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  1. Even if it worked on bosses differently - like reducing their damage output. Either way, enemy drain needs a serious buff because it's just kinda worthless as is. I see it working as a full team glass cannon - because it doesn't last overly long and requires the squishy initiate getting super close to the threatening enemy. using enemy drain on bosses would be risky for the player, but because of that, deserves the reward if it works.
  2. IRBAlex

    Item Check Thread

    https://imgur.com/a/RxNv9 IC please, pm'ed an uncensored to Plane/Acen
  3. I 100% support the buffing the survival pets, especially the drop-rates of things like monkeys and ESPECIALLY the viability and reward of farming an ulti fenix.
  4. 1b, a firm handshake and fatherly acceptance
  5. Kingdoms under Attack No one has a clue An ancient evil known as the old one Inscribes its beasts to fight. Sane and joyous Brave heroes go to fight Awoken to the evil Elegantly driven mad EDIT: Just for fun :3
  6. A simple sonnet for a simple(ly amazing) game A game design so charming and so pure Since Twenty-Twelve, It has held close my heart No player, loss nor rage. We could not part This was a game that would stand long, for sure First Simon than Fredrick, good friends were made Hours spent late, and wasting away time This wonderful game brought forth such nice rhyme And was truly worth every last thing paid Every now and again I leave, but sense I'll be back soon again for utter love. This game is pure, like light of a dove I come back, with dungeons needing defense I'm back again, "Dang, where'd you even go" Will I ever leave this game? Don't think so.
  7. Heyyyyyyy Screenshot: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1103671366 Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/IRBAlex 1. Old Celeb 2. Aladdins Wish 3. Howling Werewolf Good luck to everyone!
  8. Bump Also gonna be calling off in 2 more days and I don't particularly think I'm gonna sell it for what came up.
  9. Hey guys, I think this is legit my first ever forum post so please pardon my newness and formatting errors and such I farmed this guy up on moonbase and wanted to see what I could get for it. However, as I do use a dedicated tower booster I hold the right to reserve if I'm not happy with the bids PASSES IC BY PLANE: https://puu.sh/wnZUV/65942d3894.png The Genie: https://puu.sh/wo08b/744b25b2c3.png 6 coal = 1cv Diamonds = 5/10/15 Specifically looking for some of the newer events I missed on break! (Anything in between vortex set and ygk's) Other event offers welcome Thank you to Uncrowneddata for giving a forum noob some advice I'm busy the next week and a bit but I'll check back whenever I can and answer and PMs I get about it over discord/steam :) Thaaaannnkkkksss!!!!!
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