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  1. How does it make sense to do 10 c7 motes to a lower currency? Like 3:1 would be more than fair. Or even give 3 plain motes for every pristine. Pristine motes should be worth more than low tier motes. There is no reason I should be able to buy a stack of 99x pristine for 500k then turn around and pay 4 million for a stack of plain motes...
  2. This is funny, cause every one of these I’ve gotten I just randomly sell to the AI when I see people trying to sell them for like 5 mil a pop. Don’t know why it’s so rare. It’s like 2 mil damage 🙃
  3. Pristine motes converted to plain motes/shiny motes absolutely.
  4. Awesome to think Crit is still awesome. I started using some of my gilded Crit shards and my cannons were doing crazy damage with just some crappy tier 1/10 mods
  5. This was a DD1 feature. They have never had a crystal customization since the release of this game. He was saying that would be a cool feature
  6. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1a1ioZLJLnY&t=17s So this video is from 5 years ago. From the original concept for DD2, as you can see in it, it’s got tons of spoilers for content I’m sure will be released sometime in the game’s future, whether it’s the - Spider Queen, Man and Machine, Crystal knight All these heroes are in these videos including some that are obviously since released. Just funny how much the game has changed in that time. Hope you enjoy the walk through the past as much as I did lol.
  7. *looks intensely* we’re gonna need a bigger weapon manufacturer
  8. Before this patch apparently if you replayed from wave you wouldn’t get a weapon, they said they have patched it? Other than that I wasn’t getting weapons every single time I was doing it solo. Sometimes the oil weapons would drop. Not sure if that’s in the pool of weapon drops or not for drakenfrost keep. But it seems that way since if I don’t get an ice chip weapon I always get an oil weapon.
  9. Has anyone else noticed that the patch notes aren’t covering everything they change?
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