost quote:

    just a little update. I played around trying to get the aura to work again. I submitted the bug report but for those who find they have the same problem this is how I fixed mine.

    • I put  a medallion on the Flame Aura and it started working (also worked with a new mark)
    • Put the old mark back on without shards and it stopped working again
    • removed the old mark completely and it still didn't work
    • old mark worked on a different defense

    So like what [[43706,users]] said, its all about how much Defense Power you actually have. Negative DP means your defenses will do zero damage even when they crit. I reported this bug a while back, but all bugs were deleted and I really didn't want to resubmit all the bugs I originally submitted again.

    So regarding your Mark, the "dodgy mark" thats causing all of this has such low DP that it is not mitigating the points you have put into Flame Aura range gambit, hence you have negative DP with that mark equipped.

    This is not happening with a medallion as a medallion always has more DP. Your second mark you treid to use, had just enough DP to take your flame auras out of negative DP and hence worked.

    Another solution to this, is having enough Defense Power ascension points into flame Auras, and then even a bad Mark should bring you out of negative DP.

    Finally, its not unreasonable to assume that this process of "bugging out" your DP stat is somehow lingering after you switch relics, though that is another bug entirely.

  19. Nerfs are great! I celebrate a PDT nerf every time one comes out, I sit back with a beverage and admire the patch notes each time!

    I will need counselling for PDT's in NM4 on every single map I ever joined.... My poor lightning Auras stood no chance.

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