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  1. I've noticed the jerkiness from before server fix. Now i notice it a little less, more when there are a lot of thibgs on screen. But what I've noticed most with controls is precision jumping is somewhat wrecked at the moment with the floatiness and jerk.
  2. Ps4 has had it rough for the last 2 years. We had a huge amount of unplayable lag while in coop, it is better now, not fixed but better. I also have the same story as OP, wife and i were going to play tonight after time away because lag sucked any fun out of this and we can't get a streak going. Already made a ticket but it looks like this will go back on the shelf for awhile until fixed.
  3. I purchased the defender's pack and from the wording of the update should have skins. When i look i have none. Is this a bug or am i supposed to pick them up somewhere?
  4. For me it's an aesthetic thing. It would seem to be easier of there was a static disrance and not a fluctatiing one.
  5. Has anyone else noticed how thw "safe zone", the area around the enemy spawn points where you can't place defenses, isn't a static distance? Even on the same map it changes between the different lanes they have different spacing. Wonder if someone will shed some light on this? At least on ps4 this is the case.
  6. Anyone elsw beem having trouble loadong into the public tavern? Game just seems to stall out and i get infinite loading screen. Then i get error message saying I'm not connected to psn. Which before anyone says it, I am connected.
  7. Is the defender units bar ever going to be readable? As it is now, i have to guess how many units i have left, spam serenity auras to get a better estimate, or stand up, move in front of my tv and put my head like a foot away. You finally made gear text bigger why cant you do the same here?
  8. Anyone else finding that when attacking with the Mystic and hitting an enemy you become look locked? In other words, I'm attacking some rando enemy and I can only use my left stick my look/right stick don't change if I'm looking down at a 45 degree angle and hitting things i can't look up while hitting things. I need to stop attacking and look around.
  9. Oh and mystic towers don't visually change when upgraded. Don't know if intentional or not.
  10. As of today 9/30 the town/public tavern just goes to infinite load screen. I can do a private tavern.
  11. And as stated in the notes there is still no sound for opening cinematics on ps4
  12. Continuing this list after the revamp patch. Ps4 - infinite load screens Ps4 - still falling through map, only private tavern so far, when loading back in from dungeons Ps4 - sound bug still apparent in sewers and ramparts, sound volume maxs out regardless of setting Ps4 - split screen lag is still huge Ps4 - split screen player 2 doesn't register for the ui. The map and defense/wave info remained where it was for solo play. Player 2 had to leave session and rejoin twice before that was corrected. But then the player 2 ui never appeared. Could not see player 2 stat info or abilities/tower
  13. Ps4 - lavamancer secondary charge stalls and doesn't go forward when trying to charge over a gap or change in elevation of terrain. Example:dragonfall bazaar left lane you can't charge and jump off towards the middle or right lanes. You will stay put. Same thing in nimbus reach over the chasm.
  14. Ps4 - hero deck locking up and not letting you add heroes. Ps4 - infinite load screens Ps4 - still falling through world at times Ps4 - split screen lag could be related to or entirely the mumber of items/mana lag. Ps4 - unable to connect to psn. Yet all other games have no problem. Ps4 - dailies not being able to be re rolled Ps4 - sound bugs, inside a building(ramparts) vs. Outside the same building. Or sewers. Volume maxes out even though controls are at minimum. Ps4 - I'll let you know when the next patch comes out and breaks things.
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