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  1. Really cool idea! You would have to build and upgrade in combat, If trendy could balance this it would be a real challange.
  2. Used to be both US and European based, we are starting up on tuesday for the big trials patch so I have no idea who will be active on the discord :) Will be interesting to discover the new difficulty bracket and nerfs. I hope they change the idle part of the game, hehe ^^
  3. We only use the steam group to find eachother if there is any problems adding someone by searching their name, no idea who randomly join others in the steam group. If someone is annoying you like that just kick them, it's your game and they show no respect :)
  4. We ended up making a meta build for each map by learning from eachother. Following the clan meta made the maps easier to do before abyss lord and lane resistance removal, alot easier :) Just as a adivce. If you enjoy playing with someone add them, if not then dont play with them, simple as :p Im not going to be a "safe space" dictator xD
  5. So the big question, when is revamp comming to resurrect the game? Do anyone know?
  6. I just build a Elemental Chaos trap on the new map powersurge. It's supposed to have 11k dps, but for some reason it shows 94k dps in the info screen. Then 15 seconds later it will run out of charges in building phase.
  7. That works to [[6930,users]] :)
  8. Because the weapon will not do heavy damage when it transfer to light weaponry attack speed, it is literally a waste of legendary item bonus in my opinion. I'd rather get a good heavy weapon with some awsome stats or light for that matter, depending on which does the most damage and have the most practical use.
  9. You could always go to trendy's twitch and look at previous vods. That's what I did.
  10. Right now the game is in a major state of flux and Trendy desperately need to get the strategic revamp out to bring back the challenge to Dungeon Defender 2. However expecting things to be balanced right now when so much is still to change or be created is silly. Trendy are aware that there is no concrete endgame right now and they are trialing out new things such as the storm passives and gauging our reactions and using our feedback to make the appropriate changes. It's not perfect but they've certainly fixed and created alot of player requested items. Hopefully once they have the enemy revam
  11. The spooky axe sucks. All it does is changing from heavy to light.
  12. Oh noes, it's just like heart blockade on shield before, some had 450k walls but all new players have 300.
  13. This dragolich sounds pretty strong, I also heard it might be to strong.
  14. No worries, Trendy know what they are doing.
  15. Well... they do listen... but really rarely, when they don't have a choice. On the HD matter, how did long did we keep telling it was terrible until they removed the hero restriction? At first they went from 3 to 4. Didn't work out. Take another eternity to remove the restriction. They didn't do it because they listened to our feedback and say "hey, looks like a pretty good idea". It was more like "hmm no, we want to have it our way." and a while later: "Ahh damn, we've ***ed up, we need to remove it cause the community is angry and many are quitting." Seems like Trendy is a arogant slimeball
  16. Try a monk, i easaly out dps that in randomly selected gear from my "trash legendary" Yea, you might. But they will fix that polearm soon.
  17. EV2 is the best dps hero, I just surf around with 1.2m dps after using dragolich, not sure what the dps is without but it's much better than any other hero. You dont really need that good gear, just put together some spheres, ability and hero damage gear and you are set, the stats you get on gear is only for heat generation reduction which is not really needed and crit damage is literally non existent on her, you will hardly notice it if you had gear.
  18. The less hero damage you have the higher damage you will get from crit, but after the Chaos with balista and AL archers critting 1m damage (Explosive arrow and splody harpoon) cus it is directed to current hero's crit damage they added a cap instead of changing the fomular for crit. I never really understood crit damage for this game... Seems the crit damage is just random and have a huge variation for all heroes and defences... I have not tested this for GW but if they removed the weapon and used full ability and hero crit damage gear that would be possible if the cap is really high cus we
  19. Sale on pets.. hmm.. 3rd Dragolich ?
  20. Fromy experience she scales crazy with critt damage, also have 10% crit chanse passives with a max of 40% crit chanse. I normally critt 130k with thunder bolt from the storm gloves when it got released, it would hit 33k non crit. Also with auto attacks it will do a massive amount of damage if you have the right gear. With ability gear you will hit around 50-100k with abilities but 250k dps with the dual gun ability, not really a heavy amount. Trendy will need tobuff this in the future.
  21. Yea Trendy dont care, they are lazy like that.
  22. They want us to buy new heroes and rapidly try to make money, that doesn't seem like alpha to me. I mean most game developers choose to fix buggs in alpha, not releasing new content, create and skip tons of buggs cus of it. Trendy also release Over Powered new heroes and items which totally brake the game, which leaves mostly only people with special interest in their player base. I believe Trendy Entertainment could have done alot of decissions differently to satisfy the player base as a whole. I understand your point but this is a free to play game, they need to make money out of it some
  23. Will the game ever be fully balanced? Or do you aim the game in the same direction as dd1. For example bow with burst have always been dealing min 30% more damage than all other bows for some odd reason, that makes all other bows less practical. Would you be able to offer more fun grind for hardcore players? Like hard/hardcore mode, gear and pet fragments or leaderbord? Might aswell clean up the basics like difficulty and balance before releasing more new content, put more resources into that so not only special interest and fresh players play. In other Words new players would rather
  24. Hope they dont forget to reduce the critt ratio on the gloves thunder bolts too, I would not be suprised. I could crit 120k and non crit 33k with the bolts on my GW, this is not ok but it's Trendy.
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