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  1. Dont be sad because the Falcon Bow is one of the worst Legendary bows. I did some testings with an 4s Falcon Bow and a crappy blue 4s bow and the result is that the regular blue bow was better. The problem on the Falcon Bow is, that the projectiles fly way to slow. Before they reach the enemy i whould have kill that enemy with any other standard bow. Later in endgame you have to swich fast the lanes and deal damage where its needed and then this bow will perform terrible. I found LOTS of that Falcon bows and i sold all :) Try to get the Mortar bow from Betsy or the Toxic bow in nightmare or
  2. I have this problem in endgame nm3 or 4. Matchmaking is totaly useless. I can wait houres in a map and no one join or i can enter/leave/enter/leave maps and iam ever alone. I play on PS4 and we have no chat system! So i cant even ask in the lobby for help. The only way to reach people is this forum or Facebook or PS4-groups. I try yesterday 5 houres to find people for nm4 on forums, Facebook, PS4 groups, waiting in maps and starting maps and i didnt find a SINGLE PERSON! The endgame in DD2 is pretty dead and DD1 was way more fun to play.... :/
  3. I was yesterday searching 5 houres for people to do nm4 in many FB and PS4 groups - not a single person. And the matchmaking from game dont work too. I think the endgame is dead..... :/
  4. Ah ok. But no i dont take the stuff. I dont even pick up the legendare stuff cause i know that no loot get lost. So there is no way that the crappy stuff get deleated automaticly? When i let it rot on the scavenger then all the pet items are lost too, or?
  5. The PS4 version dont got any auto loot option or did i overseen that?...
  6. I miss some very unique weapons like the big ass M16 for the Huntress in DD1. That was a hell of a grind to get a good version of that gun, but it was much fun to use it and something different then just bows. Here a video: http://images.google.de/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fi.ytimg.com%2Fvi%2Fyd01GTZmr9w%2Fmaxresdefault.jpg&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Dyd01GTZmr9w&h=1080&w=1920&tbnid=m2b0evDyYp78cM%3A&docid=27_KzIgtkD8IYM&ei=YKniVv32B4jIOp3Lv6AK&tbm=isch&iact=rc&uact=3&dur=624&page=1&start=0&ndsp=38&ved=0ahUKEw
  7. So what is the scavenger option in the menue good for? Dont matter what item grade i set i ever get all items in my inventory. And why i get randomly a message on my screen while i fighting monsters in the middle of a round, that the scavenger lootet a green or blue item (i set him to purple). So you are wrong and the scaventure is bugged, or i still dont understand that system...
  8. Whats this wheel you talk about? Iam lv 41 and playing on PS4. I didnt see any wheel. Do i have to unlock it later in game or exist this wheel only in the PC version?
  9. Iam against trading. In any game the prices goes sky-high and this is the reason why Money-seller comes to games. I have no problem for working hard for an item i want.
  10. You compare the pet feature in this game with real life? Are you serious?.... You should contact the guys they made the Farming Simulator. Maybe they build an Egg Hatching Simulator for you. :) :)
  11. Oh yes, iam fully vote for this. Selling is a pain in this game. And its even harder with such a small font size on PS4.... The complete inventory need to be reworked. And i miss an button to sort/arrange my stuff + an option to permanently lock some items or an stash/bank system.
  12. Lv 50 dmg Hunteress (nm4 ready) looking for some nice bros to play with. :) I played DD1 to the max and played DD2 in the beta before the wipe incomming. So i have some experience of the game mechanics. I have a microphone and speak and unterstand english, if necessary. PSN: Hitman_MT Add a comment ("dd2" for example)if you want to add me, because i dont take empty friend invites (to many of them)
  13. Hello Is there a way that i can filter somehow the automaticly pick up of the items in a level? I mean i dont take any items but after a wave all items i didnt pick up going automaticly into my inventory. In the options i can set the scavenger on a item grade i want, but i dont see any difference. I set it on purple items and i still get all the bad items in my inventory! After some houres of playing it takes me a *** load of time to sell all that bad and i have to watch out not to sell any good item (happens many times), because another problem is that i cant permanently lock items for safe
  14. Iam far away from nm3 or 4 cause i play a lv 15 Dmg huntress atm. I started yesterday again with DD2. Iam a veteran from DD1 (got all chars at max and best equipment) and i played in the DD2 Beta one char to max level and epic equipment before the wipe was comming. After the wipe i did a long pause and now iam in again, starting from scratch. I have a microfone and i can speak and unterstand english good enough. :) If you want to play with me then add me. PSN: Hitman_MT message me "dd2" or something cause i dont accept empty friend invites.
  15. I want see this feature too. But the small font size on PS4 that make it impossible to read the item stats is more importend in my eyes. :/
  16. Iam with you. I play on PS4 and i have a 55┬┤TV and i cant read the stats on the items. After a short while my eyes begin to hurt. Is it so hard to make the font size bigger?
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