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  1. -I cant skip the intro cutscene upon launching the game, yes i have tried pressing every key multiple times, very annoying -build phase on insane shouldnt suffer from slower building just because it has a timer it should be saved for the jump to nightmare like dd1 -later campaign maps atleast on hard are dropping way worse items than the mid tier maps -movement could use a little more work -wish you could see all your stats and gear on 1 screen including applying level up bonuses like dd1 -when hovered over an item instead of comparing by showing me which stats are higher and lower(bugged) show me the item its comparing it to please -ui could use a little more work especially upgrading -kobolds are too fast, if you dont have a wall they will run right past everything and be on your crystal in like a second -swapping feels a little buggy sometimes and also i am not a fan of just swapping using hotkeys and prefer a forge and also collecting mana from chests as it adds more strategy to the game -cast scales poorly with building keep up the great work chromatic
  2. Cap res on your dps chars, try for a better dps pet for your monk such as crystalline dragon, goblin cupid, seahorse etc... You will want some different ones for the new bosses. Try to increase monks aura range/rate, more hp on your summoner, better traps in general. The current meta for doing content is putting down lightning towers and deadly striker towers and defense boosting them. For harder maps traps and minions will be tankier but have slower clear speed. For clearing harder survivals just bring in multiple wheeling jesters and wheel damage all. The dps meta is using an ev with an ember sceptre and hero boosting him vs any boss you can. Getting better gear is just a matter of time in grinding the correct maps. You can grind maps on campaign with 4x of the same hero type in to get more armor and pet drops. You can farm survivals with 1x weapon type in or summoner. Do winter wonderland, temple of love, arcane library, etc for good accesories.
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    Dear Garzhod, Im sorry I upset you for making a joke bid on your super cool mischief maker. Kind Regards, Hippo
  4. well you never know really with all the new stuff maybe they gave these guys some crazy multipliers like poly weps
  5. leveling maps would be glitterhelm insane for early game. early mythical farming map would be bonus maps on insane hc campaign, or later campaign maps on nmhc preferably survival. Arcane library is a very op map in terms of difficulty and loot returns, same thing for moonbase. early trans gear would be any bonus map on either insane hc or nmhc. Maps to try would be tinkerers lab, moonbase, arcane library, bucaneer bay, coastal bazaar, kings game. These maps are very simple and give great gear. If your farming campaign maps for armor make sure to bring in 4x of the same weapon type characters for less junk weapon drops. Also learning which maps drop what would be a great help such as arcane library dropping very good quality accesories on victory, certain map rewards for weapons with stats, certain map rewards for good dps weapons. If you struggle with anything such as breaking in to nmhc make a jester to wheel or mana/purity bomber.
  7. dont join it its literally just spammed with porn and weird ***ing hentai i think op deserves a ban for posting this
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