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  1. Australian here with over 4,500+ hours. Love this game. Been playing for a long time, bought most of the DLC and in-game gems. I was pumped to play this new patch, just like other players waiting for new content. I was committed to being one of the first 10 in Mastery despite the disadvantage we have in timezone, but now we have to deal with 250 - 400 ping. It's almost impossible to play with all the rubberbanding and insane delay especially in Mastery where challenges requires you to build x amount of time. I've been waiting for a long time for endgame and I'm devastated they removed the Oce
  2. AS server can't even compete for the first 10 cause of the timezone difference. Sucks Trendy didn't thought of it if they are looking for the top "skilled" players.
  3. fissures don't even have to start dealing dmg to disappear. iamisom - just place a fissure and then stand there for 10-20s staring at the fissure of embermount. Everything, except the core, disappears. Even upgrading does not help. Yeah, the fissure issue should also be fixed tomorrow. Please fix the frosty bug. People are exploiting it to instant kill the assassins in C5.
  4. I noticed his hero crit got nerfed from 41k > 8k SAS points with ability power and hero crit gear. Is this intended or balance fix?
  5. Congrats! [[150702,users]] Thanks for hosting! [[7176,users]] Awesome! Had a hard time thinking what Goblins should or can do XD
  6. You guys better fix the multiple builder lag before these new players start rolling in. It'll be a huge turn off for them. https://bugs.dungeondefenders2.com/home/bug/80/multiple-builder-lag-issue
  7. Halloween Contest Hero: Amon Overview Mechanic: Amon, male, has a rotting body that decays over a time frame of 80 seconds from his arms, legs, head and body resulting in death. To stay alive, you must collect the fallen enemy’s limps and slap it on your body, replacing your own to inherit a super ability. oAbilities 1: Head – Slap on an enemy’s head to inherit their ability: Goblin– Learn the life style of goblins. Gaining their knowledge and adapting to their language and turning them in to friendly units. Goblins deal 5% of your hero damage. • Orc – ascend to the strengths of Orcs wie
  8. My friend and I are having troubles getting in the server without getting errors or "lost connection to host". Sometimes we manage to get in-game but after 20 seconds of creating a match, we lag and get kicked to the main menu with an error. I've tried verifying the cache and that didn't work. We tried going in the US server and it was working fine, no errors or losing connection. Screenshots of errors Trying to go in-game Sometime this appears "Lost connection to host" Please fix!
  9. Why is it that a light monk weapon does double the damage of a medium weapon? I've recently just obtained a near perfect Wailing Glaive with water element after months of grinding, but unfortunately has medium speed. Using the light Wailing Glaive, I can hit up to 1.4m MAX w/ Dragolich Using the medium Wailing Glaive, 550k MAX w/ Dragolich What's the point of having medium when light is more than double the damage? In most MMO's heavy weapons tends to be slower, but hits harder. Is this intentional?
  10. Gearing my DPS Monk! Thanks for the giveaway. 
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