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  1. i know my feedback might have been abit hard tho i understand some of the answers you folks gave. Tho i do agree to some degree that the changes of needing fewer characters are good in one way but bad in another, being the oddball was fun sometimes having some weirda$$ spec and try to figure out new ways to make thing works :) i didnt really look into the shard system that much tbh cuz there was not alot of info on it at first glance in the game. I liked the old system with spheres and stuff like that and having tons of characters to create diffrent types of deck types with weird builds and try to make things work, it gave the game more flavor in one way and sense of accomplishment. And if i understand the thing with ascension lvls its not account wide just character based? so in theory i need to have at least 400+ lvl on each of my 20 characters? :| im going to give the game another chance but im still salty that the gamebasics are far away from what they once were
  2. Well after being away from DD2 for bit more than a year i thought it might be fun to go back and start playing it again.. But i what i actually saw when i got into the game, made me really sad... First of all i haven't followed any news or info about updates that has been done to the game since i took my break so this feedback is just based on what i knew about the game in its former glory and what i see today. Dungeon Defenders 2 is my second most played game on steam on 1268 hours of dedication and 20x lv 50 characters, each having their own different gear spec (most who were close to perfection at the time). 1. There has obviously been a removal of the tower stats on gear (except on medallions etc).. this makes no sense what so ever and it also rendered more than half of my characters pretty useless.. 2. All Spheres had been removed (which i had every single one) and was replaced with gold.. 3. Also this stupid "ascension" system replaced all the tower stats on gear which made all my progress and all my 20x lv 50 chars completly useless.. 4. Inventory system is completely broken now.. no logic, cant even move items between bags with not having to click one by one and just takes forever if u wana try to fix up the mess that has been done to my formerly OCD inventory.. 5. Stat system does not make any sense at all since it seems u also removed the item lvl tags.. now u have to check through a million items for wich one can be upgraded to most dmg and what not.. This game has obviously taken a turn for the worse, i was hoping it was the other way around.. sorry to say it to you folks at Trendy.. but you had a nice unpolished diamond wich u managed to make into a turd.. wasnt fun seeing all my previous hard work has just been flushed down the drain. And yes sorry for sounding all butt-hurt and stuff by this, but investing that much time in a game u really enjoyed isnt really fun seeing being demolished.
  3. Im glad to see that Trendy finaly open their eyes for the ongoing slaughters of the poor Quabs! to motivate people to save these poor creatures i herby salute you! cant help to take slight creds for that idea :p filled me with a warm feeling (and no it wasnt pee) [[10011,hashtags]]
  4. Hehe i just wana say i wrote this thread in a pretty intoxicated state so no wonder the content of it :D but i might aswell play along with my own rules to save at least one quab! Creds go to Me myself Mental Midget, Tooks, DKperfection and Westera (if i got that wrong sorry) :p Here u go :) [raw img] http://oi63.tinypic.com/aa7ub6.jpg
  5. Greetings fellow Etherians! Meet Quab, Shelldon Quab also known as the first frontline to endure the wrath of the Old ones army in the Liferoot Forrest. Background: Shelldon Quab was previously a part of the Artillery infantry in the royal navy. Quabs and their myserious bloodline has protected Etheria from invaders and other threats for centuries, but to the cost of almost bringing the species to the brink of extinction. Recently Shelldon enlisted himself as a guardian of the sacred Etheria Eggs just like his ancestors before him, to serve and protect the realm from turning into chaos and dispair. Today Shelldon is no longer with us in this world, he fought bravely against the Old ones invading army, until his last breath was taken, tomorrow none will remember the heroic deeds of this valliant defender, except for Shelldons wife and 32 kids who still waits for him to return. Noone will ever tell them that their Husband and father didnt live to fight another day. And his friends and family will soon end up the same fate as Shelldon did.. And whos to blame for this? The answer to that is: the ignorance of humanity that lets hundreds of innocent Quabs getting slaughterd every week! Doing this to satisfy their own personal greed for shiny armor and weapons.. We need to put an end to this right now! Purpose: Defenders of Etheria! Its time to act, for this charity support i want you to post a picture of you or your group saving a Quab, picture must be taken after the last wave is done, proving that you have saved a Quab! Together we can make a diffrence! Save the Quabs from total extinction! Also do this to raise awareness to Quab cruelty and death of animals even if they are on their verge to be extinct or not. Sincerely yours Mental Midget
  6. Right now is bad. There are more important things but leader boards do encourage play though competitive play so it would be beneficial. It might also give people a goal to shoot. I did say soon. How about soonish? Agree with Tristaris there are other things that should prio 1 atm, but one thing the leaderboard also does is that people quickly figure out wich class levels the fastest and so on and 90% of the people will play that class so in the long run it will end up with ppl having 4 huntresses in a game and noone able to build (basicly how it is today haha) diversity is needed leaderboards doesnt encourage that if ppl going competative, also i dont think it works to a fair grade either since there are so much XP boost % in the game like 3x50 characters in deck 105% xp boost, spheres 40% xp boost, saving subcores 30% xp boost, daily missons 50-100% xp boost, if i didnt miss out on anything would not be fair to the new peepz :)
  7. i could think of a couple of ways to sort it out if i would was to decide: 1. Remove Herodeck or increase its size (it does noone good in this stage of the game or for soloplayers) with the current meta this will always be an issue for people who has or trying to farm gear for their builders first hand. and what i can recall trendy already stated that they want to keep the hero deck as it is. 2. make some kind of gateway in forms of "clear this map to advance to the next difficulty" like killing betsy on for example NM1 to advance to NM2, sure this will always encourage boosters and will probably dont solve anything.. 3. Make a limit like Clear 20-30 maps on <Insert difficulty> to advance to <Insert difficulty 2nd tier> and so on this one i really would like to see cuz then you know people will have to play through all difficultys and make sure that they advance properly in gear and not trying to cut corners or take shortcuts.. and reaching NM4 would actually be an personal achievement and you could feel good about it while seeing ur character grow and become stronger jumping from A to B and then to C and not A to W.. Sure this will be good for ppl who play in groups or with friends cuz then they can advance the class they like to play sure it will be punishing for people who like to play smaller groups or solo but in a game like this u need to have one setup of heroes that u can switch between to complete a build otherwise they would have to make ALL classes able to solo ALL maps.. People need some kind of goals in this game more than just getting to 50 then jump into the first best nm4 game u can find to be able to farm gear for endgame.. no sport in that also will just shorten the game span for ppl and when they realize they dont get gear quick enough they will just get bored and uninstall the game.. u have to nurture the community into wanting to play the game and feel the rewards of slowly progressing and not being given the final piece of the puzzle as soon as u reach maxlvl.. wich will only shorten the lifespan of the game.. 4. Make proper matchmaking system that enables u to search for people who own certain classes in a certain state. sure this sounds good and all but it will most likely end up either dividing the community into a pro and noob state and u might be unlucky to be put with the less geared ppl than urself for a long time. or in reality there wount be enough people to join a map of that certain level that ur searching for and u will get grouped up with people thats "less experianced" gearwise or gearadvanced. 5. or leave the game as it is and see the playerbase slowly sink and the money will stop rolling in and the game will slowly walk towards an early acess grave, cuz everyone will get bored even b4 the full release
  8. Ok i thought ide might give this another try. Day 2 after patch seeing frost got fixed i saw a small light in the end of the tunnel, ye now i can manage gates at least again was my first thought.. As me a solo player in public games, at the current state that the game is in it has left a deep scar in my joy of playing this. and now u might wonder what my reason is? As ive mentioned in an old post that the leechers was a big part of ur failing progress and that people not being able to provide with a single tower.. well i thought ide give it a try: "ok ill see how many people who actually playing this game can provide" so i stuffed my deck with Waller + Serenity monk, tank and dps, the most essential stuff needed and 2 of my best builders.. but now after like 3½ hours ive been in 11 games.. wich 4 of those made it passed first "Go" and in that bunch 2 of them we managed to get passed wave 2 and wiped on the 3th wave, 1 wiped on first wave and the last we managed to get to wave 4 and it looked promising so far.. and at the end of wave 4 some serious lag came upon us all.. goblin made it through the walls and started to hit the core without us being able to kill it.. and a wipe.. how convinient.. that was the last drop for me rly.. I mean 4/11 games even started cuz ppl actually was able to provide some kind of defence.. the rest u encountered tons of ppl who just waited at spawn throwing all the manacrystals at u to build a fully fledge defence.. sure i could have just taken all my builders into the game but what good would ive been then? running around doing ~1000 dmg on a mob that has 350k-5m hp.. and it annoys me cuz all ppl need to do is lvl up a dps character to 50 jump from doing forrest crossroads on hard straight into NM4 expecting to get free gear.. and i dont want to build 24/7 and rely on people running around with a blue staff with 500 ipwr saying "U HAVE GOOD WALLS U BUILD" and then i tell them i only have serenity and walls in deck, dont u have anything to provide? "I PROVIDE DPS!" "I HAZ 23k DPS" when seeing use 1/s weponspeed blue wepon.. not even i have 23k dps on my huntress wich has almost 725 ipwr and halfway upgraded gear.. it just makes my eyes turn red and me losing patience.. so i tell myself is this how its going to be? sacrefice ur own progress to boost a bunch of lazy people who cant bring a single builder more than a wallersquire with 200k walls to a game and rely 100% of others fixing the rest for u? and if ur lucky u might see one blue item drop or two, and reach maximum of wave 3 i just feel like im stuck in this evil hamsterwheel cuz mayb once every 20th game or so i might bump into a person whos able to build stuff equal to my own, cuz i chose my friends rly carefully in a game where people just want one thing = Better gear.. *sigh* i feel more and more that my time is prolly better spent somewhere else..
  9. Well as most of u ppl i feel abit unjustified by this patch, i had such a high hope so i bought both the 2 new DLCs even b4 logging into the game thats how confident and happy i was about the new patch but after trying gates as usual, going for my 5 dailys after work thingy but it was like running into a brick wall not even my 379k barricades could block that stuff away on top of that.. i felt my days in NM4 had come to an end... from having all my 20x lvl 50s (yes i have no life beyond work) with full 700-750 ipwr gear 12 of them are builders wich are ALL broken now except for my squire waller.. when this patch was announced i was so happy that i felt "heck well ill just farm the hell out of my 4 mains to improve them all as much as possible then i can focus on other characters" this was a typical day for me on nm4: Gates inc > Liferoot inc > Greystone > Little-horn > and finish of last daily with Ramparts inc and do some random maps after that, could build it all without a problem. i cant do anything of this right now.. as the title says i feel deceived cuz i got a total gameplay of 950 hours (since november last year) as i type this and 200 of them has been played the past month, now it feels like all that was for nothing i can just throw all that constant grinding down the drain cuz this patch pulled my leg rly hard and i dont feel that urge to play this game and waste more hours or money on this game rly.. cuz each patch feels like opening pandoras box.. it might be pleasant but can also screw up ur entire progress.. This patch was a really unwise move Trendy, taking the piss out of endgame players, the more loyal ppl who have invested same amount of time and money as myself. As ur throwing out expensive dlc's (compared to DD1) its all feels like a quick moneygrab to be honest.. with "QoL features" and skins instead of focus on a working concept and develop and balance the current content/classes sure i understand u need the money to keep up the developement and stuff.. still.. as an individual player, investor and a fan i would like to see stuff that can benefit me and my needs to make me want to play the game.. im playing for me, not for anyone else.. (sorry its sad but true). oh well sorry for long post now i got that out of my system..
  10. "After crap tons of hours invested in my squire i finaly get my last piece of the puzzle.. well far from it rly.. at least its a half decent puzzle more or less ^_^; now i got my 30% HB with far from perfect gear.. and need to upgrade more. just wanted to share one moment of happiness of seeing a 5% HB helmet drop :) http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/579074461691733328/F65A299C36705AB4876462277EE9BBDC2FFECF44/ Anyone who knows what the total max is on walls with fully perfect gear? i would like to know :) but i think for me, if i upgrade all my gear to max i could prolly reach another 1-2k perhaps but i guess 385 could probably be attainable with perfect gear" Posted this on the wrong forum before so i thought ide put it up here instead
  11. yes the herodeck is a big obstacle to the progression if i could i would rly like to play more NM4 solo, cuz then i can only blame myself for failure. The builds in the future also needs to be simplified to be able to work without having 4 diffrent classes and now current meta and the best working strat is Waller squire, trap huntress, PE serenity monk and frosttower apprentice. and if u have all these in ur deck u wount be able to fit in a dps. A proper easy working build would be nice were a dps actually fits in only then people will be more versatile
  12. Ive got this problem that actually is rly annoying in public games, that i feel is kind of a problem for my own progress. Ive come to the point where i got good enough gear to clear most maps on NM4 but when i want to farm my other characters i pull out one of my DPS characters in the deck i will totaly have to rely on other people bringing what i need to complete the build, but the problem is that people never bring or dont have anything more than a dps character most of the times.. it does not matter wich character i pull out of the deck if its a purge serenity monk, frost tower app, waller squire or traphuntress.. trying to build a map and ppl come joining etc i ask them: Do u got the class that im lacking? answer is 80% of the time: "Nope". 10% of the times ppl say: "they are not ready for nightmare4 or my other character is lvl <insert level before lvl 50 here>" This is fairly annoying tho, sure i can get 4 builders in the deck and build the entire map myself, but then ill be the one bringing the team down not being able to dps down a lane.. ive been trying forever now and work around this but one component is reliant on the other so cant rly be skipped.. and anything else other than traps (or mayb LSA) works for dps at this point.. Why dont u play with friends then u might ask? well simple answer: I dont have any friends.. and the people who add me on steam just takes advantage of me and my beasty defence and constantly spaming me on steam chat: "Hi wana try betsy? wana help me fix that wep? wana do that?" sure i dont mind ppl being undergeared for NM4 but sure its frustrating.. so unless people are polite enough and have character i can take advantage of myself by being able to bring other characters into a game without ruining the core setup what this game needs is some kind of Check system or something like a looking for group channel or anything that i can Check: I got a squire waller, i have frost traps or i got serenity purge, and this is what i need to be able to build and so on.. or ppl have to start lvling other characters than just dpses with green/blue gear so they are able to provide towers for a teambased game there i got that of my chest..
  13. i got tons of questions really but ill take the most intresting ones at this time. t 1. Is there going to be any love shown to towers like cannons and flameburst for NM4 builds? i got 10k dps cannons with 30% crit and 11k critdmg and 356k walls but they are not even close to effective as traps.. and they get totaly obliterated wherever u place them most of the time.. 2. Will there be more effective tower-synergies introduced to the game? 3. Will there be any new spheres/uber spheres coming soon? 4. When are the new class specs coming out? :) 5. Whats up with the barricade bug with mobs just ignoring it and walking passed it? 6. Have you thought of creating uberspheres or anything else like Huntress Elemental chaos sphere to make classes being able to deal both physical and magical damage? this way will open up more possibillitys to builds and letting people focus on one specific character they like. (also would improve the solo aspect of the game)
  14. Hello folks. i was wondering is there anyone of you that managed to beat any nm4 maps with projectile towers like cannons/flamers and so on. ive been trying in for countless of times to find and manage to build a proper projectile tower build for nm4 but it does not rly work at all even tho i got walls with 311k base hp and 14 lv 50 characters with good enough gear to clear at least gates at nm4.. i find it rather boring to run traps all the time and it being the only manageble build atm.. and ive never even liked traps, im more of a tower person :) atm projectile towers feels very inferior to traps and frosties :(
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