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  1. OMG lol :D.......this is the rarest of the rare, an MC Hammer B-track reference 20 years after release.... I bestow upon thee the golden chalice of internet obscurity.
  2. There is also an environmental way to drench enemies. Waterfalls (forest crossroads) and streams (siphon site D) will do it...there are probably others. Geyser traps + Electric Aura is without a doubt the easiest way to accomplish it.
  3. I have no experience in early access gaming before this and considering how much I loved DD1 I jumped at the chance when I saw it shortly after availability. For some reason I thought it would be pretty far along and maybe a few months off completion. I have since learned to bide my time and not expect much despite paying full admission price off the bat. Hard lesson not to be repeated. Regardless, I actually do have faith that DD2 will shape up to what we hope it will be in the long run.
  4. Because it is non-incremental it's like downloading the whole game while you already have the previous whole game on HDD. Once it is done then you have roughly the same space as before you started. I think you can just delete the game and start from scratch to prevent this.
  5. Does anyone else want pet abilities totally removed? I'm thinking it's just you Drew. If they did, what's the point of even having different pets other than cosmetic. They put way too much work into PAs to just scrap it and plus they add depth to character builds. And from where I am sitting at less than perfect everything I need them.
  6. Welcome to early access gaming where stuff can change. I am sorry you spent too much time farming perfect gear.
  7. Loot version 2 sounds great! It covers ALL the stuff I thought was off. I am concerned that the font size or the issue with non persistent item locking was not addressed. I know it drives some people nuts. Definitely excited about it! :D
  8. Not complaining but this month I got to be "that guy" who put it off til the very end and lost in the home stretch. I started off very strong and got to 70 affection within the first few days then totally shelved the game dying of boredom. I remembered at 7pm that it was the end of the month and raced home to do onslaught, I got the last 5 done by 8:30ish and went to hatch 15 eggs to complete. Going back to social tavern I saw the monthly was gone, disheartening but fark it. I'll stick to my fully evolved green purlin I heard the sword was meh.
  9. Son, I am disappointed. I was really hoping you were going to demonstrate an impeccable game with apprentice shields being a keystone not a graphical glitch or whatever that was. :/ Sad flaccid trombone
  10. You can let a solo bomber hit a wall or something and check the number. I'm thinking it's around 10k damage as a rough guess. You're just not going to survive it without health investment. I may be totally wrong though. Avoid at all costs!
  11. Don't get me wrong I am hanging in. I still think DD2 has high potential. I am just doing the dailies for the wyvern tokens because I don't hve all the ubers or lil' Betsy yet. Just that there is no need for urgency and I am just backing off to let see how things evolve. Maybe I am just unfamiliar with how these things work, but I am still blown away that they would expect people to pay for something so totally unprepared for general release (which I did on full faith) . Not to slam TE but this is reminiscent of the boston big dig. I.E it will never happen and we are all suckers.
  12. Not to be a ***, but could you please take the time to type your words out fully. You're not texting and that barely passes for English.
  13. I am leaving this totally wide open but intend this to be a constructive thread. Just want to have a discussion,
  14. Was there ever a chance at PS4 players getting Dracolich? Did I miss that or was it not even there... :/
  15. Woah we? Speak for yourself anarchist! Just kidding. A gold-grabbing medium sphere that covers the map might be easier. On your thought though, I do wish there was a pet ability which could repair all things in an area or have more support ability other than offense. I guess hex, gravebolt, bubble sphere, wave, might be considered supportish.
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