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  1. Hey guy's, i read the new stuff that came out right now and it doesn't say anything abouth the ps4 Sooo could we atleast Deserve a EST? I haven't played DD2 For a month and a half now because is boring as hell. I dont mind waiting but i want to know how long its gonna take. n.n the pc gamers get the events sooner and still they complain like kids ''when will the abyss lord update be released?" Ps4 DD2 is not really ''free'' and i really doubt abouth the ps4 catching the pc gamers. I know timmyT. Is doing his best and actually replies to my questions unlike amson, but can we get a EST please
  2. Hey its ICE CUBE O_O ( the rapper) Btw i would have gladly helped you guy's but i cant count xD 1+1=11!!!!
  3. The tower skins, when will it be done? Because on the ps4 the game is boring as hell while the pc gamers get the joy. A reason to play for a week or 2.
  4. Hey guy's Need help with my squire on nm4. I need equipement thats all xD dont care if we lose on the 5-6 wave. Yeeaaah pm me on ZPCI_-PaNDa-_
  5. Can't blame it on Sony. TE didn't start ps4 same time as pc to begin with. We are missing pets PC has with no communication on if we will get them. We are missing items because of the Steam group milestones (which I'm apart of but will miss the rewards), we weren't even discussed in the recent dev blog really. Here is the thing. I like TE. I loved DD1. I've been playing ps4 DD2 since Sept release. I've been lurking on the forums for months. I only started posting because at some point you have to stop making excuses for them ans simply hold them accountable for what they say and do.
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