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  1. I thought legacy was getting wiped after the transfer window closed? I believe it said that if you don’t transfer by a certain date legacy would go away and it would be gone for good and you’d be stuck on play anyway. Maybe I’m wrong but just submit a ticket
  2. If you played during the beta you should have them. If you don’t have them yet put in a support ticket.
  3. Rift skins were for Kickstarter pledges. I think it was somewhere in the ball park of like 50-100-175-300 or something along those lines. The prestigious edition gives you most of the other items you have listed.
  4. So because I stated I would like proof of said hacker from the op you take offense because I said there was no info provided? No picture evidence. No video. You start with calling me ignorant and flaunting extremely over powered beta stats where you could get 400 upgrade pieces of gear from promenade.... 4k stats in legacy play isn’t impressive. As the highest I’ve heard of is a 270 upgrade piece. And the max you could get now is about 4k with fully upgraded gear. Go ahead and get butt hurt when I wasn’t even addressing you when I obviously stated the OP. So sad.
  5. This is what I’m referring too. Your gear could potentially look like it’s cheating to people who are just starting nightmare. That’s not even as high as you can get either. I was monk boosting my dst with a maxed 91.36% power gem and monk. And with a level 1 dst it was hitting for 1.2mil
  6. Again, coming from a low tier player. It sounds as though the op is just breaking into nightmare and ran into someone who was fully geared with the best equipment. This is rare as only about 1-5% of the player base is truly geared enough to handle this content. And I’d imagine seeing them have this gear could come off as hacking. As my gear almost looks “hacked” from how high the stats are. This is more wanting clarification or some type of video proof. As I’d doubt someone would be stupid enough to openly use hacks knowing the risks of a permanent ban from the game.
  7. Of course. The active gameplay is refreshing as nightmare content is now afkable. But the fact the game changes so heavily from one game mode to the next is indeed the true “nightmare” of this game now. Going from playing insane building heavily into hero damage, then to nightmare building heavily into tower stats, then finally going to massacre where you now have to build heavily into elemental damage, the scaling is different (this is in regards to the monk boost being stronger than straight attack for elemental damage). There is too many scaling changes from one difficulty to the other and it involves a lot of annoying stat changes, gear swaps etc for a mode that is heavily focused on just straight nerfing everything instead of the enemies scaling as appropriately indicated. I feel they could’ve done a much better job of balancing. edit : This is another example, being attack speed. You build until you are at a decent soft cap ie. Deadly strike towers (mine is roughly at 0.85 on nightmare). Now you’ve just invested nearly 2500 into rate. Well now you’re playing massacre, your rate is now so far nerfed you’d need nearly 3500 to make it even fire at a rate of 1s. These are the changes from difficulty to difficulty that make playing nightmare to massacre so frustrating. Yes, the challenge is there, but this is at what cost? Poor balancing and more nerfs to simulate “difficulty”. This game on massacre doesn’t feel like a strategy tower defense. It feels like a hero defense with towers to support you. Not the other way around. This is not saying I DO NOT like the game. As I’ve put in easily 250 hours in the span of about a week and a half. I love this series and dungeon defenders as a whole. But I feel massacre was rushed out since it was promised and was not tested in depth enough. The gameplay seems more of a chore than fun. And while I was looking forward to an “added” challenge. This was not the way to do it to make the experience enjoyable but also difficult. I’ve got numerous people who play end game content that agree with me. Maybe this will change as survival is added. But I’m not seeing how they will pad your stats enough to handle 30 million hp ogres when they move so fast that an ensnare aura barely slows them down and the elves will kill you in one hit from 20-25. This is something that needs to be looked into and I’m assuming they realize this and that is why it is not a survival mode yet. If we had more information for scaling and then educational purposes it might make more sense. And that’s not even me getting into the “endgame boss weapons” which are worse than the actual weapons that drop all the time. There is no reward from beating summit on massacre as any character to receive these weapons that are a draw back from random weapons you find. I have much more gripes with that. But it would not fit into a single response.
  8. Except they have an anti hack client. This person in question probably had extremely high tier massacre gear with level 100.
  9. I’m not so much worried about the difficulty as the towers are so far nerfed I feel like I’m playing dd2 all over again and the squire with a dragon is the new barbarian dps carry.
  10. But can you use the shadow skins? Because it’s showing it available but will not let it be selected
  11. So I just saw that the shadow skins are shown, but I cant confirm it. Makes me sad. I hope this isn’t another skin bug. Someone else go check and let me know if it works for you or not.
  12. Yeah I want to collect every trophy. I’m like 80% done with them so far. I have some spare ones that I can knock out in a day or so. Then the big one of waiting for surviving all massacre maps to 25 (not even remotely looking forward to that lol).
  13. Will do man, I’m hoping it’s something good, as the title for the achievement reads “and are thus rewarded”. It could just be a trophy. But as of now others that join your tavern can’t even see your trophies. So hopefully that gets patched soon
  14. Anyone know what the reward is if any from beating all maps on nightmare survival? I’m literally one wave on endless spires from beating all maps on nightmare. And I am hoping it’s some sick pet. Edit : there was only a big trophy as a reward. No special pets or anything of the such. Not necessarily disappointed as I did it for the achievement and not so much an in game reward. I just like bragging rights.
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