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  1. I ended up buying all characters, the lost shards complete pack, the halloween and the holiday pack. ^^ I have 54 hours with this game so far, I guess I can play it for another 400 now if I feel like it... :D
  2. Ok, so I think I will buy all 4 new character classes(though I really shouldnt, my highest char is lvl 34 :D). Then, should I get: Quest f. L. E. Shards 1-4 or Talay Mining City in Cliffs Jungle Etherian Holiday Turkey Hunt Im leaning towards the Shards. I dont care much bout efficient farming or whatever, just well designed, fun to play maps.
  3. I click online play, trendy net, chose a hero(my squire for example), custom play, get to the list of games, all of this with the horribly slow animations and just a weird feeling to it. I get a list where 80% hosting heros have squire -> no I wont join a game with my squire. Many of them will just kick me when I join in combat phase and cant switch asap etc etc So now I click back, Im at the online play menu. I click back and Im at the main menu(not even at the char selection, WTF). I click online play, etc. etc. H O R R I B L E. Really, it cant possibly be any worse than this.
  4. Seperate the trading and grouping forums. Those things have nothing in common and there is ZERO grouping going on, with trading being the much more popular subject. With an own forum there might be some grouping going on, but adding a grouping thread into what is basically a trading forum with a weird name feels pointless. : Oh, 2 posts above. Well, now you REALLY have to do it.
  5. Stuff like that is just plain weird, put it in the next patch and until then leave it out of the game?! But I guess by making us download all new content manually as DLC they assume well have an easier adjusting to when the new content costs $$ one day...
  6. What Id really love is the ability to just insta-switch to another class anywhere on the map while in build phase... Dont care how they balance that time-wise, Im not a game developer :x
  7. Thats good news but I agree that its weird that the items in there are useless. Not exactly a reward for beating a game PLUS finding a secret room. Well, the mana in there was nice, though. €: Ok 2 people ninjad in saying it doesnt have to be crap. Anyhow, its not a catastrophe to miss either it still seems.
  8. I solod the summit on easy to get a feel for the map before playing with others, didnt know about the secret room then. Returned to the tavern, noticed the open sign, went in there and opened the secret stash. All the items are BS, nothing even an upgrade to what I have right now... Are the items so ****ty because I am low level and played on easy? Did I screw up and there could be good items in there? :kobold:
  9. OMG my game just crashed while soloing Foundries and Forges on wave 13... Ill put this very clearly: **** how ****ing long the ****ing waves take and **** not making a ****ing game with so ****ing lengthy waves ****ing stable, ****edy-****-****
  10. put slice and dice on each side instead of harpoon IMO. Will they stop to attack the slice&dice or what? And will ALL of them do it? Its pure strategy, one gets through = the end...
  11. I dont think it was a bug for me, it was maybe 6 wyverns or something attacking my crystal at the end... however I just thought that maybe it would even be enough to set up a second harpoon turret facing the crystal on each side... but probably wave 14 would kill me then. Oh well, Ill just lvl up a bit before I try again
  12. Cant say that I like the trap idea, so I guess that means higher lvl. My tower stats are 21/20/8/13 right now, should I focus on attack speed now?
  13. Hello, I just tried soloing till wave 15 but I failed right at the end of wave 13. Until then my 2 harpoon turrets easily fended off all the wyverns but then they overwhelmed me :/ I placed them at the top edge near the crystal, they had 2 upgrades. I have a lvl 22 monk, lvl 19 squire and lvl 13 huntress. Now I really dont wanna fail again, what should I do against those damn birds? Do you think simply making it 2 on each side will help? I really doubt it because: They always fire at the same time. Also, if I place 2, I cant place them right in line with the wyverns which means they
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