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  1. Backlit game, missing tag on forums as well as Rift and Shadow skins; even have Riftraffe starter pet still. (did not make a Legacy character after Beta characters were wiped though)Will let you know any updates!
  2. As stated before, I was originally locked all the way back to chaos 1, I do not have access to chaos 5 currently. I had to start all the way back at chaos 1/ onslaught wave 1. That is my frustration, plain and simple.
  3. seeing i have full time job and this week ill b putting in over 90hrs from today on i dont see that happening- but it could. already got one reply to my ticket.
  4. time may change, but of you have the gear to complete higher content would you really want to re complete everything after sinking 638hrs for far? Just to get back to content to upgrade your gear? I'm not saying your wrong, but I am also returning with other people who have it unlocked already and are equivelent GEAR, but have 20+ ASC lvls so they are 250+ My post was also directed to the Dev's more then other players as well but seeign that they have removed the PC help thread I put it in General- as well as sending a ticket directly to QA, double exposure never hurts when i included the thread URL into the ticket.
  5. more the why do i have to put in this much effort (time) to get back to C6 (my gear equiv) then i feel obligated to get it unlocked, and if it happened to me, how many other people has it happened to, and decided to leave the community again since they feel jipped after sinking so much time into the game, and having to AFK sit thru the hours of onslaught they can already clear while sleeping.
  6. Returning PC Veteran player, use to b BiS geared before the 4th relic stat was added, have ASC lvl 220+ 11k+ relics and gear to match. Yet I'm locked from even going into C6 when I use to help people clear Sewers+ C7 before I quit. I was hoping there was a mistake on me getting a onslaught wave/C5+ clearance. At the time of posting i am AFK clearing Onslaught Wave 4+ feeling like I've been punished for leaving the game alone for an amount of time. Send help! Thank you for your time in advance! Happy gaming all!
  7. link to patch notes https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/134249/ Time of actual update? -unknown-
  8. They have removed Shellium Shards from even dropping anymore, unless you like collecting dead/removed content just sell them. No point in keeping them anymore, just filling your bags.
  9. alright nxt time i see one ill screen cap it and post it- lmao
  10. i didn't miss it- but I've seen it b4, so i didn't add it in, and it wasn't even maxed  also wuld have made the picture alot less clean looking.
  11. you said the same thing about Matt Damon. *face palm* I stand by that statement. at least u standing your ground! -Don't let them see you cry old boy- Drop a spoiler on release date? or holding out till dev stream? D:
  12. why the helm??? I don't see the plus sides of that helms rolls.
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