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  1. Harpoon pet https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198062968148/
  2. Best memory was playing a 4 man party with a few of my friends i had known for numerous years on the new shards maps when they first came out. And farming glitterhelm caverns on the 360. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198062968148/
  3. I use ballistas with the oil shard and mass boosting them, seems to work at floor 130 so far, first time trying to climb since I did my resets. I haven’t bothered with dd2 In awhile though. Highest I got was like 230 or so before I wanted to reset. Again. No meta used. I had fun my own way. I think this has divulged from a “I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished” to a flame fest from everyone. Misinterpretations and hate from “who has the better build”, and “who can climb higher”. How about who can have the most fun? This game rewards you nothing. This isn’t a game you get paid to play. There are no tournaments. Maybe friendly competition when new challenges arise. But dear god I haven’t seen this much flaming about a video game since I played video games professionally. And this community is not very large. I would expect most people to know each other. I’ve seen most of the active players on the forums posting opinions and having normal, civil conversation. This posting took a serious turn for the worst. I feel like to grow, we need to be a little more friendly about stuff like this. I do agree with the OP on the fact that a lot of people copy builds from people who stream and make videos, like exglint and Juicebags. While this is not a negative thing, it should not make someone else who copies said build to feel more transcendent than someone who has created their own style and enjoys playing the game with it. That’s just my 2 cents coming from the mass amount of **** I read.
  4. Don’t worry about it, I enjoy c7 just so I can DPS with my lavamancer. Cause on dummies it says I do like 50mil dps with fireballs, but in actuality (real game) it’s like 5 mil.. and since he can’t regenerate his ability resource I’m forever stuck just watching him collect dust. Hooray. That wasn’t so much about assassins as it was me just whining that the lavamancer has the worst mechanic in the game.
  5. me looking for assassin counters *sees barbs turtle stance*.
  6. It’s the fun police jbags! Everyone hide the new cookie cutter build. Nerf the reflect / proton beam setup so people will have imagination again. Actually better yet can we just nerf everything but ballistas. Personal preference. Lmao
  7. This game has no challenge when the entire end game populous uses the same build. Proton beams, reflect beams and FA’s, mixed with some destructive pylon. There’s nothing “exciting” or difficult about any of this content when everyone uses the same cookie cutter build. I have played with people on prime maps and I’m blown away by the lack of imagination, when everyone follows the next best build guide. Let’s not “make” the prime content absolutely unbeatable by 90% of the player base. There’s a difference from skill, knowledge of the game, strategy, and playing 10+ hours a day. Be realistic. None of this content has ever been hard. With a good strategy (as shown in zombie wookies videos). You can easily beat even the hardest prime maps with nothing but bone stock c7 gear. I haven’t had a “challenge” on this games content in a LONG time. I’ve also player for 3(ish) years. Don’t punish new players who are just trying to be completionists.
  8. So.. I guess hyper shards aren’t “good” rewards..
  9. How does it make sense to do 10 c7 motes to a lower currency? Like 3:1 would be more than fair. Or even give 3 plain motes for every pristine. Pristine motes should be worth more than low tier motes. There is no reason I should be able to buy a stack of 99x pristine for 500k then turn around and pay 4 million for a stack of plain motes...
  10. This is funny, cause every one of these I’ve gotten I just randomly sell to the AI when I see people trying to sell them for like 5 mil a pop. Don’t know why it’s so rare. It’s like 2 mil damage 🙃
  11. Pristine motes converted to plain motes/shiny motes absolutely.
  12. Awesome to think Crit is still awesome. I started using some of my gilded Crit shards and my cannons were doing crazy damage with just some crappy tier 1/10 mods
  13. This was a DD1 feature. They have never had a crystal customization since the release of this game. He was saying that would be a cool feature
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