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  1. I am unable to vendor my carnival admission pass, not sure if there is another way to delete this now useless item. I have the default bag space, and it would be greatly appreciated if i could free this up as each slot is very valuable.
  2. Finally managed to Solo this map without OP Lord, since I do not own one. Used Squire waller: 359k Monk Lightning auras 4.3DP and 396% Purge SA, 19.4% crit Apprentice only for 4x Slow/buff towers. Squire Flamethrower DPS/tank.
  3. I couldn't agree more. Action does not mean mindlessly clicking, it means interacting with your defenses, your class abilities and the monsters attacking, not playing button simulator.
  4. You dont like button simulator?!?! I am shocked!
  5. When one is matched against someone with clearly better stuff and has no hope of winning it is exactly that, irritating. There are many such times when casuals feel they cannot compete, that is but one example. My argument was that why spend limited resources on a minority of players, when those resources can be spent on casuals, the majority for much better return. No one is treating hardcore gamers unfairly, they are receiving the very same content casuals are, they just choose to go through it faster. I personally disagree with this argument on other "bigger picture principles", however the argument itself is valid on the available variables. There is a big difference between punishing those who player more (treating like second class citizens, in your words) and not rewarding extra time played.
  6. This wont work cuz they want it to be fair for all people. But if it was cosmetics we get our reward and it doesnt hurt others. That is not a valid argument, as what about those poor souls who cannot complete the monthly quest? how is the current system fair to them? If the % increase was to much, it could simply be reduced and scale, so it gets less and less profitable the longer you farming it. The real question is; is it worth it for a minority of slightly more hardcore gamers? I suspect its not worth the development time, when it will only please a minority and possibly even piss of some casuals.
  7. all you need is a scaling open ended system for a monthly quest. So the system would be something like this: Slow 100,000 enemies knock up 10,000 enemies provoke 5,000 enemies and you receive a reward at the end of the month then every 20% you do over the base quest amount gives you +1% of the original reward. so if the rewards are: pet - 10% chance of it being legendary 300k gold 2000 medals Each 20% you do over the original base quest gives you +1% on those totals. So just doing 20% more would net you: pet - 11% chance of it being legendary 303k gold 2020 medals Now the numbers could be tweaked to the point where it felt pointless to farm it, but at the end of the month you get a nice little bonus. In addition to this the UI would need to reflect where you were with your current 20% extra quest, that being, are you behind on knockups or slowed enemies etc.
  8. I have completed the monthly and it was very easy. but I would suggest SA with slow relic, place at each entrance, let map run till harbinger destroys the core with his ranged attacks. In addition a naked apprentice with the knock up sphere on earthshatter tower for knockups. naked is key to reduce dmg (increase difficulty if you are one shotting mobs, as the same mob can be knocked up multiple times for faster counter)
  9. TL;DR however, play a harder difficulty and you will have action. I would say in solo their is not enough power given to towers. If however you can AFK NM4 on all maps, you have completed the content :)
  10. Yep, its really not fun doing the buttons, I have to say one button would have been fine, gives you something to track and not ignore, while not making it an annoying task that takes you out of the fight completely.
  11. I was disappointed to find out that the new items are only obtainable through Incursion, as in my experience it is far harder to solo and appears to be designed with group play in mind. I thought not to worry, I then attempted it a few times noticing that without the cookie cutter builds it is very tough. Again I thought not to worry until it came round to dealing with the spectral Knights, dealing with 5 spectral nights alone with the 400 movement speed boost sphere is doable, however it leaves little to zero time to handle repairs or additional dps on empowered lanes. I am sad to say, this is not remotely possible without either overpowered heroes or cookie cutter builds. Any plans to bring loot to non Incursion maps? Any plans to develop the "switch" system on Unholy Catacombs to make it easier to deal with Spectral Knights for solo play? Any plans on addressing builder balance?
  12. HYPE! and thanks for letting me know :)
  13. Anyone know if the patch is coming today or next Tuesday?
  14. The monk anti Air tower (Sky Guard Tower) appears to bug out and waste one if its 3 shots attacking the throne on the map "Throne Room". I have encountered this bug when placing the tower close to the throne, however I have not experimented with further positioning.
  15. Hi everyone, Just to get started I would like to say that, though I am no hardcore player, I am relatively experienced with a total of 362 hours played. I play entirely solo, and therefore I am aware that I do not use cookie cutter builds and have a limited learning curve as I am not complementing what I learn with what others can teach me via multiplayer. I do not run the standard waller, trapper, apprentice slower and ranged dpser, as I just loved the squire tower dps style too much and wanted to progress down that route. I am aware that as a result my progression would be harder then if I took the path of least resistance with a cookie cutter build. My build is: squire waller/tower physical dps (my walls are weaker, my towers have more hp but less dps), apprentice tower magic dps, monk aura buffer (stronger dps towers/walls, AOE dps from healing aura) and finally squire tank/dpser. So you hardcore fans, are probably thinking, well this fool needs to play a legit setup first! But I would like to say that, I think there needs to be room for any build setup, and furthermore some of my issues with the game are not even related to my "nerfed" build/setup. I have been able to clear NM4 ipwr 800 and 900 maps for a while now, however recently I completed my first ever NM4 1000 ipwr map (throne room) and I have to say, it took some luck! So here is my breakdown of issues with the game: Lanes: Elemental/physical combo lanes. With a limited number of buildings, being able to combat these lanes is impossible without traps. One simply has to reroll the map (restart it) until one gets the easiest combination, this is not a fun process. Mini Bosses: Ogre leap appears to be proc'ed mainly by being within melee range of the ogre with a hero, this in itself is anti melee. Ogre leaps, the radius and damage of this ability is just simply to powerful, any tower behind a wall will get close to one shot, and this makes for a frustrating issue when one plays a melee hero and cannot taunt them away or stun them in fear of proc'ing a leap. Ogres, more specifically ogre leaps are almost solely responsible for me failing to complete NM4 maps, and this is only an issue for anyone building towers rather then traps. The mini Boss that is a skeleton and has a long range slashing melee attack (sorry forgot its name) that also resurrects each round after it has been summoned, needs its slashing attack range reduced, or alternatively towers should have more hp or have longer range. though this monster is not even close to as over powered as the Ogre Leap attack. This monster is specifically an issue with the apprentice building uber sphere (flameburst towers range is reduced but does more damage). Building types: It appears the apprentice Frost bite tower (slow tower) and the synergy from this tower and gear to increase damage taken by monsters only affects towers/traps that are within melee range of the affected monsters. This does not synergize with Apprentice towers at all, and only functions with traps due to this range issue! This just seems broken to me, as one would expect a classes towers to strengthen that class first and foremost, and then further synergize with other classes thereafter. Booster Aura's damage boost is too low, given that there is a building limit on every map, a Booster Aura should be more valuable then a single dps tower after maybe 3 towers. In other words, 3 towers + a booster Aura should out dps 4 towers, or at least after 2 upgrades. as it stands booster aura is a damage loss, and only provides hp and damage reduction too walls. Uber Spheres: The squires tower uber sphere is a clear nerf as it makes the tower simply do less damage, have a horrifyingly bad arc of attack and removes vital anti air capability. The apprentice tower uber sphere, has great dps, but its range make it close to impossible to use and again the lack of anti air makes it worthless on many maps. To me, when one hears the name "uber sphere" one thinks of a sphere that only has positive effects, something that only makes the hero stronger. This is a great game design and can be countered by making content harder, rather then making frustrating spheres that either you buy and regret (the squire building sphere) or you hardly ever use (apprentice sphere). Map difficulty and reward: Incursion though clearly far harder then standard endgame rewards almost nothing extra. either incursion should be the real end game, that being; rewarding much better loot or alternatively it should have a niche. More gold, more loot (not necessary better loot), simply something to make it worth while when gearing. As it stands its pointless until you over gear the content, at which point all loot it rewards is bad. The gear that one can win from a ipwr 1000 map only has a chance of being ipwr 700, while I can guarantee legendary loot of this quality at the Carnival wheel. The carnival loot wheel: Unfortunately I have found the path of least resistance for the best possible gear. This involves: making a set of gold find gear, buying the two gold find spheres, then running maps on free play on hard difficulty and simply slashing through them, even this has become one map on repeat. With this gold, I then go to the Carnival wheel. one equips ones highest ipwr gear regardless of how bad that gear is. and starts gambling. with each item won, one equips the new item, to further boost ones ipwr level, until one caps out at 700 ipwr. now one can gamble only for loot with desirable stats. In short, the carnival wheel should either have the gold portion removed, sell lower ipwr gear then ipwr 1000 maps or it should be removed entirely. I hope this feedback was readable, and not too long winded or simply out of touch. Thanks for reading :) Zimmermann
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