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  1. Hit "E" on the items you want -> Leave Session ... ?
  2. And some players just kick you out as you join... (why dont they make a private game..)
  3. Caddy

    3 vs .1 / 2 vs. 2

    So at the end of a map, you select either Tavern, or replay. Ppl who select tavern should go to tavern, and the ppl selecting replay, should be able to replay, without going to tavern first. 1 person should not be able to deside for 3 other players, to go to tavern!
  4. Gold: Create a squire. Get it to lvl 50. Find jackpot gear, with ability power. Get the taunt sword from Unholy. (with jackpot) Go on lower difficulties, Dragonfall Bazar probably the best. Build walls wrong way at the chart. GG gold. Spheres: Hero Gold bonus sphere + Gold bonus sphere 3. No pet. Ow, and Stormboots wont hurt...
  5. Join the random NM4 incursions at < 600ipower. They tend to show up pretty often.. Either the host is a nice guy, or he sets a random number cause he can showoff.. :)
  6. When bags are getting full of the trash, there aint space for the rewards... Selling really depends if im there or not.. I mean, 120waves, at keyboard.. Who does that??
  7. So, im in this Onslaught, farming for good leggys, selecting relic as reward. Some rounds later after start, all my non-autocollect bags are filled with blues, greens, eggs, petstuff.. Pretty much all the trash i dont want. I know the relics are supposed to go in non-autocollect bags, but there is no room.. Why is this? Why am i getting all the trash i dont want? Should this not just disappear from the map? In stead of beeing put in my bags? Anyone else experiencing this? Any solution? Or is it another game bug... ? Edit1: As a temporary solution, i have 3 bags marked as autocollect everything, as a buffer.. Just selling everything in those bags every 3-6-9 waves or so.. Edit2: Are the trash-items on a timer, or are they pushed into inventory when the floor is "full"?
  8. I think Purge Evil can crit.. Im not sure tho... Anyways: Dungeon Defenders II - Collector's Pack on steam sale. Worth it?
  9. You can sell the unwanted stuff you know..? Like masks and fireworks..
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