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  1. I am pretty new to the game, I do have a physical defense squire, but I did not mention him as I never use his cannons as I have tried and they are weaker then my LA's. I only played for a short time before they removed the resistances, and most of that was progressing through NM1-NM3, all of which I think I did with 1 hero, who built defenses and walls, as well as DPSed LOL. I never played multiplayer so had no idea what I was doing :D
  2. please dont say that! I do not want to spend my medals on a Faceroll Lord or EZ2.0. Saving them for Gunwitch aye? Seriously though Trendy did admit it was unintended to nerf his LA. I'm thinking you will get the fix next week when the update is out. Think positive. To be fair this game was easy with out them as well, they just bring it to a whole new level. it wasn't easy for me lol. I have 5 characters, 1 squire waller, 1 frosty apprentice, 1LA monk, 1 SA monk, 1 dps flamethrower squire. all ipwr's over 744, and as high as 757.
  3. Yes, let's make it essentially worthless. The movement speed pets should be 10% also, that should be enough since they have short cds. And, I mean, it's more than non movement speed pets give, right? Hey man, Think of the enjoyment when you press that button and nothing discernible happens. GET HYPED!
  4. please dont say that! I do not want to spend my medals on a Faceroll Lord or EZ2.0.
  5. Due to this bug, I log in and do maybe 2 maps (catacombs/new map) in multiplayer for a chance at a 750 ipwr chest/gloves, then log out. I would have loved to enjoy this patch solo, but alas, I cant as my LA are just to weak.
  6. well if there was a way to reforge armor at a huge cost, that could work. RNG gets you wrong stats but right set bonus. 12+ hours of grinding mats/gold/whatever gets you the "reforge armor token", this allows you to get the stats you want. oh and an auction house :DDDD
  7. you can balance without nerfing. Example: Current state of the game: AL/EV Heroes does 100 damage, Old heroes do 10 damage. Monsters have 100 health. Result: AL/EV heroes 1 shot monsters, Old heroes 10 shot them. After Balance: AL/EV heroes do 100 damage. No change. Old heroes do 100 damage. Buffed. Monsters have 500 health. Buffed. Result: AL/EV and old heroes 5 shot monsters, while AL/EV heroes do not see a damage number nerf.
  8. I think no nm5 as people have said above as it adds nothing just higher numbers to aim for and dont buff the old heroes, nerf the over powered new heroes, if everything is buffed to be as broken as proton beams or archers then the game will be a joke even at nm4. I am with you on NM5 not being a solution. However it will give those who bought EV2 and AL content that is no longer completely faceroll/afk-able. To me thats all one should ask for in a temporary fix.
  9. I mean this from a place of utmost sincerity. We're tackling the difficulty/engagement concerns of our game at a core level because, as people have stated on the forums time after time, simply bumping up numbers through a hotfix is not the kind of challenge our community wants. The proper difficulty/engagement changes take time. These posts make me curious, though -- perhaps there's some smaller change to difficulty that you guys and girls want to see while we work on the revamp. Is that the case? If so, what would that be? A short term fix until the revamp would be something like: 1. Buff or
  10. will we see a fix to the following any time soon: Ballista weapons spawning with very low chance on physical dmg. Squire shields spawning with 0% increase to blockade health. Lightning Aura Amped up passive The old heroes are weak enough without these nerfs due to bugs.
  11. Dragolich is the best pet in the game, not because of its power but because of its mechanics. If you multiply 1 by 150% you end up 1.5, this is not a problem, the problem is that the default damage players do can be just simply too high at times. Pretty sure it's 150% bonus damage, as in 2.5 damage isn't it? Going by the damage numbers I see ingame, I would say its 2.5 dmg actually ye :)
  12. Dragolich is the best pet in the game, not because of its power but because of its mechanics. If you multiply 1 by 150% you end up 1.5, this is not a problem, the problem is that the default damage players do can be just simply too high at times. However this pet is exactly what Trendy did right, the problem is this and the faster run speed pets are the only ones that appear to have unique game changing mechanics. Pets should matter, and Dragolich matters. It is a pet I use to take out kobolds, I dont just spam its use but use it when I need it. But thats because I do not have overpowered bu
  13. I have been playing a lot less due to monk Lightning Aura being nerfed/broken in the last patch. I am unable to reliably complete maps I had on close to "afk farm" mode, and now I can fail them if I make one mistake. The new map I have managed to complete once out of maybe 15 attempts. I have the Medals to buy an Abyss Lord or EV, or even just get a huntress etc, but I am either not interested in their play style (huntress) or I fear I will quit the game within 2 weeks of being over powered if I buy EV/AL. I have played many games where you either can edit your gear to become overpowered, buy
  14. It is a gear issue ;) you don't have a traptress it seems, blaze balloons are better than monk LA. Flamethrowers are also super strong, just like they have been for months now :) Or you know, use medals to get EV or AL ;) I am aware other heoes can clear it extremely easily, with far worse gear. My point is its not a gear issue with my monk, its a balance issue due to the bug nerf. I would be able to clear it pretty easy if LA was not bugged. Yes not as easy as the completely over powered new heroes, but still pretty easily.
  15. I basically cant play the game anymore. all I have is waller, SA monk, frosty apprentice and squire dps. My monk LA builder is useless. The new incursion is complete RNG if i complete it on NM4 solo, as my LA simply cannot clear empowered lanes, which means I have to dps those lanes and if i get bad Air lane spawns I cant trick Kobolds to suicide into walls etc, and they 2 shot core as monk AA is just too weak. I ***ing hate the game at the moment, really disappointed with the patch, but its alpha so I guess I should play something else until its playable. PS this is not a gear issue. Waller 7
  16. What is an Apprentice going to do with a Halberd... surely a wand, tomb, orb or staff is more apt?
  17. when will I be able to enjoy NM4 solo again? right now its more then challenging with my ipwr 752 squire waller, 733 SA monk, 748 LA monk, 711 Frosty Apprentice and 752 Flamethrower Squire, as my LA monk is doing 26% less damage. It isn't fun when one has such strong gear and my Lightning Auras are doing less damage then ipwr 0 skeletons at level 50,
  18. at least the proton beam does about 10X the damage of Lightning Aura! And lightning Aura got a nerf due to a technical issue with Amped up, which now reduces the damage rather then buffing it. I do not have the EV2 or Abyss Lord, and now my builder monk is doing 26% less damage. Incursions on NM4 solo even with my 748 ipwr, are now actually kinda hard, just nothing seems to die at all now if its not a goblin LOL. Then I join a public game and rank 1 proton beams are soloing entire lanes vs the Bling Kind Incursion....
  19. I am down 26% damage, since I don't have a Abyss Lord or EV2, I basically cant play as I don't do enough damage with my monk. I can scrape through NM4 incursions, but its frustrating and its not like they were super easy before when all I have is 2 (SA+LA) monks, 2 (waller+DPS)squires and an (Frosty) apprentice.
  20. Frosty Power uses the apprentice who puts the tower down defense power. So you want to have high frosty power and defense power on your apprentice and the higher frosty power won't always be the best though it is usually the case. thank you!
  21. small spheres: 3% Defense crit, 42 defense power, 20 defense speed. Medium sphere: 5% defense crit, 10% range Large sphere: Lightning damage sphere (15% chance for LA to deal an extra 25% damage) Uber: sphere: exploding guard sphere (irrelevant) A total of 13% Amped up Nothing has changed gear or sphere wise since I logged in before the patch till after but my LA has low power. *edit: Any news on when you will correct this nerf? or are we to expect a permanent nerf to Monk Defense DPS?
  22. its a nerf, confirmed in other thread. Not happy about nerfing weak old heroes, when they said they would buff them LOL
  23. Yes my Monks rank 1 LA under BA down to 2.9k from 3.5k, Rank 5 down from 12,9k to 10.6k Utterly idiotic decision by Trendy if intentional. meanwhile, Archers are over 40k rank 1 and over 100k rank 5, almost double it with Buff Beam. Oh lets pretend they can only shoot ground units.
  24. It appears I have lost some damage on my Lightning Auras, or maybe its a tooltip/UI bug? From a Rank 1 of 3.5k under my Rank 1 Boost Aura, I am down to 2.9k and under my rank 5 Lightning Aura under my Rank 5 Boost Aura is down to 10.6k, was 12.9k. I have not played old maps since the patch so its hard to say if I can feel a damage loss at present, as I have only completed the new Bling King Incursion on NM4. I wont lie, my Auras felt a little weak, but I put that down to the map being harder. Please post if you have noticed the same thing, maybe I changed something I simply cannot find. Tho
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