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  1. You could try placing two walls in each lane slightly spaced apart if you are soloing. That way, if multiples spawn at once, there is adequate time to eliminate them without much worry of one leaking through to the crystal. If not soloing, dedicate one of you teammates to strictly wall repair while the others DPS the roller from behind. Also, try placing SA's in each lane near the spawns so your team will stay healed while you all DPS it from behind. You can also use the sphere that adds 25 percent to your DPS while standing in the SA to remove it even faster. All by builds have stayed p
  2. No packet loss. My private matches are mostly fine. I still experience lag here and there, but nothing that makes the game nearly unplayable like in public matches. Public matches are bearable as long as one person builds everything. If someone comes in and sets a tower or trap the game will go haywire. Played a public match a couple days ago and I built all the defenses the first match and we had very little lag. Next match(same group of players) we each built a lane . All of us were teleporting all over the map the entire match. Possibly something with multiple builders causing the game
  3. All those calculations you are talking about are being handled server side. The packets being sent back to the client are small. I have often monitored my bandwidth in real time while playing. DD2 stays below 300KB’s even during the peak of the wave. My internet is 50/10Mbps so I have more than enough bandwidth. I am playing in the correct region using the VA server. I am located in KY so geographically speaking I am very close to the physical server. I have excellent ping to servers (7ms) in VA area. I have tried about everything. Disabling all other devices on my router QoS settings so not
  4. I lag in private and public matches. In private matches the lag is bearable. However, public matches are a mess. It seems if more than one person builds any defenses now the match becomes nearly unplayable. My heroes will bounce all over the map and they morph into each other if I try to switch them out. I will ask other players in match and they confirm they experiencing similar problems. Lag was a rare occurrence for me back when only the original heroes existed. Something has went wrong since the addition of new heroes. Also, I have no other issues with other multiplayer games that h
  5. The NA servers appear to be down since late last night. For now, you can go to options and switch to EU or Asia server. It will probably be somewhat laggy on those servers if you are not near those regions.
  6. Experiencing same issue.. Can only connect to EU and Asia servers. Too laggy to play on those servers.
  7. I am glad the multiplayer is server side to combat hackers and cheating. However, I would like to see an offline mode implemented that is separate from online mode. I mostly play solo and the lag that results in rubberbanding all over the map is very frustrating. Another reason I would like to see a separate offline mode is if the server goes dark due to low revenues, dropped support or whatever else, we could no longer play DD2.
  8. I dislike that they are reducing the DU because reducing options and diversity is never good . Why not just increase the difficulty of the enemies so we can still take advantage of the multiple towers and combos in our in builds? Limiting us access to DU is the lazy way out, IMO. I hope it is temporary. If this is the path they take to balance this game, I will certainly be done purchasing anymore heroes and will likely find something new to play as the gameplay will grow old quick. I always enjoyed playing this game because it allowed me to use a variety of towers to come up with creative
  9. Same here. I just completed the Bastille weekly and didn't receive the Defender Medals award. It states I have claimed it, but I had 8500ish when starting the map, and it only raised by 20 or so instead of 600.. I haven't played any today so it can't be the daily cap for me. It didn't show the award after completing the map either. It just showed 23 or whatever the normal award amount is.
  10. Bookmarked this for future reference. Thank you!
  11. If that is the case, then every gamer that enjoys loot based games are all already insane anyway so it won't matter. Most of the thrill of these types of games are chasing numbers. Maxing everything out is our reward. We will grind the same map 50 consecutive times to gain 5 IPWR points on a medallion. That is insane, but we do it. Leaderboards sound like the perfect addition for all us insane people.
  12. I appreciate your reply, but I respectfully disagree. An improved version of onslaught is all this would be. That would certainly not ruin the game or tear the community apart. If anything, it would give people more to do and allow users to challenge themselves, and actually have to use teamwork and tactics to complete higher waves. Improving existing modes and give users more options will only make the game better IMO. And just because a leaderboard exists doesn't mean people will have to compete against it. Many will continue to play for fun as always and that is what matters. I serious
  13. And how would that change things? Players would stop at some point and quit playing because there is no end to reach. I'm currently not playing much because having 795 iPWR or 700 does not change anything. In an infinite scaling mode it would be the same grinding that makes people mad or leave now, too. It's just that it's a nearly infinitly longer progress. There comes a point in almost every game when players have achieved all that can be done. That doesn’t mean they can’t add another layer to this game for hardcore fans that just enjoy playing the game. Even though I have several hero
  14. Exactly this! I have been gaming a long time too. I have seen this play out on several other titles too. One of my favorite games(was a TCG PVP) of all time recently had this exact same scenario happen last year. Devs starting listening to the vocal minority and they ended up nerfing too much and removed the fun factor. The gameplay quickly grew stale and the servers went dark. These exact same conversations we are having now played out on their forums too. What makes this scenario even stranger is this game isn't even a PVP based game. It is not like people are beating down real people wi
  15. There will never be multiple combinations. I have been playing since release and I haven't seen it yet. You may see 1 out 100 lobbies right now where people are not using the strongest meta. That will never change. As I said earlier, "people’s desire for quick high gear drops outweighs their desire of truly challenging themselves even though they won't admit. " This game needs a mode where enemies scale. If we could select our own level of difficulty that would solve many of the lack of challenge issues. Why this isn't an option already is beyond me? Once people are completely geared up
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