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  1. Are you planning on adding a trading system in the near future? If so how do you plan on implementing this. Are you planning on adding a queuing system which let you choose a certain difficulty or map to queue for? Are you planning on adding a community system? (A guild kind of thing)
  2. I think this issue is due to the fact you guys aren't using a 1080p screen.. I have the same issue, Apparently setting my taskbar to auto hide makes the game stretch to full resolution. I also made an application that lets you set a custom resolution to any window given a name: Here
  3. This is a known bug, but it's ridiculously difficult to reproduce 100% from what QA tells me. It happens when you swap heroes, but we aren't able to make it happen 100%, and when you can't make the issue happen all of the time, it can lead you on a wild goose chase of finding out what's causing it. Right now, other issues like server disconnects and blackscreens are taking a higher priority, but it's on our list to fix. I have to agree to this, As a programmer, If you can't reproduce a bug consistently enough it can become quite hard to pinpoint what is causing it, Which means it's harder to
  4. Title! I haven't sold out my soul to it completely yet, would be nice to know when it ends, I assumed it would be at the end of the month?
  5. So I'm a big fan of full screen windowed mode when it comes to games and my main screen's resolution is 1920x1200, I'm unable to set the resolution to that when I play and disabling my other screen doesn't resolve it. I'm just left with the task bar annoying me on the bottom. So I programmed this application that basically takes any window name, Gets that window, removes the borders if they exist and sets the resolution to whatever you want, It seems to work nicely with dungeon defenders. Since I'm not sure if it's allowed to link to software on these forums (I'm guessing it's not), I'll pro
  6. You are banned for making the same mistake as me.
  7. Hey there, I'm quite new to this community, I have played the hell out of Dungeon Defenders 1 and a couple of weeks ago I have started this one, Anyway to the matter at hand, As far as I'm aware, Trading kind of broke the economy of the first game and that's why trading implementation has been delayed for this game.(correct me if I'm wrong) The way I see it, Trading should be there for people who are struggling to get a certain item they lack due to being unlucky, lazy or lacking the time to actually farm. I'd like to suggest a way that may or may not work for this game in particular. First
  8. Sometimes when I open a mana chest - The mana appears for a split second and vanishes.. Or it doesn't spawn at all. Feex ! :(
  9. I can't log into the game through the EU server, Any other server works (but latency is so high it's awful.) Just making this thread to let everyone know it's not just one person who's having this issue.
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