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  1. I'm not sure if this is a bug or the way its supposed to work - so I thought i'd get some thoughts before posting it in the bug reporting. When i'm flying as my gunwitch pressing X only sometimes increases the height. Can be very frustrating when i'm trying to fly over the top of bits of the map and my defences, I have to stop still, let myself float all the way to the ground and then i can double tap to get over the obstacle. Which given that i use my flying to get around the map quickly defeats the purposes. So am i doing it wrong or is this an issue that needs to be fixed?
  2. So I'm trying to go through all the bugs and give some comments and votes, but when I'm in each category and it has more than 1 page, when I go to page 2 or higher it will not load any content.
  3. So when I sell a purple or gold, once I click "okay" on the pop up it takes me to the general bag that stores all the pet stuff. Only happening for weapons and helmets - once I'm further down the list it stops. First time playing since new patch. Anyone else or am I just special??
  4. Siphon site d has this problem as well. I was grinding that map for some reason and hated when I had to play with headphones on.
  5. Im still doing NM4 onslaught and still am only getting it with defence. Which is annoying cause there's been some perks that I'd like for my gold grinder lol Maybe its an issue with the reward system from onslaught. Thats odd lol Been noticing it on non onslaught too, was just really obvious when doing 11.5 hours of onslaught lol.
  6. Today I played 11.5 hours of onslaught. Round 74 was where I gave up - purely because I have to work tomorrow and i need sleep. Playing this much onslaught was just a challenge to myself to see how far i could go (this is on NM4). Onslaught has always been the least appealing of the game modes and I think i have a few ideas. 1 - add the ability to earn gold and/or medals through onslaught. 11.5 hours of gameplay netted me 29k gold and zero medals (excluding the gold I got from selling the trash loot). Even if its at half the rate of a normal map or incursion, just so that its not all wasted ti
  7. Im still doing NM4 onslaught and still am only getting it with defence. Which is annoying cause there's been some perks that I'd like for my gold grinder lol
  8. Has anyone else noticed this? Since last update seems gear with jackpot is only dropping with defence stats. Which is frankly useless!! I'm on round 40 of onslaught currently and have not seen a single piece of jackpot gear with hero stats.
  9. Haven't played in 2 days. Played 1 map and get a message that I've reached the daily defender medal cap?? Completed a 300 medal daily, but that's only a total of 323 medals... not 2000...
  10. I like having witches mark. I'm kinda spread, have passives for a bit of everything. But the thing that i love is having witches mark on both my weapon and relic. Witches mark, two at twice the price and dragolich makes short work of the hardest enemy.
  11. FYI you don't need plus on either psn account - I don't have plus and a friend literally created her psn user Id to play with me one night, so def no plus, and it all worked fine.
  12. Everyone is different. My builds are usually serenity auras with purge evil, frost towers, electric auras, spike bloackade and elemental chaos traps. I DPS with a gun witch. Purge Evil is a must have perk - the pole arm with that is on the Malthus insurcsion I believe. For 20 DU it's a low cost defence that really helps. Most people on here will tell you to go poison dart tower/archers which is fine. I personally don't, but that's just how I play. I can do NM4 quite easy - I can't AFK it, which to me is good. I actually play the game then.
  13. I just saw this - feeling very happy about it, not that I should ever need to allocate that many points again. And I do feel a bit silly that I missed the du reduction in the patch notes. I read through it multiple times and missed it every time. Doesn't explain the fact that the first map reduced in the last patch. Let's just say that bad days at work, large patch notes and video games don't really mix too well. I may have been a little hasty and way too frustrated when I posted this!! >proceeds to complain about having to press a button to add extra stats. >complains about supposed
  14. Ok i think the game knew I was pissed at it. Mid way through wave 1, NM4 NImbus Reach and it suddenly goes "loading session" and dumps me into the first map in the campaign. Er, what?!?!?!?!?!?!? I give up for tonight...
  15. Firstly - Trendy where can I send my dr bill for the RSI I just got from having to reallocate my points on 8 heros?? 8 x 380 points = a lot of presses of the X button. Pretty sure I need a new one, it's pretty worn out. Can you PLEASE add making a long hold of the X button in the points, for both SAS and upgrades, just allocate points until we let go. Would have saved my poor fingers and wrists. Secondly, why do you keep reducing DU on maps without it being in the patch notes???? First it was the first map, dropped from 800 to 600. Now Nimbus reach has been dropped from 1400 to 1200. Fair enou
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