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  1. Don't like the idea of capping Ascension as it feels very much like a backward step to the original system, but I do understand Ascension needs a big nerf at higher levels. I would have preferred some sort of soft cap with every point over it giving less and less value to a minimum of maybe 2 DP/DH per point.

    I very much like the changes to loot, and the increased difficulty for those of us with high ascension. 

    On paper this patch it seems like a very nice improvement to the game, looking forward to its release :)

  2. Dev Log 93 – Happy Holiday Hints

    All very interesting stuff!

    Blacksmith Though I love the idea of slots and shards to boost defenses, I am saddened by what seems like a potential loss of complexity to builders, with only 1 item and 1-2 shards effecting each defense down from 7 items, and at least 3-4 passives. 

    Basically what I am trying to say is, more variables (items/passives etc) increases the variability of the power outcome of your defenses. This is a very good thing! it keeps people playing, adds a grind and longevity. For example: I am super proud of my 5.2k lighting auras with perfect crit and huge range, my 4571 DP 50% frosty power App and my 4568 DP 400% Purge SA monk. 

    With the new system, it sounds like everyone will have basically the same strength towers, so someone who plays exclusively Lightning auras (assuming thats still possible) will not have better lightning auras then someone who just leveled up a hero and maxed out his shard got his relic.

    Yes RNG in obtaining gear sucks, but at the same time RNG is always a good thing in creating longevity and a sense of accomplishment. I would love to see an improvement on RNG, but I am fearful of a system that does away with all the current variability in the power of our defenses. I do not want to cap out on the power of my defenses after finding the equivalent of a 750 relic with perfect passives and maxing out my "Lighting Aura shard".

    Apologies for the rambling its late. I will hopefully reread it tomorrow and edit it to make more sense.

  3. The Terraria Crossover is Here!

    Love the bug fixes.

    Thank you for fixing Frostbite Tower! as well as Dark Alter and the multi buffing bug to name just a few.

    Though I feel the Sky Dragon's Fury weapon nerf was overkill it has opened up some new interesting pathways to continue, and has made the new maps significantly more challenging for me as long as I stay away from the META and OP defenses. 

  4. I hope this works out, and brings in players, but I am worried we are just going to air our dirty laundry in public.

    I am sure the map will look fantastic!

    Another hero is just adding to the bugs and imbalance, but it will satisfy lots of players, so I cant argue with the decision.

    Regarding my hopes:

    • I hope we see some unique and interesting builder weapons, that means unique passives that are game changing, not simply defense power on a DPS weapon.... 
    • I hope the only DPS weapons that are delivered are for classes that don't have them, eg EV2, Gunwitch etc. 
    • I hope Bug fixes and balance are added to this patch.

    The community has been crying out for the above, so hopefully my hopes hoppen..... Ill get my coat...

  5. Awesome! I don't play the campaign but regardless it is awesome news for new players and I am very excited personally for your future plans regarding: "Dynamic difficulty and enemy scaling, scaling for number of players, a huge range of difficulty to challenge players forever, hero specific gear, leaderboards, and tons more."

    My brother and one of my old friends will be pleased about the campaign changes as I just got them playing the game last week.

  6. Dev Log 79: Power Surge Update on July 19th!

    Would love to see something change to LSA sphere or Harbinger's Punch

    I would love to see a change to LSA Sphere to make it more useful as well as the monk staff (Harbinger's Punch) to either stay the same if LSA gets buffed or be changed completely if LSA is not worth buffing due to future sphere overhalls pending.

    If Harbinger's Punch simply worked with LA rather then LSA, and even if it gets nerfed into the ground due to the proc rate chance, it would still be worth farming and a nice way to top off a builder monk.

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