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  1. And why projectile speed so high? Is it worth to put points in Damage over Projectile Speeds when it's kind of low?
  2. Thanks, what about armor though? I assume tower stats for tower heroes and ??? for DPS. Like what's the priority?
  3. When upgrading a Weapon, Pet or Weapon, what is the top priority to invest in for different situations?
  4. Tabben

    WTB Coals

    I'm buying coals for a reasonable price DM me for trading! :D
  5. How do I reset all my achievements, characters, maps and everything in general? I want a fresh start with my friends. :)
  6. Hey, I'm looking to buy a few item sets of Goldy, Mythical, etc. quality. Send me a PM if you've got something to sell! :)
  7. Weapon  That's the weapon, I got it myself, taking offers.
  8. Uhh, I don't know. It's been a while since DD :) I still got a few cubes, but not a lot. Can you tell me what's affordable?
  9. The title says it. :)
  10. It's being IC'd, don't worry!
  11. I'll give this 1 more hour, if no one else offers, I'll make the trade. :)
  12. Hello defenders,I have an animorphic ember, and It's pretty good. I accept coal and cubes. Make offers below, and good luck! :) Picture: imgur -Tabben
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