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  1. For my Guardian, I boosted power up to 20, range to about 25, then dumped the rest into tower attack. Some range is nice, but you don't need to put every point into it. I just want to know what the maximum is >_>
  2. Hi all just wondering what the max base stats on a guardian's buffs are, also is there a cap point for their buffs? I havent managed to get mine past 20 tower buff stat, wondering if range is worthwile upgrading and are there any guardians above 39 upgrade levels? Thanks in advance.
  3. Sif release a developer tool that's bundled with the game its self 2.5gb the page doesnt tell you the size of the download and I can't cancel it once it starts, steam gives me 150kbps that means 3 hours where i cant play your game because the tool which should be on the steam tools page is now installing its self into my game file... OH MY ****ING GOD PANTS ON HEAD RETARDED!!
  4. I disagree with most of what you're saying here, tbh the idea is for people to work together in these maps using different classes, surely you've noticed that the switch out feature between rounds is there for solo players to be able to make builds that work for going it alone, if you build an entire map from squire towers then you deserve to lose, same with any other exclusive class build. For the summit you should mainly be using traps and auras, maybe a wall or two and make either ballistas or mage towers to deal with air, during the boss round your air towers are unneeded because air mob
  5. I think its fair that in coop the players are expected to use their heroes to have to repair and kill mobs on the go, the only reason solo is so much easier is because repairing a whole map by yourself is too hard, I do agree however that in coop we should have more DU and perhaps also that defensive structures should be buffed a liiiiittle bit since quite often they're faced up with mobs with 12-32k of health each, even the best traps and towers have to hit a mob like that multiple times to kill it.
  6. 29^ ups and a minimum base physical of 90, no awful negative hero stats (dont care about tower), post your steam if you have a nice one.
  7. Lol oh dear I meant Tsuda's final creation hahaha >_> (i'd still be interested in one of these though) I've been farming for a good one long enough to get annoyed, im looking for one with 29 upgrades minimum and a base damage of 90 or more, preferably hero stats rather than tower. Link your steam profile if you have one.
  8. So I'm sure I'm not the only person to've seen an ogre walk out of a spawn door and shoot his stupid ball of acid straight at a crystal while he's still in the dark zone, or an archer miss a player really badly from one side of the map and 10 seconds later his arrow collides with one of the crystals... its just plain ridiculous: I propose that each crystal should have a 'Dark zone' around it which prevents attacks originating from outside this zone causing damage to the crystal, that way archers and ogres within an acceptable range will still be able to hit it legitimately but it wont annoy
  9. I hate the defeated list its so annoying, they should get rid of it and just show bonuses, boss kills, mana gains etc. we dont need to see every single one of the 10000 trash mobs on a survival wave.
  10. Absolutely, an item reset feature would be a fantastic addition
  11. Is there such thing as a staff with player attack as its primary stat, seems the ones with hero stats as their primary's have stupidly low physical caps, surely there's at least ONE staff you can get that would be good for physical >_>
  12. Hi, I was also wondering about the Spirit champion's mageblade (hard mode monster fest) and Tsuda's final creation (insane glitterhelm caverns) From what I can gather Tsuda's final creation never has an elemental damage value, and I've seen them with a base of 110 physical, surely this weapon would be the best raw white damage mage weapon, I have to wonder if the physical upgrade cap on it is different to other mage weapons and if it only has 29 upgrade levels. Furthermore I'm curious as to whether any mage weapons other than draconis ignis can have 6 or more additional projectiles, the iga
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