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  1. I only kick in very specific circumstances and I give a warning first. *cough*bullsh*t*cough*
  2. I always just used 2 mages, one with a chi blast and the other with a max knock-back staff. After what seemed to be 3 hours, I never did get a good douser and just gave up. Just bad luck I guess.
  3. And this is who this thread is intended for. Everything else was just extraneous stuff that had no bearing or context to this thread. All it did was derail the thread. I apologize for that.
  4. Headhuntress did get it. The point is, we all want to enjoy our online game experience. If a player does not have a mic it might not result in a game that is satisfying to the individual. Thus, the kicking of people who have no mic. Some people prefer to have a team of people who can communicate verbally. If I want a good game and one where people can speak to each other allowing for better cooperation, then a mic is essential to me. Why should I give up my satisfaction for a person who does not know what they need to be doing and requires me to take the time to send a text via PSN? Insane
  5. Look I understand these threads (I've seen tons), I really do, they do often contain good information, but most of which isn't going to be seen by the people it's directed at, which is frustrating. My point was simple, it's just too bad the hate train rolled in to instantly **** on that point without trying to understand it.
  6. You're last paragraph is puzzling. If not playing a game for MY satisfaction, then who's satisfaction am i playing for? Idiotic statement you made. Fore go my satisfaction for a stranger with no experience or aptitude,that is a paradigm that does not apply for a rational person to abide by. Just think about what you're saying.... I'm trying to stop the angst, your suggestion is going to further promote segregation. The issue you have with mics, i actually empathize with you, i have a mic but turn it off when listening to music, so instead of others complaining about my sing a long with p
  7. Jesus... the mic thing.. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you kick people just because they don't have/use a mic, but yet seem to know what they are doing or do know what they are doing, *you* yourself are the noob and have no business trying to take on insane levels hosting an online pub match w/ randoms. (this does not apply to <70 level charters joining and afk's, just mic'less people) 90% of people who have a mic just spout random nonsense, lies, BS, sing, talk on the phone, blare music, shout incoherently when things aren't going their way, blame everyone else for mi
  8. What difficulty did you receive that great shai on? Hard. I did maybe 40-50 runs on Med, but sometimes the stats were all wonkers (missing reload/projectile speed). I have no doubt that you could find 200^ ones on Med, but I started running on hard because it had a more consistent rate of giving me 80^ - 130^+ Shai's. (with better stats)
  9. wowwww I got to the point where I was throwing away anything under 130^'s Was running for days to see what the max was.
  10. Got my first 200^ weapon today. Very happy about it... only took 9 bazillion runs
  11. 0-100 upgrades lvl 74 requirement 100-150 upgrades lvl 78 requirement 150+ upgrades lvl 83 or 90 This.
  12. Yea. I gave up with online play. So now I just play a few hours here and there when I'm not busy... which is rare.
  13. Endless Spires > Insane+ > First wave > Huntress w/ a Soul Focuser (I get more good armor there doing this than anywhere else)
  14. >welcome to the internet
  15. This is going to sound stupid, but have you tried changing the camera view (R3 button)?
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