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  1. Just a shame if you try and water + lightning stun combo can ruin the fire effect!
  2. CC has to be mystic surly? can 100% hold up 1 (getting close to being able to do 2 lanes with the right set up) and increase damage taken by said targets, they also deal damage to each other. saying that unholy sword can 100% lock up a wave as well, just in a different way.
  3. it is boring as a DPS I know... but I am loving my hero health + Ability Squire tank build.... hold shield up flame every thing for about 100k dps? (yeah low I know shhh) with 60k+ health, and taking about 100 damage. things get to much seismic slam and hit for 400k spike?
  4. by getting them to play dd1 first and falling in love for the game franchise?
  5. This is close to the survival mode in Warframe. End of x number of waves of enemy loot drop, carry on keep that reward and get a chance at even better! or keep what you have now. I know trendy want to move away from the "AFK" farm game! But I loved spending hours working out a build on a map that would ALLOW me to "afk" so I could sit there and inspect the map, randomly jump at a ledge for 5 hours seeing if I can make a jump, shoot a ogre every now and again because "why not" feeling forced to use a top tier tower (not even gear a top tier tower) or lower tier onces but dps... remove the tac
  6. Wanna do it with me?) I need good party :D it's too hard to find in public now :D Betsy wasn't easy too...first runs was about 20-30mins or so...but we loved it :D no I mean solo, and betsy is a cake walk now with original 4 (excluding pdt), but I guess you mean back in the day. yep i meant when here wasn't poisons and balists and LSA ;) Just out of interest, what build do you use when you Solo kill the Terraria incursion on NM4 with original 4 heroes? Also what Original Hero do you use to DPS the boss? It is a slow kill. and pointless to answer this since you just did the map XD but! I
  7. I agree it does not help with AFK'ers but the issue it does fix is people trying to build worse stuff than the hosting builder might have, or up'ing wrong stuff. I think the 2 issues need looking at as 2 individual issues with 2 different fix's. *Edit* But afk's not getting the mana chest drop would reduce the impact they have on the game as much.
  8. I miss the crazy DD1 builds of rapid fire harpoons, and bowling alleys of hundreds of bouncing balls, when we could make a hero fun and usable! (with out people hacking to have 1 aura covering the whole map 1 hitting every thing)
  9. It's not abuse, it's just op and everyone uses it. It scales very good through defense power. 7k poison pdt only able to kill NM1 10-13k poison pdt only able to kill NM2 14-18k poison pdt only able to kill NM3 19-24k poison pdt only able to kill NM4, and being unstable / not consistant 25k-28k poison pdt can rekt the whole game Once again, it scales from defense power, so it doesn't mean that a pdt can rekt the whole game, it's just based on the defense power I was using the term "abuse" as in abusing that is it op, was not trying to say that it was abusing a bug or any thing. but yeah the
  10. I agree I liked the DD1 host system much better. I would host allot more dd2 games if I could do the first 2 waves solo (to finish build) then open the game for people to join
  11. on the note of people abusing PDT's I think it is a shame that it can be abused so much but on the flip side, I am using it allot at the moment as well, but this is mainly because I have been playing the game since it was on steam, and have gone through every gear change and re roll and stat change (not complaining about this I am playing a game before release so is expected). So taking in to mind I have had to grind gear several times and level the same guys up several times, I actually don't care that I am slightly over using one op thing, until I get back to the point were my other builds c
  12. I think that is a must, I have allot of builds that need x and y up'ing first, and even after telling people what they need to up something random gets up'd and we lose.
  13. and to finish fun and hard challenges you need gear :P with interesting differences in builds so we aint all just a bunch of clones
  14. By all means I will test it out, and work out if I can see a way it is worth the DU that I would be losing. I don't like AFK builds and I don't tend to use them. I am more than willing to try, as I have not used it much what stat block have you found it scales with best? do the weapons scale with Hero damage of the EV? or does it scale of Tower damge etc.
  15. More than happy to use high DU stuff if it does the trick, heck I still use Ramsters for some maps (stun locking is fun) problem is it has to justify the price, and most high DU stuff at the moment does less than a low DU stuff.
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