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  1. I want a tower version of the monk's shielding wave aura.
  2. No longer reflects projectiles. Now reflects atoms.
  3. Tried to help fight off flying kobolds as I was near the crystal. Built a tower meant for anti air with the angle a little off. By the time I realized it was too late. Always stepping too close to debuff Ogres with dragolich.
  4. Are those sparkles from the carnival buffs too?
  5. They should just slap a 100% chance on these harbinger weapons and adjust the damage bonus accordingly. I hate when I cant rely on things. "Hey, you now have three things (weapon/crit/sphere) that when the stars align will work together and your lighting strikes will do decent damage! For one hit." "Or you could equip purge evil and always know what you're going to get and expect."
  6. The PDT now does half the damage it did before the buff. And lost it's towering poison too. So I go from 40k/tick towers with 750k health. To 120k/tick towers with 50k health. To 20k/tick towers with 50k health. Heh.
  7. Pretty common for cartoon'ish characters in video games. Not sure why. Probably started back when there were more graphical limitations and it was tougher to make details that small. Or maybe it's the ultimate protest against fancy tea drinkers and their smug pinkies!
  8. Ah, I wasnt aware they had to hit different targets. Was it always like that? I swear I saw them shoot all three shots into a single flyer/knocked up target a while back. I guess if nothing else you could forgo the air defense and use the DU for more ground defense. Then just kill the air yourself with your best DPS!
  9. It's why I hate the idea of 'pure' characters in a game where there are many characters that can build and DPS both. It makes it hard to balance. The first line of thought becomes, "Shouldn't she be way stronger since she has no defenses?". But then she becomes the only wanted DPS character. Leaving the others as fake 'pure' builders, without the perks of being one. She should have had some witch themed towers to do the effects of some of her current abilities. I doubt anyone uses all 8 of those things anyways. Just to make things more uniform and easier to balance. Pure characters run the ris
  10. I recommend reflect beams in front of your walls. Then you can ignore all but melee enemies, but even they have to get close enough to hit walls/get blown up by reflect beam torpedos. And then your choice of CC, proton beams, frost towers, or serenity aura + slow passive. One damages, one buffs, one heals/explodes. Take your pick. I also recommend sky guard towers for fliers if you dont have/want to use archers/PDT. Contrary to popular belief they are pretty strong and have an enormous range. And they slow too if the tower info is correct. If you have the spare DU to buff/boost them as well t
  11. They're still in the process of pouring all the dirt out. AL and EV2 just happened to land near the top of the pile. It's about time they started to pat it down and smooth it out before the next pile of dirt (Lava dude!) gets poured on. I just hope people are buying these characters for the characters and not for the expectation of power. Maybe that's where all this sense of loss is coming from.
  12. I do love me some summoners. I hated how they kept labeling AL as an 'active defender' when his only interactivity is one costly ability to boost one defense for a very short time, and a movable tower that no one wants him to place because it costs too much or they have their own tower layout already. He's just another ability DPS or a 'build towers - throw back in closet' character!
  13. The archer nerf was a no brainer. They had the most damage, the most range, the most coverage (minus maybe skyguards), and had a good DU cost. The PDTs were also a no brainer, but I hope this fixes the damage on the upgrade tiers. I hope they think of a new passive to replace towering poison (r.i.p.) too. The ramster buff Im excited about. Ive always wanted to have justification to use them but that cost and their usefulness in actual defense compared to other towers killed it. They did look great on paper though.
  14. They are supposed to stack damage. That was their whole thing. Now it just takes less stacks at more damage for each stage. That sphere is the only thing keeping it working correctly, without it the damage stack bugs out for me and only does 20k a tick. Which is way lower damage than it was before the buff. I wish they'd look into it more. Right now there is no reason to upgrade them passed tier 2 besides range. The damage cap is weird. Im talking raw poison damage here, not DPS from the poison tick rate/damage passives.
  15. Yes, AL and EV still boast some of the most powerful defenses. And I recall the devs saying that they're aware of how easy the power up will make things until the enemy revamp rolls around. Im just glad to see more than skeleton firing lines now. I actually saw a squire cannon the other day. I thought they were extinct.
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