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  1. I would try and message [CG] Philip on discord, I think they are attempting to get players restored.
  2. Now all my gold is gone as well! There is no way to restore a previous save because it overwrites with the 'newer' cloud save... Is this some form of anti cheat? If so it's pretty inconvenient that it should interfere with legit players. Would it be possible to just delete the cloud save so that my restored save would work again?
  3. Thanks for the help, I have tried that and it did not work.
  4. Everything I had is now gone... All gear on characters, All pets, All Locked gear in my Inventory... Just gone. I have tried restoring my previous save from a few hours before this happened but I would imagine that since it does not 'sync' with the newest cloud save it will not work and keeps reverting back to the wiped save. Is there anyway to fix this? I hope there is because this is not acceptable at all.
  5. Water and Shocking relic is definitely not needed to reach higher onslaught floors. I have never used one nor made one, it may be convenient on a few lanes but can be done without.
  6. Currently the DDA Beta works fine with Windows 7 hopefully it will continue to do so...
  7. The Lost Temple map in theory is great, however the way the map plays is horrible. From stuck bosses and mobs to random bosses that teleport halfway through a lane and end up close to a core. Some of these are somewhat forgiving in lower floors but when a 1 Billion health ogre does it things can get crazy. Last evening on an omega wave with side by side lanes with high rollers on the left and Tuskers coming from the right the Tuskers proceeded to come out of their side then turn around walk back into their spawn and walk across and come out of the high roller side. I happened to be there watching it so was able to save it but how does one go about planning for that random stuff to happen? Overall playing this map is a nightmare and even more so being forced to play it every 5 maps, I would much rather be forced to have to play assault on Throne Room then have to play Lost Temple. If anything I would love to see this map taken off the mandatory list and be able to be re-rolled until ALL the bugs are worked out.
  8. Late Friday night/Early Saturday morning my in game gold went over 2,147,483,647 which most people may know is the maximum value which can be displayed in a 32 bit system. The result of this for me is my gold total is now displayed as a negative number and I am unable to buy anything in the game. Every time I acquire more gold my total goes negative even further. If someone from Trendy can offer a solution to this it would be most welcome.
  9. You can hit 'replay' and do the same map over and over and over...
  10. Yes it was. Before this update I was getting between 65m to 75m after the 4th c7 win, now with a full 4 person party I am lucky to get around 38m per win. This is a huge nerf/fix/bug or whatever. I only use 1 hero for all defenses so the time it will take me to get to 28k asc to max out all the 999 talent caps just got a lot longer and almost not even worth it to grind xp.
  11. I think the current amount of 10 + 1 to gild a shard is fine, I just went through and counted all my gilded shards and it currently stands at 232 (114 in vault, 118 on heroes). Anything less than 10 would make the shard grind too little and anything more would make the inventory management horrible. Many times I had almost all 12 vaults and 7 of 8 bags full of shards, but now I have a lot more free space after gilding so many.
  12. Vamp works with bees and ascension.
  13. Just let your bags fill up and everything else will go to the scavenger and you can sort through it after your runs. They stay there for 3 hours so you have plenty of time.
  14. Is it an older piece of gear? Because if it is there is a bug with older gear where it will only use 2 shard slots. You can put a 3rd shard on it but it will have no effect. Older relics seem to work fine but weapons and armor do not. Maybe they will fix it someday.
  15. Yes, it has been this way for a while now.
  16. I do not think there is a cap on the Xp and gold reset bonus. Currently on AP 108 and it still is going up every reset.
  17. So I was playing a few c3 incursions looking for a particular item and ran across a max health totem. I had heard a few people say that lower tier items do not evolve into max items at higher chaos tiers so I wanted to see if it was true. It turns out it is a few points short of max health at c7. Is this intended? A few points in either defense health for a totem or even a few points of defense power in a medallion makes no difference whatsoever but I am curious where those 2 points went and will there be even more missing when I get around to evolving my other "max" medallions and orbs when I am finally done the AP grind.
  18. Want to buy 4/s x5 spread versions of these 2 weapons. If you happen to have them and would like to sell them please let me know. 
  19. Thank you for the dragolich and the grumpy pet. Enjoy the gold!
  20. If you are viewing the stats from the inventory screen then yes, power transfer only adds a small amount to that number. Just build the tower and view the stats with and without the shard and you will see the difference in Crit Damage and also the overall dps.
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