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  1. I just did my first reset, and got to floor 30. I am just wondering how far past 30 I need to go to improve my minimum ascendancy level. I am gaining about 20ish levels each reset so ideally if I can up my minimum ascendancy by 20-30 each reset I would be saving quite a few lost ascendancy levels.
  2. finally about to do it! got the info I need! will retain 1683+ (might do 1 or 2 more maps) Ascendancy levels (I am only level 1682) Looking forward to no longer having to reroll maps for easy ones and then further rerolling lane mods. Lost Temple has been brutal, spending 30+ mins rerolling (a lot of afking) only to have to replay each wave 10+ times having to run around perfectly timing everything to ensure I shoot the right lanes to actually succeed.
  3. last few times i have done this map I have not been lagging. I am only on 150~ so maybe the mob numbers are still to slow. Seems when it happened to me it was something else causing it.
  4. thanks for the info buddy! feels a bit less daunting now I know I can at least use my C7 mats.
  5. errrrr what?! when where what who how whom and erm. Does this mean I can use my Chaos 7 amps and Pristine motes to assist me here?
  6. So I thought I would just need gold/medals and each Chaos tier Token to upgrade each piece of gear. But it turns out you upgrade to the next teir, and then you need to make the item 10/10 before you can upgrade to the tier after that. The mind numbing grind that lies before me has sent me into a deep disturbing depression LOL Does anyone know the extent of the grinding needed if I want to fully lvl up 1 hero gear ( 5 items) and 3-4 relics all the way from campaign to chaos 7? Is their a spread sheet that maybe someones made that tells you how many of each mat you need?
  7. I also hated this map, but then I found the Fire Frost weapon mod. I have it equipped on my monk with a 5 projectile 4s attack speed polearm that can pierce projectile barriers. The map is not completely irrelevant at my difficulty level. I am only on floor 130 something, but I have zero C8 relics and no Ancient power.
  8. same. but i dont have any other good mods on mine. so they get wrecked very easily.
  9. my sgt's just get destroyed by large packs with a single EMP flyer or without upgrades they get destroyed by a single EMP flyer. am only at depth 129 or so. I simply gave up using them and just positioned auras to do their jobs. I am lacking the increased damage to support enemies mod however, and am hoping once I get it I will be able to run SGT's again. How does this work? I thought SGT's were magic damage hence you couldn't use those conversion mods?
  10. Just had a map where I noticed my defenses were letting enemies through on chaos 2!! I thought, maybe I used the wrong hero to place my Flame Auras, but then the size of them was correct.... I then checked my relic, maybe I swapped out the correct relic by mistake. My relic had 0 defense power and 0 defense health. I then checked all other gear I had, every primary and secondary stat was zero. I only had chip/mods left :D it sorted itself out once I returned to my tavern thankfully :) Has anyone else had this problem? I presume its quite common.
  11. Ill just have 1 hero with good gear each reset and a total of 4 relics. I have 100 million gold, so im hoping thats enough for a few resets.
  12. yeah I have been lagging already on Lost Temple. I actually really dislike it now. I also pick and choose a lot of the mods I play, and Lost temple theoretically can make a close to impossible lane for me with the random lane generators each round. Some lane mods are so hard for me that I have to more or less baby sit 1 lane throught the round. Reduced magic damage + kobolds reduce aura size/damage. I am not building any other towers then auras/blockades. But since I have this Frostfire weapon, its made the game about twice as easy, so I want to progress as far as I can before they nerf it.
  13. ok awesome. How much harder was 165 compared with like 100? I am on 117 at the moment.
  14. I am planning on my first reset, however I have noticed that I have been gaining the additional Ascension levels I can keep through my reset faster then actual ascension levels. I am currently at lvl 1660 and I can now keep 1182 lvls are my reset. Assuming I can keep on progressing it seems like I will be able to keep all my ascension levels when I reset. My question is: should I just keep trying to progress deeper and deeper until I no longer lose any ascension levels? I am not even sure if this is possible, as all my gear is meh Chaos 7 with most of my mods being lvl 4-7. I am also restricting myself to just squire blockades and Monk defenses. So my questions are: How many of you guys managed to reset without losing any ascension levels? (if its possible) What Onslaught floor will I need to clear to keep 1650-1700 ascension levels when I reset?
  15. cheers for the tip! yeah I only started playing again recently, and it hasent effected my until today, maybe because I am finally getting into triple digits and the numbers are just much harder to deal with? No idea to be honest.
  16. So I am doing onslaught lost temple, and the lag is unbelievably bad, its more or less unplayable. I never experienced this before, and I might hit my progression wall due to lag rather then hero/defense power at this rate. Other maps are fine, it seems to be exclusive to Lost temple. Anyone else experiencing this?
  17. I am on PC, however I never relied on FA's to light the torches. I just noticed my LSA's targeting them, and draining their energy + the energy of my BA's. However I never noticed my FA's energy being drained... however that could simply because they have far more starting energy and hence don't turn yellow before I upgrade them therefore bypassing my attention. I simply light them with my ranged dps monk with burning strikes shard.
  18. thats a significant dps nerf to my build :( LSA/FA/BA/Blockades. However having an oiling chip like @hailminion said might trivialize the map mechanic so at least I would have more time to handle the lanes.
  19. good to know! i had it not working at one point... and was not sure why.. so I put back the original mods. and before putting the burning strikes shard in I noticed my oiling effect caused them to fill with oil. So I put 2 and 2 together and got 5, due to not testing burning strikes without any other "burn/oiling" ralated shards/mods.
  20. It was to oil and light the Becons on the new Frost map. Since I really struggle with that map with bad mods and cant afford to run about collecting oil/fire to light them after the dragon freezes my defenses. I am still just using FA/LSA/BA/Blockades. I also have zero ascension and mediocre C7 gear.
  21. whats the drop rate on that? and how can i farm it?
  22. lol yeah the bit where u no longer have to attack and the mod just chain reacts is not that OP as you are required to watch it in awe while holding your cuppa in one hand and a biscuit in the other.
  23. So I just found out about the frost fire weapon mod. Anyway I was busy AFK'ing a rather easy 103 (not because I am good, but because I bunker built and had easy lane mods) Onslaught map and and on the last wave I thought I may as well test out this new weapon mod on a lane. The map was perfect for it as I was defending really close to my core so there was huge packs of monsters in the active lanes. I fired some shots at the leading monsters and then stopped... and what happened next blue my mind! The explosions cleared out monsters and then started to chain... more and more until the packs were getting blown to bits and the explosions were starting to head back down the lane of monsters until they were at their spawn! My question is, does the ground effect proc the explosions? or am I somehow with a combination of shards/mods causing this to happen? This mod is hugely fun but on first impressions seems overpowered. Shards/mods I am running that might be aiding this effect are: Shards: Sundering Blow, Lightning Touch, Burning strikes Weapon mods: Piercer Chip, Oil Chip, Frostfire Remnants The bold shards/mods might be causing this chain reaction. Anyway guys let me know if this is intended or not, maybe at "low" Onslaught levels this is no big deal compared to you guys who seem to all be at 600-1000, which frankly sounds way to mind numbing for me to even consider!
  24. Thanks alot buddy @malf That does look like a long boring grind. But I guess I can binge watch some TV as I can just AFK the lot.
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