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  1. I'm back from a short hiatus. Mainly because I noticed the DDDK update. Seems like CrzyRndm got here first this time. :demon: Hmm, after some more looking would you mind telling me if I'm on the right track for understanding it or just completely lost? Does the quality have to do with the rating returned by GetEquipmentRating and GetEquipmentRatingPercent or are those used solely for the comparison function? The rating returned by GetEquipmentRating is used for qualities at mythical and above. Qualities themselves are actually divided into a few subgroups which have slightly differe
  2. So regular NM survival and NM pure strat have same chances? Pure Strat won't affect reward pets. It'll decrease regular drop quality, but not the pet rewards.
  3. RNG gave me this while I was testing some mod script a few weeks ago. Because of how I generated it, that had exactly the same chance as the same item with nothing but +330 to 8 stats... Also fun fact: Apparently, it was better than wearing nothing, even though the quality would have been well into the negatives, and it would've reduced most of my hero stats to 0. Odd. Rageamok's cleats take the cake, though. Each neg higher than 115 had a less than 7% chance to be negative, yet he still managed to get 3 of them. Less than 0.001071875% chance (0.5^5 * 0.07^3) of getting that spre
  4. Alternatively, I can run 4 boxing of NM pure strat to get 4 kobolds at once. Are my chances at getting a perfect kobold better with four slightly lower quality kobolds per run versus the one of NMHC? NMHC is, at best, 50% higher multipliers on the Kobolds, and depending on how close they already come to the cap, could be less than that. So, considering you can beat NM with 4 players vs NMHC with 1, that's 4 kobolds at 100% base chance of a capped stat, or 1 kobold with 150% base chance of a capped stat. NMHC doesn't even double your chances of a perfect kobold, so taking 4 chances at a l
  5. While you're here, what boost does MM give to drops? By the default values, it starts at adding roughly 10% to the value of the wave number, but it's worth proportionally less when you start adding in factors like NM and HC. That line of code is essentially (wave number / scaler) * (Base Multiplier + MM Multiplier + NM Multiplier + HC Multiplier), so the more modes you have on, the less bonus each gives proportionally (a little diminishing returns). At best it's about 10%. At worst (with default values), it can be worth as little as 5%. I think I calculated it as 2% for NM HC MM Palantir
  6. We are to assume that you have run Taven NMHCMM? You are to assume that I know, as a fact, that mix mode will never affect a survival pet. The function the game uses to give out survival pets never checks mix mode.
  7. NMHC will have the best chances of perfect Kobolds, period. There's no such thing as rollover on hero stats, only a piece of code that intentionally makes stats negative - and the chance of that negative is the same regardless of what the stat rolls to, as long as the stat is over 150. If your insane kobold's stats are regularly over 150, they pretty much have the same chance of being negative as a nightmare kobold. If you can't do NMHC, NM regular or NM pure strat will have equal rewards. Mix Mode won't affect the kobolds in the slightest, so don't worry about that.
  8. Hey there I would have wanted to know WHY things can't be upgraded when they spawn with a base stat of 1. It's understandable for upgrades, if it's 1/1 that's normal. but for THAT... (also one of my friends complains about the lack of projectiles for the same weapon.) Specifically, damage stats only upgrade if the stat itself is above 0; most weapons have a base damage of 100-400, and the RNG roll being negative can reduce that below 1, which renders the stat un-upgradeable. When applied to other functionality, if the damage is below 0, it gets boosted up to 1 for calculations, but
  9. Thought I'd drop some (mostly theoretical) info on Kobolds and Ultimate+, as there seems to be a lot of misinformation floating around. Firstly, Kobolds: 1) Work like pet rocks for stat generation. This means two things; first, the can never be Mythical or higher (the existence of higher qualities will never affect them), second, stats are reduced to the max after generation. 2) If the stats are reduced after generation, then multipliers high enough to go above the cap actually matter. Higher multipliers = higher chance to go over the cap. 3) It's almost certain that NMHC has higher
  10. So you're sayin that a monk gives a higher chance for ult ARMOR drops than the summoner? If so,all the better.Tower boost is wack. Number of characters and type of characters do not affect the RNG for item stats in any way. The only difference is how many items drop (number of characters in play) and what types of items drop (depending on the character classes in play). Because neither affect the RNG for stats, logically if you're looking specifically for armor, summoner's best, and ignore anybody who says otherwise. Consider: With summoner: 100 items drop All are armor RNG
  11. Someone said the other day that genie attack caps as well. maybe the number was 10k? Genie doesn't cap, but it gets to the point where upgrades are better spent in hero stats than the genie's attack. Djinnlet caps on mana return, which may be what you're thinking of. Can't remember the number off the top of my head, but the mana from Djinnlets caps by the time the pet reaches 5k damage. Most things in the game don't cap; they just reach a point where the scaling is terrible.
  12. We've been told the Jester is the last hero that will be added to the game. That's not to say Trendy will never consider it (imagine the scenario where a modder creates a new hero so good that Trendy just has to implement it) But it's probably not going to happen any time soon. At this point Trendy announcing a new hero would result in shock and awe.
  13. Just checked the figures. Mix mode is a 0.038 increase to the wave modifier section of the loot multiplier. (Not a flat 3.8% - it's added to the map's personal scaler and the nightmare and hardcore bonuses) Works out to be about 7% increased multiplier on NMHC, though it's worth a bit more (relatively) without those modes. That's just with the default figures. Harder maps have different figures, but MM doesn't really go over 10% of the total multiplier.
  14. Rarities below Mythical are essentially based on the average RNG roll (the original 0-1 roll before multipliers) of the item rather than total stats. The closer the average roll to 0, the lower the quality tag. An item with +400 to 5 stats and -400 to 3 might not qualify for mythical, and in fact could be quite low on the scale from cursed to godly. Even if those stats were in perfect slots for a specific build. Fun stuff. Mythical+ stuff cares more about total stats than the average stat roll. Qualities below that are... quite odd in how they work, but they obviously worked fine befo
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