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  1. Yes. This has been happening for at least a week. I notice that everybody around me on the ladder have all stopped progressing as well. I tried all three server regions and two retries on lost temple takes you to the menu. I've given up on the game as 754 is too difficult with just one retry.
  2. That will only happen if you have transferred your gear to an alternate user and then transferred it back again after doing a reset. They did this to make it more difficult to do AP resets without farming the gear first. Easiest thing to do is to complete an Onslaught 30 which will unlock 6/10 C7 gear and then you can go to expeditions and 6/10 c7 gear should start dropping.
  3. Pretty sure it just counts the number of rerolls since it gave you a 10/10 regardless of which mod you were trying to reroll. Someone in an earlier thread just rerolled whenever they had the material and they suggested that it didn't need to all be done in one go.
  4. I rolled tenacity for 20 times and got a 9 so I put that one away. I then rolled another tenacity mod for a further 266 times before I got a 10. So it looks to me that it does not have to be the exact same relic before the safety 10 roll kicks in. I did all my rolls in one session.
  5. The materials vault is the last tab at the bank which is located in town.
  6. Seems like a good idea to me. I rolled 10 and all of them were 1 out of 10 rolls so I stopped as I figured I was wasting my time.
  7. Seems almost everyone commenting in here is not even on the AP leaderboard nevermind doing AP resets that go from 50 to 80. I did up to AP 19 with the old system and am now AP33. The new system is much quicker for those doing the early resets. Once you hit AP 25 or so it takes 4 times as long as it did on the old system. I don't think you'll see anyone pushing the AP leaderboards with this new system as it is just too time consuming.
  8. I got one since the last patch. Was on Juicebag's stream and he said he has been 140 floors without finding one.
  9. AP resets have gone from tedious but simple and quick when you did it to very time consuming once you hit about AP 25. So it's no surprise that people aren't pushing AP resets especially as once you get to about 30 the bonuses aren't really much use.
  10. Probably fastest way is to farm c1 to c3 to get plain motes. They sell for a minimum of 1 million per 99 stack and more if you are lucky.
  11. For me at least anyway. Two days ago steam started pricing games in Aussie dollars. Since then no DLC shows up for DD2 and if I go to the DLC pages directly there is no pricing. However there is an add to cart button and out of curiosity I pressed it and when I check my cart it has added the DLC in but the price is $0.00. I was tempted to see if I could complete the transaction but didn't want to waste my time when you inevitably took it away. Just thought you guys should know.
  12. I bought the materials bag and once I saw how it worked I felt ripped off. The problems I see are 1. 999 limit is way too small. You need 450 motes to upgrade one c8 relic so that means it only holds enough for two. Make it 9999 and I'd be happy. 2. Doesn't hold Pet materials 3. Doesn't hold Talismans 4. Shard dust is unbelievably frustrating. If there is space in the materials bag for it why does it insist on being in my inventory? I never look or move shard dust and is an obvious candidate for only being in the materials bag. At the moment it is cheaper to just buy two bank vaults and you will get more storage space than one materials bag.
  13. Agreed. The 30 floor reset is ridiculously time consuming. It is at least six times the work of the old system for anyone doing AP 25+ and probably more like 10 times as much effort. I think I'll do one or two more and then set it down until they rethink this as the rewards are nowhere near the effort.
  14. It's a totally different game to the one you played. I would do the campaign again as it has been improved immensely and serves as a tutorial. Run through expeditions until you have chaos 7 gear and then move onto onslaught or mastery.
  15. I have been doing resets and I get one every 10 floors including 60 and 70.
  16. Congratulations to all those who finished their AP resets before the changes. You have saved yourself countless hours of effort. I have had a look and it appears that you have at most four people doing any resets above AP30 and in fact there might only be one person. Everyone else seems to have given up. I think I know why. Requiring us to regear and push level 50 to 80 is just too time consuming especially with the Lost Temple pathing issues and the luck of the draw Omega boss waves. It has been almost a month and I've managed to go from AP 19 to AP 28 in that time playing approx. 8 hours a day 7 days a week. I haven't been shard farming, doing mastery or farming for motes (I buy those on the marketplace). Just been doing AP resets. You made it much easier for low level AP resets but high level AP resets are just ridiculously time consuming. I'd also like to mention that I don't think you have adjusted the chaos 8 ampoule drop rate for levels 40 through to 80. I have yet to find one chaos 8 ampoule in all those runs. I wouldn't have thought the drop rate for those would be that close to zero below level 80.
  17. Agreed. I have played 8 hours a day (with maybe three days off) since the mods patch and I have found two fully green mods in total. Neither was any use. I also think there is too big a difference between a fully green mod and all the other colours which are basically identical.
  18. I'm doing the AP grind and find I can do multi-player onslaught until about 49. After that with most mods being fixed amounts (melee xplode for 600K for eg) and my defenses doing fixed amounts the extra health of the monsters is just too much to bother with multi-player. The game is significantly easier solo from then on. Plenty of multi-player in expeditions though.
  19. Not many people have reached the omega boss levels yet but the forums are full of complaints about them from those that have. I wonder if Trendy have ever tried to do the AP grind with these omega boss levels? The boss levels feel totally like a lottery. From the pathing issues, the teleporting boss issues and just so much ground to cover that some boss combinations just give you no chance. Then it's 25 minutes getting back for another chance at the lottery. We've suggested things they could change but they just don't seem interested. If they can't implement replay then have the boss level as a separate one wave level after lost temple. That way we can do just the boss level and replay it until we get the lucky combination. It would reduce the frustration immensely. It's also been suggested that you "win" the map after 5 levels and the 6th level is a bonus level for extra loot or something. I'm hoping they do something before we all quit.
  20. Am AP26 have done at least 7 resets since the patch running 40s through to 70s and not found one C8 amp yet. So looks like chance to drop on lower floors is almost 0%.
  21. That bag is the worst purchase I have ever made in a free to play game. Talismans should definitely be in there. Why does chaos shard dust also stay in my inventory when there is a spot for it in the crafting materials bag? Why are pet materials not in the materials bag? Why only 999 items allowed to be stored when for instance you require us to have 450 pristine motes for one chaos 8 upgrade. It should allow you to store at least 9999 items. I have plenty of items in the materials bag already up to the maximum allowed. My advice to anyone is don't buy the materials bag. Buy two bank vaults instead. They are cheaper and hold a lot more than the materials bag.
  22. On Dev stream they said it was a memory problem. The map is too big to do replay on. I suspect this is only a problem for consoles. Would be good if they could implement it for PC. The Omega boss waves are such a pain without replay. You spend ages getting to it and replay is needed so badly. I think they should move omega boss waves to a separate one wave only Lost temple or move it to a map that has replay.
  23. Is intended apparently. I think they want you to work a bit harder on AP resets.
  24. So I spend 30 mins doing the lost temple and then the 6th wave spawns. It is either all over in a flash and I have won or I don't have time to react to what is happening and it is another 25 mins getting to the boss wave. The problems I see are:- - Lost temple pathing is still unpredicatable in two ways. Firstly bosses don't always take the indicated path. Secondly at times the bosses will spawn outside the spawn zones bypassing half the defenses. - Most bosses one hit the crystals giving no time to defend. - A lot of bosses are getting stuck in spawn when you spawn three of them. Steam rollers and bastille master are particularly prone to this. (Getting killed by bastille master when you are on other side of the map is not much fun either). They take so long to die by timer. - There is no replay feature for lost temple. So 30 mins and then you have to start again. I understand this is a memory problem but I suspect that is only for consoles. I suggest you either move the omega boss waves to maps that can be restarted or add restart functionality to lost temple for PC only. I don't spend much time in town but I've now seen two people begging for help because they have to face omega boss waves on their current onslaught level. I suspect his is because lost temple is so big and it is very difficult for one person to cover all the potential problem areas. The situation is so not fun and I think you should disable omega boss waves while you rework it.
  25. I was AP 20 before the patch. Went back and tried to do onslaught 10 and didn't get a weapon. Grinded my way through and did an AP reset and now my minimum floor is 39. Tried onslaught 10 and got a weapon. Same for 20. So I'm guessing that if before the patch you had already achieved an onslaught level higher than the equivalent of 10 then it thinks you have already done it.
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