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  1. I've read this somewhere before and it still doesn't make much sense to me.. What prevents us from cremating them once they walk past the invulnerability shield? It doesn't seem like it matters if they start taking damage as soon as they spawn vs when they are a few steps out of the invulnerability shield from really any standpoint. I just see that barrier as a problem for both devs and players and I'm confused why they've left it in. Removing it long ago would have made the stuck monsters not an issue for the most part.
  2. This sounds like a good start to changes for the Dryad. With all these talks of elemental changes to the slimes, I think it's a good segue into another change I think would make the game a lot more fun: Bringing resistances back. I think the main problem with resistances before is that they were immunities. It could just be in new maps so you can test the waters with it. I would like to see resistances to fire/magic/water and then separate the physical types into piercing, blunt, slashing. If the lanes changed what resistances they had, we'd have to learn to efficiently create every type of defense for each lane which is what I consider the most fun part of the game.
  3. Just out of curiosity, do you guys with the issue have an MSI motherboard? (might help to know the chipset too if you know it)
  4. I wanted to hold my comments about it until someone else made a post but I noticed in the patch notes it said the old 22.5 defense multiplier and that was actually its old crit multiplier. Anyway, I think the dot idea is great that other people suggested and maybe add a snare? Another other option that would be more work, but I think would be better in the long run is to make bosses more powerful so we have to use something other than flame auras/WM to kill them. Maybe give Bosses an innate 50-75% resistance to most AOE towers except for Blaze Balloon along with other single target towers which will still damage them for full damage. Not sure how well that would work, but might be fun to try.
  5. As everyone else said, it's not a nerf.. you used a build that was obviously a glitch. Time to dust off the brain and use it to figure out a new build. There are many ways to still use just EV2 to win, but it's not necessary and it never was.
  6. I don't know if this helps, but in a different game, this same thing randomly happens to me if I alt-tab and come back into the game (studders for about 10-15 seconds every 5-10 mins). I have to close out and restart the game and it goes back to normal.
  7. That was the goal? Well, to take the tightest DU map for an example and to put it way over to my side of the argument, assault on throne room has six wide lanes and only 1100 DU. That's 180 DU per lane. Put in the 2 required walls and you get 120 DU. No one would use 80 DU of that for a very slow firing tower leaving 40 DU for CC no matter how powerful it was (well unless it cleared the whole lane with each shot). If you do your defenses right, it only has 4 lanes. Not that this changes anything with high DU defenses. I've never found them to be efficient no matter where/how I placed them. Sure you can win with them when you're overpowered, but if you're just breaking into a chaos or doing a c7 public match with the old enemy multiplier system, good luck with any build that uses Ballista/Blaze Balloon/Volcano etc :)
  8. One thing kinda funny about this is even if it does a little outshine, it'll still be kinda bad to use because of Geodes. I think it would be nice to give it an advantage over the AOE towers that don't have that problem.
  9. you mean an expresso? yep thats how i wind my wife up in public. diet and exercise are required for healthy living sadly. Its all about calories in calories out, not doing your back in and not being as weak as a middle aged mans bladder. Middle aged man reporting in here with a strong bladder. Eat your Asparagus kiddies.. don't be like someone I know who didn't and now has to have a TURP done (I wouldn't google it unless you have a strong stomach).
  10. I liked the challenges where you had to break through defenses and kill the cores/portals. Those would be interesting to see how they would do it in this one. I wasn't a big fan of the moving core one.
  11. Unless they changed it with the latest patch, the only thing the scavenger is for is when items drop out of the map. It collects those items.
  12. Just because we've learned to work around the problem doesn't mean it isn't a problem. If it was a mistake in coding, I hope they leave it in. If it ever happened to me it might add a little spice to the current game. I'm fairly bored of the game now and an occasional "oh crap" moment would be a welcome thing. Granted I still haven't seen it happen yet in like 1000 games. Keep in mind these orc ladies are only in the highest difficulties of the game.. a place where it should be chaotic and difficult.
  13. See? They weren't kidding when they said DD2 would die on the 20th ;)
  14. It would be interesting to see if they have a console command that reinits the UI.. and see if that brings the map back or if it's something else.
  15. You can only do it to one lane at a time, and the levels that are higher up have a lot of lanes. There maybe should be a little longer cool down on that one ability though.
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