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  1. So, I played the game. I go to a private server and it makes me re-do the tutorial. I still have all my stuff. I complete it, and I choose to go to the tavern. Then it goes, stops, freezes, and a few minutes later the engine stops working.
  2. Ok. I figured out how to do the cache integrity. And I did it. I also updated my graphics and have yet to see if the game works now.
  3. I just looked and I do need a graphics update.
  4. And I forgot to mention, I DID get into the game. But it was on a private server. I set everything to default when I got on and it happened again.
  5. I'm pretty sure it needs to be updated. Can I get help with confirming cache integrity? I don't know how to do it. I've tried reinstalling.
  6. I tried rejoining now, and it did it again but I get this message
  7. So when I double click the icon on my desktop, it opens I press play. It them takes me to the other screen where you have the options to click play, private server, and options. I press play. It then loads, sometimes it will send me back. Other times it will go from the loading screen with the pictures of the characters to a pure black screen. I can hear music in the background. I cant see anything but black. I've restarted my computer like 20 times because it will freeze when I move my mouse. The music will stop playing. This has never happened to me before. Ever.  I'm getting to the point where i'm going to get rid of the game completely. I've been waiting all day in school to get home and participate in the carnival.
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