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  1. I concur with most if not all hypno has said; nicely articulated! The shared DR really did a diservice to strategy
  2. Unless something has changed, doesn't destructive pylon specifically state "Does not stack with Destruction.....". Meaning that you are effectively only putting a Power Pylon into the tower if you are also using Destruction. (If there is some sort of bug that lets them stack then I would love for someone to explain it) Yeah but it works apparently ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Trendy did comment & say they plan to fix that but that was about a year ago so.. it's easily replaced with a vampiric empowerment either way
  3. This may be superfluous but end game I would reommend: Destruction(gilded)/mass destruction/destructive pylon As for mods: max rate/controller/anti-melee Im late into end game among the top of leaderboards & those work really well for me
  4. Yikes -- Bro its worth mentioning Trendy is literally working on this as we speak, so preaching to the choir on this one. The most optimal way to go about it is get all of your resets out of the way before upgrading every gear piece on your heroes. Just to put it in perspective, there are currently players resetting multiple times per day all whilst spending around 5 mil gold per ancient power
  5. I played a lot of DD2 in early 2016, subsequently I've collected many older gear pieces I.E. Armored Cleanser. I plan to return & get back into the game with this upcoming update. I'm just inquisitive to the extent of this new upgrading system; will I be able to bring back any older themed weapons back from the grave & on par with high end gear? Apologies if this has been asked before, just recently returned to the forums.
  6. Dewkin


    0.o Kinda wish we kept this on the downlow
  7. I agree wholesomely with this post. Glad to see we already got a community manager to take a look at it!
  8. Wait what? I mean, the rest of your post seemed pretty solid...but I had a lot of trouble taking it seriously after this in the opening. Ipwr was a horrific mess that has done more than its fair share to ruin the game. It would take a truly ingenious system to somehow worsen the gear situation. From your post, it sounds like they might have actually pulled that miracle off. But to claim the starting point was remotely good is... As of now, what we have is absurd. So much so, even the hardcore players werent sure what the hell was going on with the loot. After finding out that the loot scales off of all your heroes in your deck stats, many have come to a common consensus that its rather dumb. To the casual player, many will have no clue what is going on or how to properly progress & get better gear drops. IPWR was a simple made way to see instantaneously if the gear piece is better stat wise. Was nothing more than a simple number identification signifying how well a player was equipped. Prior to this update, yes you can argue that a player that is 750ipwr is better than someone who is 788ipwr due to 750ipwr player having better passives. Regardless of that, what we have now is a pretty awkward system where you dont know if the fully upgraded item you have is worse based off its starting stats compared to a newly found item.
  9. As a former hardcore player, reaching above 750 ipwr on most toons prior to this update. I've decided to take my time with this update to form a proper consensus. I've seen many posts on day one complaining about the update, I for one knew better than to jump to conclusions with little playtime. Now that I have had a good bit of time, lets get into my opinion shall we. Loot > I will start by saying, this is the update that would make or kill the game. Unfortunately, this is the latter. Prior to this update, there were many legendary items to be sought after & getting that one lucky drop made it that more precious. It's the same strive for gear that both Borderlands & Diablo had. As of now, there is no cool item/weapon/armor piece. It is now these shards, gear feels absolutely obsolete. Loot drops as of now are overly unnecessarily complex. Ipwr was a great system & now it just feels like a jumbled mess. Shards/Passives > I shouldnt touch on these too much, as there are still many to be discovered. As of now however, shards are quite lackluster. It almost feels lazy, rather than going through & making a cool item with a neat passive on it, you've just replaced it with rune-like items that feels utterly meaningless & is still left up to RNG. Even then the shards thus far have been rather basic. Defense range/Defense power are essentially the go to for towers. Although, there could be much more extraordinary shards in chaos 5. Haven't seen anything truly unique in chaos 4. Progression/Ascension > This is something I felt was done right, Ascension sounds like a great idea! Albeit given enough time there will be a power creep. So far however, I think its terrific! Love the thought of essentially endless progression through a leveling system. No more do I feel i'm literally doing nothing but wasting my time spending a few hours for a certain item to drop & not getting anything. (throwback to the good ol' armored cleanser days) Mobs/Special enemies > Now, what made DD1 so great was how well the difficulty was managed. The special nightmare minions (sharken, djinn, goblin copter, spiders) all had something truly unique about them & had to be met with a slightly different approach that would often times require a dps toon or a switch up of a build. DD2 special chaos minions however are not on par with the special enemies DD1 had. Not to say they're terrible & should be removed, just needs some tweaking. The biggest issue with the chaos mobs is that geode. I've seen several posts pointing out the flaws it introduces. Essentially, Many towers are rendered obsolete, along side the siege roller, there is not much option in terms of towers. We have a plethora of heroes with unique defenses, however, we cant use most of them when pushing higher difficulties. This shouldnt be the case & really makes the game stale with few towers to use. Geode & siege roller need to be looked at. Conclusion > I covered what I felt was the more important focal point of this update, don't want to go into the meta as that always changes with each update. This game no longer has anything extraordinary for me to look forward to, It was the elusive gear pieces that had me coming back for more. No more do we have any real item to treasure & be proud of. It has withered down to these shards. Lately I've been farming greystone plaza chaos 4 & I realized that's all i'm going to be doing with this update, using nimbus clouds since most towers are rendered pointless. Making micro stat improvements to my gear, praying to RNG for a unique shard to drop. All of this for what? So I can continue to farm the map up until chaos 5? There are no other maps that offer anything unique anymore, no elusive armored cleanser, no whaling monk polearm. Just repeating this map over & over for a decent shard. . . So I can continue to do the same thing. I want to hear the communities opinion, now that its the weekend & the update has been out for a while. Would love to hear a consensus from others & what they think
  10. so can we make a conclusion on the goto pet ability or are they all pretty balanced now?
  11. They are not lying lol. Already got my reward from the latest campaign challenge. I think why it's taking time is because they said something about a custom reward or something. Apparently i received a message seven days ago, but didn't noticed it xD And now i feel kinda bad for what i've said before... @Dewkin Check your messages tab on this site. Maybe you have one as well. Gee, now i feel bad as well.. with that being said... I still have yet to receive a reward lol Edit: just checked in-game as well to see if there was something in mailbox, nope. Guess I just got shafted
  12. [[43706,users]] Nope, was just thinking about this earlier. Now there are several other challenges going around. Like Enigma said, I don't feel like I need Trendy to award me for completing a challenge. But when they explicitly say there is a reward to be had & I go out of my way & use up my time to achieve the reward.... but yet here we are over a month past the challenge was announced. Seems like Trendy blatantly lied & manipulated us into doing a quirky challenge. Game is slowly dying & their development decisions are contributing to that, & now they're lying about giving out rewards which is just an all time low
  13. [[150185,users]] Have I ever told you the definition of insanity? Its when you do the same thing over & over again expecting things to change. Seem familiar with your grinding dilemma & those 750ipwr gear pieces? Im an end game player, Majority of my heroes have got 701-750 ipwr gear in their slots. I stopped playing all together when I realized how stupid I was to use all the time & effort for gear pieces that did nothing for me. I now lurk the forums from time to time awaiting a substantial update or 2 that will revamp the difficulty & make 750 gear pieces worth while
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