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  1. lol, ive been receiving newsletters about the update, and all this other *** ive been excited and waiting for to happen, and i cant even do, i think this is the final straw with this game for me.
  2. I got a code for 200 defender medals in the newsletter how do i claim this on ps4? there is no option in the mailbox for me to enter a code.
  3. I've been playing dungeon defenders right now, and in my opinion whats killing the game, besides lack of game development , is the lack of players in the game. When you look at a game, like Rocket league for example, that was dying out, and made free to play, and was reborn into a whole new era of gaming, why don't you guys make this a free to play game for a month? Get the player base up, get some income through micro transactions and get this game to a fun, up to date playable state?
  4. I've been trying to play this with people for the last month, and between game crashes, not being able to select a map, getting kicked out of games i actually join, it's hard to continue playing. I have 1 level 50 so far, and i definitely need some work, but im looking for people to play with so it's at least an easy time to get into a game / have a better time playing it. I bought this because of my love of wintermaul and td games in warcraft 3, And am truly disappointed in the lack of support that the developers have shown this game. PSN : p1zz4k1d
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