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  1. Thats cool Gobu! Do i see a goblin hiding on the one branch of the tree there? So sweet! Sorry, but from my tests, goblins can't climb trees...
  2. Right, I managed to get hold of the new update, so I may as well get ahead of the game. I hope I win. (image wasn't working before, hopefully it is now....)
  3. I made a post in the suggestions section with ideas for his abilities, mechs, passives, weapons and spheres :P
  4. (foreword: these stats are assuming that the "Man & Machine" is level 50, without any gear, though for the abilities he has SAS in ability power, hero dmg and hero hp. He would have SAS in tower dmg, hp, speed and crit for the described mech stats) (Of course leave criticism and further ideas below; be nice because I'm only human.) Contents: Bio/loreOther things to knowAbilitiesMechsWeaponsPassivesSkill spheres"They call him the maker. Ever since he left his workshop to buy a wagon of parts, he has been a magnet for attention from the goblins. So, he found a better thing to do than make se
  5. *make it cost medals and most people will be likely to not bother with the wheel *2500 gold *no one is going to waste their medals now except cookidevour :P
  6. [[52650,users]] "...you cannot run it with gold" Good idea. I geared 2 heroes from lv0, 0 ipwr to lv50, over 700 ipwr within 2 hours.... Just a little bit broken.... (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)
  7. Right, here we go: Good idea, may need some balancing tweaksTrendy have previously made a point that DD2 will be F2P, but I think that there is a reason that all current aesthetics are paid; they are an option,and don't really give an advantage."...y'all could just recolor a couple of towers and sell them for Defender Medals and they'd still sell." This doesn't really make the skin all that worthwhile though, does it? How happy would you be if you pre-ordered the new X-Box and the only difference was that it came in blue?This probably doesn't make sense and it might just be 5 minutes of my lif
  8. If I was forced to choose, I would go for the Vampire Hunter, with the cape, but I think we need more elemental variants. I propose a water spirit/nymph vibe, maybe a little something like this: Please do this for meh, Trendy..... (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
  9. Also remember that this idea could be tweaked; for example these missions would give a reduced (or zero) amount of medals, or there were a salve/item that could be found that reduces wait time for missions by [x]%. Obviously the max would be <10%, but for some people, that could be the reason they play that little bit extra. If you do have an idea for improvements, or even a new idea, make sure to reply.
  10. I suppose so but maybe it would come at a cost of something a little bit more frivolous, like having to sacrifice multiple items with over a certain amount of iPwr, or (if we're talking about extremes) to have to spend our blue gems.
  11. As a committed member of the Dungeon Defenders 2, as well as a hardy veteran of Dungeon Defenders, I feel the need to, every so often, contribute my ideas. This one was recently sparked by TrendyEnt's latest event, "Mission Madness". I thoroughly enjoyed this one (and am now comfortably at 5k defender medals) and thought Trendyent could use some inspiration for their crazy game. I've come up with my own already, and feel free to leave your suggestions below. Here we go: -Buying new missions This one was my first idea; and sounds a little broken when you see/hear it at first. My idea is that w
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