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  1. Harpoon pet https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198062968148/
  2. Best memory was playing a 4 man party with a few of my friends i had known for numerous years on the new shards maps when they first came out. And farming glitterhelm caverns on the 360. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198062968148/
  3. Yeah, I didn’t even use deadly strikes. Soloing with all traps and auras got me screwed over by the mages who would rez the skeletons on my core and while I would be a little preoccupied (repairing far too many traps), the skeletons would simply slowly kill my core on the final waves due to the increase in mages spawning. Not so much bad strategy on my part. Just broken mechanics with the mages. Plus a couple runs I was trying out slice and dices since I like them from dd1. But they are absolute trash in this game.
  4. The location that I saw the skeleton spawn is a normal location for dark elves to jump too. So maybe it jumped up and died. As far as I know necromancers have never spawned skeletons at random without a dead minion at that location. Could be wrong though.
  5. Finally beat a full run of alchemical lab after I decided to breakdown and use flamebursts instead of auras. Felt nice to not have to maintain like 12 traps around the map. Any other time I’d get shut down at wave like 22/25 due to skeletons spawning on my core and having no protection. Just had to say it felt nice to beat the map that ruined my whole setup finally.
  6. The bouncer blockades are currently bugged out pretty hard. The slice and dice I believe is also bugged as the max damage per tick is like 400 with 275-300 power. And the rate is also tragically slow compared to dd1. I’m taking a wild guess that the reason behind this is the slice and dice is not registering the max spin speed and is not performing as should. As far as the mages summoning the skeletons from dead elves that dive into the middle by the core is a complete travesty. I’ve thought about doing a turtle build similar to something you’d do on tavern defense on dd1 or Kings game. And surrounding the core with giant auras. As far as my highest wave completed was 22/25 on insane solo.
  7. I use ballistas with the oil shard and mass boosting them, seems to work at floor 130 so far, first time trying to climb since I did my resets. I haven’t bothered with dd2 In awhile though. Highest I got was like 230 or so before I wanted to reset. Again. No meta used. I had fun my own way. I think this has divulged from a “I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished” to a flame fest from everyone. Misinterpretations and hate from “who has the better build”, and “who can climb higher”. How about who can have the most fun? This game rewards you nothing. This isn’t a game you get paid to play. There are no tournaments. Maybe friendly competition when new challenges arise. But dear god I haven’t seen this much flaming about a video game since I played video games professionally. And this community is not very large. I would expect most people to know each other. I’ve seen most of the active players on the forums posting opinions and having normal, civil conversation. This posting took a serious turn for the worst. I feel like to grow, we need to be a little more friendly about stuff like this. I do agree with the OP on the fact that a lot of people copy builds from people who stream and make videos, like exglint and Juicebags. While this is not a negative thing, it should not make someone else who copies said build to feel more transcendent than someone who has created their own style and enjoys playing the game with it. That’s just my 2 cents coming from the mass amount of **** I read.
  8. I’m feeling choosey, so I am gonna hit your topic of the stale mana. I personally 100% agree that the lack of multiple colors from enemies is there, that they have multiple colors and styles of gems. If you gather a lot of mana, at least like 1000-2000, you’ll see what I mean. I wouldn’t discourage about the current mana. Because as of now there is not consistency with the mana drops from 1 map to another. ie deeper well - alchemical laboratory. There’s a giant difference mana wise. Don’t discourage friend, there very well could be colorful mana busting out of every enemy that has enough guts to cross you.
  9. This is a general form survey for any willing to post feedback for some tower changes or rescaling. Any towers that feel currently underwhelming for their designated job. Bugs you’ve found. Or any general changes to towers that would help balance out their DU cost or give a reason to potentially lower it. Any scaling changes with the tower / aura for power, rate, health, or range. From my experiences with some of these defenses I have had some pretty rough experiences and would love to see them try and rebalance some of these towers to suit their respective jobs. This is simply a positive post to produce some thoughtful conversation and should be stimulating to help the devs see that some towers are still from what I feel unbalanced for higher content. Any tower could beat non survival with 0 issues. This is more for higher tier survival 20+.
  10. In regards to the lightning tower not functioning, I have noticed this bug with not just the lightning tower, but deadly strikes, ballista, and the flameburst, cannonball. All these towers have had issues. All this was fixed with simply selling and replacing the tower. So it is something to do with the towers in general. Have not noticed this issue with the auras at all.
  11. To add to this as well. I managed to solo DPS as the apprentice from 1-13 with little help from towers other than walls. That is absolutely insane. Other heroes struggle to DPS past roughly wave 6.
  12. I can agree with you on this. The damage is underwhelming. In the case of the apprentice however it is completely opposite. His damage is actually like 5x higher. The squire has an animation cancel you can do to effectively double his DPS utilizing his block while holding attack. Takes a lot of timing and the reward is very minute. But overall the monk is not nearly as good as DD1 and seems to be mainly there to buff the apprentice. The squire has okay damage when using blood rage and animation canceling. Still like 3x lower. The huntress even with like 300 points in attack and a decent weapon with her boost is still so terrible due to the fact it’s single target, and the apprentice who needs no mana to perform upwards of 30k dps can do it 100% of the time. That’s my gripe so far. The abilities do not seem to scale evenly or even have any noticeable benefit for DPS. I’m also pretty sure the squires block is not currently working. I’ve not noticed a 95% damage reduction blocking. That’s for sure.
  13. In response to both, I would’ve replied had I got a notification. But yes since this post I’ve ran at least 5 full runs of 25/25 and received no pet. Even made sure to loot everything off the ground to ensure it would not potentially get auto deleted (somehow). I did run a 25/25 on deeper well and got a pet on 24/25 (makes no sense I know). They need to make it auto collect. Cause I feel like the whole loot it off the ground is a terrible design. I have missed numerous pets cause I don’t ever check the chest. Cause the gear drops are so bad. All my current gear is item power 770-820 for armor. Weapons are currently 1100+. And I have to say the gear chests are cool early game. Put pets should auto collect.
  14. I have definitely been saying the mob timer is severely off, if you are attempting to speed run survival to get some pets. It’s impossible to cause the time to wait is ridiculous if you’re spawn killing the enemies. The longest I waited I think was close to 40 seconds or so. And that was roughly every 200 or so mobs. That is insane. When you do a simple 1-15 run you would expect to be done in like 20 minutes. But I had a run where I was g’ing instantly take 45 minutes on lava mines. Don’t even get me started on alchemical laboratory. But yes overall they need to reduce the timer.
  15. There are definitely some features I did enjoy in DD2, ie. the swapping characters without going to the forge. But there are other features that I feel ruin the experience of the game, ie. the garbage amount of mana that is currently being dropped past wave 3. It is so minute that some people were complaining that the mana being dropped was so low that it made it hard to even be able to repair the auras and traps before the fortification stat was invested in extremely heavily. And to that I can agree. The scaling for the HP must be invested in heavily to be able to afford the costs early. But that is just repairing. Let’s talk about upgrades for survival. The upgrades are nearly impossible to get everything to max (1220). It annoys me, being the fact I go OCD mode on having everything max upgrade level on DD1. DD2 was another beast entirely. You’d have to calculate what defenses were doing the most. But it drove me nuts you’d never be able to max all the defenses. Given in DD2 there was not a survival mode. So this is warranted. But even currently you can’t max defenses unless playing on deeper well due to the mass amount of mana that drops compared to the other 3 maps. I’d have to see the full game to know what exactly needs to be changed. But overall I like the feel. It’s a good mix between DD1 and DD2. I like that they put in some of the better features of DD2. And kept the core tower mechanics of DD1. They definitely need to work on the scaling on some towers. Ie the slice and dice tower. That blockade was an amazing tower for early game soloing. Now it feels like it’s a complete waste for the DU / Mana cost. It does absolutely no damage on higher waves. And honestly still does low damage on lower waves. Given this is not low stats. My stats on the squire when trying it was : 340 power, 250 rate, 160 range, and 200 health. Given the fact those are pretty high stats for the beta, the tower still managed maybe 1.5-2k DPS (at best). And the other downside is the ogres would stand outside its radius to attack it. Which would detrimentally lower it’s value even more due to the fact most mobs you’d want to use it on would either not make it to the tower with a good setup. Another flaw is the extremely low HP scaling (this is warranted as it is a damage / blockade hybrid), but this is not warranted in the reason that this tower does less damage than an electric aura. My remembrance of DD1 slice and dices were the cost was equal to the usefulness. The slice and dice had the highest damage of the squires towers early game. This game seems to have a balance issue with usefulness vs. cost. I have experimented with every tower and can honestly say the worth of most towers in the game doesn’t equate to other towers of equal value: even using some towers in the perfect setting for what they were meant can equal worthless results compared to some of the more “meta” towers for a beta. I think this is the wrong approach to a beta. In literally all circumstances the flame burst tower and deadly strikes towers would perform so much higher than the others. Another is the proximity mine vs. the electric aura. The electric aura is great for the first bit. But the damage falls off so much. The highest I managed to get the electric damage to was again with optimal gear, levels, and pets. Stats were as follows : 250 power, 220 rate, 160 health, 310 radius. The performance what I would’ve expected would be for the aura to kill all small mobs quickly and effectively. But the damage at level 1 was laughable at best, it was roughly 650 damage per tick. And where the the rate should’ve made up for this, it felt weak even still yet. They added a small stun per tick it seemed. But I’d rather have the damage than a small worthless form of cc. Since I still paired up the electric aura with an enrage and poison gas trap to ensure a stand still in the lane. I could go on all day about some of the tower balance statistics. I love tower defense games and have played them for years. But it still seems as though the apprentice (as far as beta goes) has the best DPS of any class, and the most useful towers (even counting the fact the deadly strikes tower does not currently shoot through the walls as it should). Overall I’m not disappointed with the gameplay, gfx, and overall mechanics. These are very small gripes I have currently with the game. And tower balance will come with many updates and tweaks to the game. No game will have perfect balance. But I would like to see all towers be able to be used during end game. Unlike in DD2 where it seemed even when trying to implement some towers you would have to heavily lean on one tower or another to make them even do the little they’d do, and even then the other tower would carry the lane (and by tower I mean aura / beam). This is something that made me love DD1 so much. The towers all felt good. It never felt like I was stuck using the meta. As much as I’d try and experiment on DD2, the towers were always so much lower a priority than the auras. My nickname for DD2 is Aura defender 2. Towers were just so easily taken out. Even with figuring out placing. I’d find in DD2 the EMP kobolds would jump from a lane over to dive bomb your tower that hit it. Sometimes the only good tower placement to utilize its range would be in a spot that would be targeted by a kobold. That is just rough. I’d find myself playing the aura meta just to reach higher content, then change back to what I actually want to do (use towers that make me enjoy the game). The sad part is, I’ve loved the monk. I came to love the monk in DD1 due to the auras being insanely big, it was just an awesome thing to see. But I came to hate the monk due to the use of him being relied on so much to win. Anything that is required too much makes me dread the idea of using them. A “strategy game” should never have only 1 way to win. I found 90% of the games I’d join on DD2 having the same cookie cutter builds. No one wanted to try something new. There were too many draw backs to try anything. in conclusion, I love the game and I wouldn’t say I don’t like it. As for it being a beta I’d say it plays pretty well and you can use most of the towers without a massive drawback. There are certain towers I would say are not completely useless but are definitely not up to snuff with other towers / auras. My list would include this, this list is based on 1-25 runs that were done solo. This is simply my opinion. If anyone has had better luck then please feel free to message me and explain how you used them to be successful / map played on. 1. Slice and Dice Pros, fast ramp up time compared to the old slice and dice, a small flinch on hitting smaller mobs (Orcs were unaffected from what I saw, ogres {obviously}). Cons, terrible damage scaling, rate of damage ticks also seemed pretty slow, which is strange. Terrible HP compared to spike blockades. Ogres will stand outside of the damage range to attack it. 2. Magic Missile honestly didn’t test this quite as much. Damage didn’t seem as big of an issue as the fact it is a single target tower and the only time I would bother using them was when I only had 3 DU left. 3. Electric Aura Pros, great range scaling (feels like DD1 fully. Cons, the damage seems to fall off severely on the final waves of survival even for goblins and kobolds which is the main use I even bother with them. You can get more usefulness out of a flameburst tower since you can just cc enemies in a pile and get a better effect than an electric aura. 4. Cannonball Tower Pros, great for long corridors and tight spaces where corners / walls can be utilized to get extra coverage due to the bouncing. Great single target damage, rate is okay and power scaling is equivalent to other towers of similar cost. Cons, they have no knock back. The DU cost seems a bit steep. This tower was 7 in DD1 as well so I can see how this came to be, but it is lacking effects that the cannon had in DD1 originally. The balls bounce is so high it feels like it is bouncy ball and not made of solid steel as would make sense (the cannon balls depending on height will bounce over goblins heads {short has its benefits}). 5. Bouncer Blockade This is similar to my cannonball gripe, the bouncer blockade is similar to DD1 in most ways. Where the DU has remained the same and HP scaling seems equivalent to the damage it can output. The drawback again is that it doesn’t hit enemies back from what I’ve seen. And to be fair. This is a very small list. But even after multiple attempts and flipping stats around, no success was had. DU cost would make it to cumbersome compared to other towers. Most of these could maybe be solved with different maps. That is it, if you feel differently again, please send me a message if you wouldn’t mind explaining your thoughts or research on it. Again, this is on runs from 1-25 on insane. Saitama
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