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  1. A few things I think need rebalanced is the trigger range of the fire traps, sure it seems fair to have same size for both the gas and fire since they are the main triggering traps, the gas range is fine but the fire's range needs to be slightly increased, maybe something in between the gas trap and proxy size. Last the Ethereal Spike Traps damage needs to be slightly nerfed, the buff is nice but its a little much, maybe a 15-25% decrease so they aren't as overpowered.
  2. So far my experience with the beta has been mostly good, there are a few things I do feel need balancing. The new mob... if you are caught off guard by one (especially in survival) you are for sure dead, maybe there damage can be tuned back a slight bit but having a new tough enemy to face is always nice.
  3. Let me know how much you want for it.
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