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  1. Yep! In Dungeon Defenders 2.
  2. Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198247370436/ Screenshot: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1108513511 1. Dragon of the North 2. NPC 3. Blu
  3. I would like to join this as well
  4. I am once again selling coal for mana just to upgrade a few items. 12B per coal. Steam user: Craftboyworld
  5. I just like how hats get enlarged on the apprentice :D
  6. That sounds. . . expensive. I guess I will just wait for the next event that will provide armguards. Thanks for responding!
  7. Lately, I have been interested on getting my hands on some armguards. The only problem is that they are no longer really being sold on the market these days. Because of that, I dont really know the ideal price for the cheapest armguards. So my questions are what are the cheapest armguards are what is the price of those armguards.
  8. I was wondering what the maximum amount of upgrades for a moby's mobile launcher is. I have been thinking to trade for one but dont want to get a hacked item and get banned for being so careless.
  9. Just wondering how much a glaciers demise and a black magic is worth these days
  10. Rubby Your skin is the opposite of grubby Your hair, so delicate and nice I sometimes want to shave it off and eat it like rice When I hear your voice during the order of paradox stream My heart pounds, pumping with blood and what I am going to dream Kana may be great, but you are better Don't tell him because that may change tomorrow nights weather When you tell me stories to put me to sleep I dream of you, I'm definitely not a creep Always wonder if my basement is okay As you sleep in it after a wonderful day Rubby, you better read this and cry Because if you don't, I will die THE END Rubby Votre peau est à l'opposé de grubby Rubby Votre peau est à l'opposé de grubby Vos cheveux, si délicats et agréables Je veux parfois le raser et le manger comme du riz Quand j'entends ta voix pendant l'ordre du flux paradoxal Mon coeur bat, je roule de sang et ce que je vais rêver Kana peut être génial, mais vous êtes mieux Ne lui dites pas, car cela peut changer demain soir. Lorsque vous me racontez des histoires pour me mettre à dormir Je rêve de vous, je ne suis certainement pas un fluage Je me demande toujours si mon sous-sol est correct Comme vous y dormir après une journée merveilleuse Rubby, tu ferais mieux de lire ça et de pleurer Parce que si vous ne le faites pas, je mourrai LA FIN (P.S. Avonlea, I better get extra points for using google translate and bringing the French translation here. :D )
  11. I have some coal and want to sell it to upgrade my gear. Add me on steam if you are interested.
  12. one piece. I gave other pieces to my friends and now I have one left. So I decided to sell it.
  13. I just the mana for upgrading
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