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  1. Was an event that passed. You can't get them now unless you trade for them. I really friggin' hate online games that do this.
  2. I set someone on fire. :skeleton: http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/595829703875302657/0A7F3CCF2C434BF6BE7BF0B0330515E143489E74/
  3. Mana bomb is crap. Better off just shooting things with charged staff shots.
  4. there is no auto aim in this game. wrong
  5. Click on forum actions then select edit profile.
  6. If you post it here, the payers and rich people will sink your thread. 3.49 I can afford that. Huuuurrrr I must be a millionaire! Trendy have never said the gender swap characters would be free. You just assumed they would be because the previous DLC was.
  7. Just saw the new abilities in-game and they're all better than the current heros. Uninstalling now. Enjoy your Pay2Win ****fest Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
  8. Consider it payback for Skyrim. Dat #@%$ing UI man.
  9. Normal vision should have the Apprentice targeted by default. "I sure hope nothing jumps me while I repair this tow-AAAAAAAAARHG!" *Dead* :warrior:
  10. After wiping on a map because... Because you're bad. turrents What?
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