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  1. PS3 or Xbox? PS3, don't know if it works on Xbox but I think it will. But you must buy everything again and start over again, unless you could copy your data, but on PS3 that is impossible.
  2. I created an account in the US region, used a adress in California, bought DD again and... Insane+ is unlocked!!!!! Sky City and Boss Rush! All the good stuff is there for me and my brother. Thanks a million man! There is only one downside, we have to buy everything again...
  3. @H3LLF1RE456 quote: I could try that, but I'm not sure if I would have to buy the game again which would mean that I would have to start all over again... And I already had to start over again months ago because all my data was suddenly lost, don't really wanna farm 7 lvl83 charachters again ;). Although I could use a glitch for that this time, i would still need to farm good gear and new weapons. Not sure if I'll ever again get an undying rod with 198^. creating an account like this isn't illegal right? Don't wanna get bannend, even DD isn't that good ;). Thanks for the help!!
  4. Turns out it is impossible to change regions / servers on a PS3 system. So we EU guys will never get the insane+ stuff.... That sucks, does this kind of thing happen often in the world of games? It kinda sounds absurd.
  5. i didn't know that, although I have always understood that there had to be something stopping Trendy from releasing the update. Wouldn't make much sense to only release updates to random regions. I contacted Playstation Support to ask them about changing the servers on a PS3 system so I'd be able to download the update from there. I'll post their answer here, maybe it is possible and it can help other people out as well, and if not all hope is lost...
  6. Trendy won't do it because they have to pay a lot of money for console updates and it is not financially reasonable. But they already released the update in other regions right? Are those regions cheaper ;) But yeah I understand they won't release it now, to few players so it's not worth it on their end... still, is there no way for my brother and me to enjoy the good stuff from insane+?
  7. Thanks for the respond anyway! kinda sucks Trendy won't release the update to us or tell us why, I don't have any programming knowledge but I guess to "Copy Paste" the update is impossible. Anyone else who might know if changing the server would work and how to do it? Cause I don't have a clue I'm afraid.
  8. So me and my brother live in EU West region and we still don't have the insane+ update with sky city and crystalline dimension. Even if it's impossible to release this update now, can we get it any other way, maybe by changing the server or something?? Please help ;) Btw to the people suggesting Sony canceled the update, I contacted them, they told me they didn't. They said I should contact Trendy... so here I am.
  9. I understand why the PS3 version of Dungeon Defenders can't be updated, but me and my brother live in EU West region. We don't have the insane+ / Sky City / Crystalline Dimension / Boss Rush stuff, and we would love to play those missions. Is it possible for us to somehow get this update? Maybe change the server to get the update? Thanks in advance...
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